Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Printable Storybook Dolls, Garden Stamps Coming, Lucky Linky Party Ladies!

Hi Everyone,

Please accept my apologizes for not posting results yesterday for our May Linky Party.  I wanted to get our Storybook Printable Dolls finished and show you a sample but my sample is delayed because we are up to our necks in some amazing GARDEN theme Digital Stamps and color Printables!

We had 23 entries for the Linky Party, not as many as I hoped but some fantastic samples and all the ladies won a $6.00 gift certificate and this month's random.org winner is #7  Cammie Murphree!  We can only do 1 coupon per person but you can enter extra samples (limit 5 now) and increase odds of getting the jackpot.  We need more entries to keep this going but I can tell our traffic has gone way down lately.  Gee - it's probably because I'm bad at posting but I get so caught up working on designs.
 I'm super excited to show you our new collection of Storybook Double Sided Dolls!  UPDATE: They are now added to our www.craftyvintagegirl.com online store and are $2.95 per set.  There are 4 to choose from and at 300 dpi they print about 10"H x 7"W, but you can increase the size if you want them larger.  

We are going to be having a coloring contest with the winning artwork part of our NEW Products sold as FABRIC on  Spoonflower.com ! Scroll down to see info and I will come back and update the details and date here.  UPDATE: I've Added the Links!   Okay - I'm totally in love our Beauty and the 'Beast' Dolls and this cute puppy with his little tongue sticking out, but I'm partially to doggies.
Here's the Puss and Boots Set and it looks like Puss has his tongue out as well.  The dolls would make great double sided cards, cute puppets, iron-ons for the front and back of T-shirts, stuffed pillows and fun coloring pages for kids of all ages! I didn't remember the story of Puss and Boots very well but our graphic designer Cindy googled it and filled me in.
 Here is Goldilocks and Baby Bear. I love all the details like her pendant, lace outfit and Mary Jane shoes. They would be cute with some paper piecing but I really think they would make the most adorable double sided stuffed pillows or puppets and you could add some 3D elements, like flowers on her hat, a bow tie for Baby Bear, etc.
 The Jack and Jill set is pretty cute but I'm going to have Cindy add their names across their hats before we upload them to the store. Update: DONE.  If you wanted to add other names you can erase them using all kinds of image editing software such as 'Paint' which many PC computers have pre-installed, or download paint.net for free.

Click on the image below to read more about our upcoming Coloring Contest and the winning artwork will be part of our NEW PRODUCTS in FABRIC, DECALS, WALLPAPER and more at Spoonflower.com    Below is what they would look like if you sew them right together but you can also leave space. 

If you want to print the dolls on fabric there are a couple of options. Keep in mind that inkjet printers don't print washable ink on fabric, you need a laser printer. You can have laser copies made at a copy center. You could also use inkjet iron-on transfer sheets.  I'm going to cheat and use freezer paper (iron waxy side to blank fabric to make it stiff enough to print on) and print the images on fabric and then spray it with Krylon Mat Sealer before and after I color it.  I will post details and photos but you can read about my freezer paper image transfer HERE when I made a skirt for my dress form.

UPDATE:  I came back to add a couple of photos of the sample I'm making and I will post a full tutorial sometime this week. I'm using freezer paper to easily transfer my image onto scrap fabric so it will be an inexpensive gift idea I'm  also going to experiment with coloring the designs printed on my inkjet printer  (which most of us have).

You can buy freezer paper at many grocery stores but I cheated and bought a pack of 50 pre-cut sheets at amazon.com to save time.  TIP:  Cut fabric a bit larger than sheet and iron the 'WAXY SIDE' to blank fabric.

 My niece and nephew are already smitten with the designs and each want to color the characters and have me make them a puppet or pillow doll. I'm going make a stuffed doll first. When you iron the waxy side of freezer paper to a printable friendly fabric it will make it stiff enough to feed through most printers.   I also begrudgingly bought a silicon mat from amazon (sorry, can't link to the pink one) but have to admit I'm so happy with it!  I don't need to drag out the iron board or towels ever again!  Plus, I can bake on it.

I had Cindy, our graphic designer) change the color of the B&W files to brown in Photoshop. Huh- don't you wish you had a Cindy, but there are all sorts of free programs that will change an image to sepia for free  (check your photo editing program) and I will post a more in depth tutorial this week.  I just wanted you to see how cute the images look on fabric.   I wonder if we should offer them in brown for people who want to click and print?

I have to share a cute photo with you.  We bought a little fairy skirt with wings at Ross Dress for Less for my neice's last birthday and the sunshine inspired her to get in  full 'fairy gear' the other day.  Gee... now I want to do a fairy doll!

 We should have some NEW Garden goodies to add later this week and all I can say is - it's all looking amazing!

Wishing you joy and creativity! Sandy

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