Thursday, May 15, 2008

See Us in Puyallup WA, Samples & My Family!

Here is a quick run down on this post:

Stamp Show in Puyllup WA
Scrapbook Show in TX
Mothers Day Re-Cap and My Family!
More Great Samples from guest designer Joanne Allison & our Design Team!!!

If you are in the area and you want to go to a great stamp show, we have a booth this weekend, May 20 & 21 at the Puyallup Fairgrounds in WA, south of Seattle.
Heirloom Productions is putting on this show and last year was our first time ever attending a stamp show and we were thrilled with how crazy busy we were and how much fun we had! I wasn’t sure what to take, so we just took everything and those crazy stampers loved it all. Maybe it was because so many vendors focus on stamps and stamp products (duh – it’s a stamp show) but we had so many other things besides our stamps, everyone seemed excited to see ‘new blood’ – ha-ha!. We also have Diane Radischat, who teaches in the Seattle area coming to help us at the show! You can get all the details HERE. This photo is of our booth at a recent show

This year, we have way more stamp sets, plus our new Image Books, Chipboard Albums, and I went a little nuts and ordered TONS of other really cool items to embellish, my fav sparkle pens, mini pom poms, mini birds nests, geez I can’t list it all! This is because we are also getting ready for our biggest & busiest show of the year – next month (June 7, 8, 9) at the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington Texas!

I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day; as a mom, with your mom, or remembering your mother. I was invited by my oldest daughter Katie (25) and her boyfriend Ryan (since they were 17) for brunch and then to go bike riding around the seawall at Stanley Park in Vancouver. My youngest daughter Chelsea (21) came, but Holly (22) was in Saskatoon visiting her best friend for the weekend. Katie is holding George, their cute boxer.

It's hard to believe that this photo I took of
Katie & Chelsea is along the seawall at Kits
beach in Stanley Park in Vancouver in May!
Look at the palm trees!

They have palm trees all the way along this
stretch, so it just shows you, we are not the
great white north as some may think. It was
a warm sunny day, thank goodness
Did I mention, I haven’t been on a bike in at least
15 years! Plus, I’m so busy with work, I’m a sloth
when it comes to exercise – so every inch of my
body is SORE and in PAIN, but it’s OK, because
every time I think of the fun we had and how good it felt to breath in all that fresh salty air – I just want to get back on that pink bike and ride into the wind again! It was $9.95 for each of us to rent bikes for 2 hours, long enough to ride around the park and stop for photos. They treated me to a yummy double scoop gelato ice cream cone afterwards. Too bad my DH, Scott had to work.

After our bike ride, we came back here to Surrey to celebrate Mothers Day with my Mom and all of us. This is a photo of mom with us 'kids'. My sister Wendy and my brother Russell. It was also my Mom & Dad’s 52nd anniversary on Monday, so we ordered in a Chinese food to celabrate both events and had a big feast - but with paper plates, so no dishes to wash!

My Dad was being camera shy.

I never talk about my personal life too much but
I want to tell you a little about my family
because I'm bursting with pride and love for them! I know I work too much and I realize how
blessed I am. They help me affirm why I need to slow down and enjoy and savour it all! My husband Scott (almost 30 years) is always there to lend a hand and help in my business.

This family photo was taken last summer

Katie, (green top) our oldest is graduating next week from UBC (University of British Columbia) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and she is smart and passionate about helping the world and our enviromental issues. She has been a vegetarian since grade 6 and she is a fantastic cook! She started walking last year every weekday morning and has now lost 30 lbs. Holly, our 22 year old encouraged her to train for the Sun Run Marathon this year and they just completed it recently and I'm so darn proud! They inspire me to get off my butt

Holly, 22, (holding George) couldn't make it to our Mothers Day bike ride, as she went to visit her best friend this weekend in Saskatoon. Holly has been having some health issues and between tests and waiting you realize how we can get so busy living life, we need to spend more time cherishing the people and things that matter most. We just found out she has a cyst and thyroid problem (like me), so we are relieved that we know what to deal with. Now we are both going to a special thyroid clinic together. Holly is a personal assistant to 2 multi-million $ owners of a big company, so we are all jealous of all the perks she gets! She is a self starter and has already bought a condo as an investment that she rents out.

Chelsea (on right) just turned 21 and she has grown into a beautiful woman and person. She has always been so worried and self conscious about acne scars she had from a teenager but I looked at her the other day and couldn't even see them. I wish she new how pretty she is inside and out! She loves 'old people' and is in a 4 year collage program in therapeutic recreation. She works part time at the seniors home near by and runs the exercise classes, dives them in their bus to the mall, gets to play and do arts & crafts and plan fun activities for them.
Okay, I'm getting all sappy here. I just feel so happy and blessed to have so many people in my life that I love! I could go on and tell you how much my mom and dad help in the business. Cindy and Nicole who I couldn't run the business without. Plus our design team as been together for ages and they are sooo good and soo nice and have all become friends!

Joanne Allison is our guest designer this month and she has created so many great samples! Here are a couple more for you to enjoy. I love the retro feel of these! You can get more detail here on Joanne's blog

I love the way the internet lets us all connect - even globally and share! Joanne lives in Engalnd

Our talented design have also been amazing me with their cool ideas and creations! I can't show you all my fqavorites here, but you can see everything posted in our DT Sample Gallery and if you visit their blogs, you can often see more photos and details.

Janel decorated cards for her ATC
holder using images, stickers, stamps and our paper!
Liza Z. used an image from our Birds & Botanical Image & Journal Notes Booklet and some of our stamps.
See more details here in our gallery
We are working on new stamp designs, 4 new Image & Journal Note titles, kits and other surprises for later this summer! I will keep you posted.
Please check our Store Locator Here for a local retailer
All of our producrs are also sold online HERE at Shopatron
Sandy Redburn


Valonda L. said...

So glad you shared about your family, they are beautiful people. And you can tell from their great open smiles that the beauty runs deeper than the surface.

Angelnorth said...

So glad you had a great Mothers Day with family, Sandy! Thanks for sharing the photos - the area looks beautiful and so do all your girls - as Valonda said, they really do look like the beauty runs more than skin deep.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are beautiful and so ambitious! TFS!

Linsey R said...

What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing a bit about each of them and these wonderful pics! You have obviously raised 3 gorgeous girls who contribute important things to this world everyday--what a Mom! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day too and sorry I missed you at the Puyallup stamp expo (was hoping to meet you or some DT girls). Congrats to your Guest Designer, what fabulous cards and I love Lisa's projectt too (as always!) Hugs!

rose said...

what beautiful picture of the family all together,what a great memory

Anonymous said...

i just love your vintage designs! those halloween ones are awesome!

karen adams