Sunday, April 20, 2008

We have a winner, plus some inspiring links!

Hi everyone! We have a winner from the random draw Janel did and it’s Lois! Her comment was: " What cute images...and to win them all...whoo hoo!!!. Now Lois just needs to email us her address and Janel will send her a set of our new Heartwarming Vintage Images & Journal Notes. The 4 themes include Birds & Botanicals, Childhood, Homemade and Summertime and the response has been so great! Thanks to all 140 of you who entered and the wonderful and positive feedback so many of you left!!! The books are shipping to stores now and also available here on Shopatron.

It feels good to know we are on the right track because we have started on at least 6 more new titles that will be available later this summer. Look for vintage Halloween, Christmas, Women, Men, Little Girls, Little Boys and possibly other titles!

In case you tried to download Janel’s Stir Stick Album Sheet, I wanted to let you know it’s been added to our website now HERE as the link wouldn’t work properly on the blog.

This week the talented Lisa Zappa from our design team will be presenting some cool ideas that will be posted here on the blog next! In the meantime, you can visit Lisa’s blog here at Lisa loves to go junking and shopping for cool new stamp and paper supplies and that’s exactly what she did this weekend with friends – lucky girl!

Also, I wanted to congratulate Vicki Chrisman from our design team for being the featured artist today here at scrapscene You can still also enter the contest on Vickis blog here and the draw is tomorrow!

Last weekend I took my 3 daughters (Katie 25, Holly 22 and Chelsea 21) for a girls roadtrip to Portland and we had so much fun we are going to make it an annual event. To make the 5 hour drive go by faster I made sure we left really early and although they thought the travel Bingo sheets I printed and brought along were corny, they got right into it when they found out I had a pile of prizes in $5.00 bills, 3 cheap bottles of wine and chocolate bars. We laughed so hard we cried and the drive seemed to go by fast. You can print Travel Bingo sheets here at in case you ever want them to entertain your passagers! For any mom that has teenagers, I want to assure you the fighting stops and your kids will likely become much closer as they get older. My daughters have become best friends and it makes me so happy, because they fought like crazy as pre-teens!

If you ever go to Portland, be sure to visit the Portland Saturday Market, which is on every Sat & Sun and the transit downtown was free! It was so much fun shopping outdoors and it was hot and sunny and all kinds of great food. Here’s some photos from our trip.


janel said...

Cute cute cute you all are! What great memories and fun times.

Congratulations Lois! I know you will have fun with the booklets..they are darling!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Congrats to Lois!!!
The photos of you and the girls are so good! It makes me really MISS you all!!!

Angelnorth said...

Congrats to Lois! The road trip looks like fun Sandy - great to hear your girls are such good friends now!

Lori Craig said...

Oh how fun is this!! I know you had a fabulous time! You are one rockin' momma! :)

Michele Kovack said...

Congrats to the winner! All of you are gorgeous gals! Glad you had a good time!