Monday, September 1, 2008

Winners for Girlfriends Give Away, Samples and More!


I have winners for our Girlfriends Giveaway, some great samples to show you and photos to share! I loved reading all the entries and I wish everyone could win! I have 1 random winner for our large Girlfriends prize package and then I drew 2 mini winners who each won a double set of our Girlfriends Image & Journal Notes Booklets!

Beth from Alabama is the random winner of the large prize package!
Beth said: I count myself blessed with many friends but I guess my "bff" the one person that knows EVERYTHING about me and vice versa, would be Valeria. She and I met in college because we were both in the marching band at the University of Tennessee. We have been roommates, graduated Nursing School together, between us have been through so much together and although we live 4 hours away from each other and only talk about once a month, this is the type of friendship that knows no time or boundaries! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

Your prize package includes:
1 Glamour Girls large stamp set
1 Support the Girls medium stamp set
1 Girl Time Cotton Scrap
1 Wonderful Woman Cardstock Stickers
2 Girlfriends Vintage Image & Journal Notes

I also drew 2 mini sets of double copies of our Girlfriends Image & Journal Notes to give away.

Bunnyb from Malaysia also won a set of 2 Girlfriends Booklets. She said:

My best friend is Julia and I met her in high school. We weren't friends at that time but knew of each other. Later, during university (we went to different universities) she started to blog and I somehow stumbled upon it and started following her and commenting. From there, we met up again and became best friends! :) She's such a caring and kind soul -- I'm glad we're friends!

The other random winner of the double set of Girlfriends Booklets was Deb Neerman, who said:"My best friend is my sister ... she's mad at me at the moment, but winning this gift for her should make amends! Thanks for the chance!"

This card that Vivian Peters (one of our new design team members) made is so darn cute using our Girlfriends Image & Journal Notes Booklet and that makes me so happy because I know how hard our graphic designer Cindy van Koll worked on placing the the funny jumbo cake for the lady to hold in the photo and we took forever to pick the right expression and putting it on a little fake price tag was a total last minute idea. I love the way Vivian combined the photo and journal part of the page together and her sweet little flowers add perfect dimension!
You can get more details on her blog:

How about this adorable glamour girl style card that Lisa Zappa from our DT created using our Glamour Girl Stamp set. I LOVE the martini glasses she randomly stamped to create a background paper and little pearl earrings! You can get her tips and details here on her blog here at:

This adorable birthday card that Pam Hooten from our DT team created uses images from our Little Dolls Booklet and stamps from our Birthday Kids set! You can see the inside pocket that holds the little paper dolls here on Pam's Blog: and check out the photos she took of that really cute squirrel!

I also really love this card that Marisa from our design team made using stamps from our Cherish and Hardware stamp sets! The way she used the column and wrought iron Hardware Stamps to build the bench looks amazing! You can get the details here on her blog:

Vicki Chrisman our head designer is here for a visit and we are working on some new products! We have become close friends over the years and she has been here before so she knows my family well and they all love her! I haven't been to Nebraska yet but it's on my list! Today we went back down to our little trailer we recently got and walked the beach. It's down by White Rock Beach and close to the border so we also went to Peach Arch Park (right at the USA-Canada border for a visit. Vicki has also posted on her blog here:

We are sharing the trailer with my mom & dad, so they can use it weekdays and we get it weekends. I love it and think I could live at the beach! Here is a photo of Arnold (our graphic designer Cindy's husband) and mine goofing around while they were building the deck.

I do really miss my 3 daughters, Katie, Holly and Chelsea who made a trip of a lifetime to New York for a week and they get home tomorrow! I can hardly wait to see their photos and hear about their trip!

Congratulations to the winners!

Sandy Redburn


Darlene said...

FANTASTIC ... congrats to all the winners!!! The beach looks so welcoming ... glad you have a quiet place to relax (a little). I'm sure your girls will be spilling over with information about their adventure ... enjoy these moments!!! They pass by so quickly!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Wooohooo, thank you!!!! Can't wait to receive these babies ... and my sister will love 'em too!

Thanks so much!

~Hugs, Deb

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Congrats ladies - have fun with your new stuff! As always great samples. I'm sure your table will be like watching "The View" when the girls come home from their trip : ) Enjoy!!

Sharon in NE said...

Hi Vic!!!
(waving emphatically)


Thanks for a great giveaway and congrat's to the winners. Thanks for all the stamping ideas. I make my own cards and love seeing what is going on in the stamping world.
Warmly, Deb

Michele Kovack said...

Congrats to the winners!

Milkietymw said...

Hi Vic!!! (waving emphatically)