Wednesday, January 14, 2009

4 More NEW Clear Art Stamp Sets, Challenge & Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

We are also doing a FREE GIVEAWAY HERE on this blog for 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small Clear Art Stamp set! All you have to do is post a comment here telling us what 1 LARGE, 1 MEDIUM and 1 SMALL Stamp set you like best! A random winner will be drawn Mon, Jan 19th.
To make it easy I'm posting all of the new sets here to see.

Here are more new Clear Art Stamps we are introducing for the CHA trade Show. Some of them are available now as you will see below. If you have a favorite retailer you can ask them to order any of these sets in for you.

SS 07 Chandelier Fun is a small stamp set with 12 separate stamps. You can decorate the chandelier in different themes and use the cute sentiments stamps like ‘You light up a room!’, ‘Let’s hang out’, “Hang in there’ and “Happy Birthday Girlfriend’. There’s a piece of chain to hang your chandelier and you can decorate it with roses, martini glasses, birthday candles, lights (think Xmas), hearts or the cupcakes! Perfect for dressing up girlfriend cards and all sorts of projects with a little whimsical glamour!

This set is so new we don't even have any samples yet. It will be available this Friday Jan 16th.
SS 10 Serenity Prayer is a small set with 4 separate stamps perfect for making mini wall plaques, decorating journal covers, cards, bookmarks and inspirational gifts. For size, the flourish is 1” long. The corner has matching ends and can build a frame, or stamp 4 corners side to side to create an ornamental square 2.5”. The matching accents will be great to decorate all sorts of projects. The capital letters are from an old 1900 book. If you look at our Clear Art Stamp logo you will see our CAS letters are from the same antique book.

This set is so new we don't have any samples yet. It will be available this Friday Jan 16th.
SM 23 Lucky Wishes is a new medium set and it's available now.
You can see some great samples by our design team HERE in our Sample Gallery
SM 24 Happy Easter is a medium set with 19 separate stamps. This set turned out so adorable with the mix of bunnies, chicks, a duck family, eggs, flower basket and a cross that will all be fun to color. The decorative lettering will add extra style to your cards and keepsakes. The poem reads ‘May the little chicks and bunnies bring into your life the joys of Spring’. For size, the mommy bunny is over 1.5” tall.

This Easter set will be available Jan 30th or earlier possibly.

SM 25 Feeling Yucky is a medium set with 21 separate stamps! The crying duckie is so cute and his tears will look real with a little Diamond Glaze. For size, the little nurse is 3” tall. She can hold the tray with medicine and a flower, or the bug in the jar, the needle, a little heart or the Band aid. The little picket sign reads ‘To Recovery’. The lettering is die cut separately so you can change ‘Hope you’re soon feeling… Better’, to: ‘Just Ducky’. The dressed bug in the jar goes with ‘Heard you caught a bug’. The poem reads: Sorry You Are Ill. With lots and lots of sympathy for every ache and pain and many hopes that very soon you’ll be quite well again.
Feeling Yucky will be available Jan 16th
Check out this card Dt member Marisa Grosson sent me tonight. Now looking at it, I'm thinking the nurse might be better carrying the little tray or band aid. That poor duck! The nurse is an old Campbells Soup Red Cross nurse and she looks so cute colored! I think this set will be a hit with nurses.
DT member Michele Kovack just sent me this beautiful layout that she created using our new set called Little Dancer. You can see more photos and get the details HERE on Michele's blog.
This small set SS o9 Little Dancer is available now
You can see more great photos of other designer cards and the stamp descriptions on my previous post HERE and HERE - plus get all the info about our new Splitcoast Creative Challenge and the $200.00 worth of prizes we are giving away!

This small set - SS 08 Bouquets of Joy is available now

This large set is SL 18 Home Sweet Home is available now

This large set is called SL 19 Fairyland and it's available now

This large set is SL 21 Sweet Stuff and it's available now
Be sure to enter each of your favorite 1 new LARGE, 1 MEDIUM and 1 SMALL set here on this blog! A random winner will be picked Mon, Jan 19, 2009

Also, if you own any of our stamps please read about our Creative Challenge HERE , worth $200.00 in prizes!

Wishing you joy & creativity
Sandy Redburn

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Cheryl said...

This is horrible. I was going to say Little Dancer and then I went back thru and loved Serenity Prayer and before I wrote that I decided that I really like Bouquets of Joy because pansies are my favorite happy flower. With that I am going to quit looking and thinking because before I get done I will have chosen all the sets. Thank you.
Cheryl Sims

huntla1 said...

Just as Cheryl above indicated, these are all special in their own way. I think I like Easter best, but I really like Fairyland too. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new set.

Anonymous said...

Oh heavens, it would be impossible to choose just one favourite when they are all so wonderful. If I had to decide it would be Sweet Things. There again, it might be Easter..... or Fairyland maybe. Oh heavens, it IS impossible.


Lisa and Penny said...

I LOVEY sweet stuff! I just love it! I can see myself coloring the girl as though she is my girl...too sweet! lisa k in tx

Robin said...

Yeah for the new sets!! My Favorites:
Small: Bouquests of joy
Med: Feeling Yucky
Large: Failyland

Thanks for the chance to win!!

Tink said...

Bouquets of Joy
I LOVE feeling Yucky!!
I would use that one a LOT, my Mom is in the hospital, she is 83 and just broke her hip, Sooo that set would get a workout!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, you gave us an impossible task; I love all the sets, but I would have to say I'm very partial to the following:
Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Happy Easter
Large: Home Sweet Home

Thank you for making it hard to choose. Wendy Gorton

michelle in mi said...

What an awesome assortment of new stamps!Each one so sweet in their own way.I love Chandelier Fun,Feeling Yucky & Sweet Stuff! Great job-these are unique from any other stamp company!

pescbrico said...

Happy Easter is so cute!!! I would say this one if I have to pick one but they are all really cute!

Lisa Klingbeil said...

Bouquets of Joy - because I am interested in coloring techniques and hope to do a lot of practice on that this year! Also - LOVE Happy Easter. SO hard to choose...

Rose S said...

These are awesome sets of stamps and so hard to chose just one.

Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Easter
Large: Fairyland

I just love them all!!!!

csroyal said...

As usual, I love all your new sets, but my faves are Bouquets of Joy, Feeling Yucky, and Fairyland. Love them!

deb said...

WOW, this is hard, I always love all your stamps! I am sitting here drooling over your stamps with a cold in my nose, so I have to say, Feeling Yucky is perfect for me!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Dru said...

This is so hard, I especially love Happy Easter and Feeling Yucky - but since I have to choose only 1, I would have to say Happy Easter. They are all wonderful and I want them all!!

Terry said...

I LOVE the Bouquets of Joy. What a beautiful card it will make. I also really like the Easter stamps and the Feeling Yucky stamps. I'll probably HAVE to get them all :) Terry

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

I love the fairyland and sweet things sets. you can do so much with these!

Elaine A said...

What truly lovely and adorable stamps. It's very hard to make a decision as to which I love best, but if I have to these are them:
Small - Bouquets of Joy
Medium - Feeling Yucky
Large - Home Sweet Home

And no amount of arm twisting will make me change my mind! Just don't offer me chocolate, all bets are off then :o)

Elaine Allen

Susan said...

Hmmm...hard choice. I think I'd like Fairyland. Love the new stamps and thank you for the chance to win one!

Dishtowel Dame said...

They are all beautiful!!! I think my favorite small set would be Little Dancer, Medium Happy Easter, and Large Sweet Stuff! It is too early in the morning to make these decisions!

Anonymous said...

I love the Feeling Yucky! It is too cute! I also like the Serenity Prayer too. but then.....I love the Bouquet of Joy because pansies are my favorite flower.....hmmmmm; so hard to pick a favorite! But when I order it would be Feeling Yucky first!

Anonymous said...

This is so difficult to choose just one! I will have to say Happy Easter...I have a thing about vintage bunnies. Who can resist their charm?

Unknown said...

My favorite small set is Serenity Prayer, my favorite medium set is feeling yucky, and then my favorite large set is sweet things. Tough choices, since all of your stamps are so beautiful.

Sarah said...

My favorites are:
Large-Sweet Stuff
Med-Happy Easter
Small-Serenity Prayer

Love your products! Thanks for a chance to win!

Pegg S said...

What fun it is to see the new sets! The samples are so gorgeous too! It's hard to choose but my favorites are: Small-Little Dancer, Med-Lucky Wishes, and Large-Home Sweet Home.

Linda Peterson said...

I love so many of the sets.
My favorites are:
Large set---Home Sweet Home
Med. set---Happy Easter
Sm set----Bouquets of Joy
Thanks for the chance to win.
Linda Peterson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win.
Small - Serenity Prayer (you could easily use some of the gorgeous big words individually or as a trio)
Medium - Happy Easter
Large - Home Sweet Home (makes me want to live in those sweet little cottages)

Carla said...

I am only choosing because you're making me-I love them all! Here are my "favorite" small, medium and large sets:
Happy Easter
Feeling Yucky

Diana said...

These sets are all so favorites today would probably be Bouquets of Joy and Fairyland; they really make me smile!

Thanks for the chance to win1

Margaret said...

My picks:

small - Little Dancer

medium - Feeling Yucky

large - Sweet Stuff


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! I adore Bouquet of Joy! But those bunnies in Happy Easter are simply delightful!!!

Sophia said...

All of the new sets are beautiful. I love the small set Chandelier Fun--so elegant! Love the medium set Happy Easter and the Large Sweet Stuff--it looks so versatile. Thanks!!

mimi said...

Oh each new set is Wonderful!!! I think if I had to pick my favorite it would be Bouquets of Joy. I just love that sweet little girl. Thank you for the opportunity to win!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Christi said...

Oh my goodness! I am in love and I just happen to have a favorite from every category (I am in trouble with this release...LOL!) Love, Love, LOVE Chandalier Fun, Feeling Yucky, and Fairyland! Wow! You all have rocked this release! smiles...

Georgia said...

My very favorite large set is Home Sweet Home, and the small set is Chandelier Fun. It was really hard to pick the medium set, but I will go with Easter because I love bunnies!

Anonymous said...

As a senior citizen, I guess the "I feel Yucky" appeals the most to me. At least I seem to send a lot of get well cards! I love this set. But then, I love them all. Can't wait for the Easter set to come out too!

Anonymous said...

I love them all but if I have to pick
Serenity Prayer
Feeling Yucky (MY FAVE FAVE!!!)
Sweet Stuff
great new sets!!!

Julie L. Light said...

I've got to own the new chandelier fabulous! Crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

The new sets are very cleverly done! My choices: large: Fairyland
medium: Feeling Yucky
small: Bouquets of Joy

I hope I win!

Card Creations said...

I love them all but I really like the Swet Stuff set!

StampinCathy said...

All the stamps are just fabulous and the samples are just so inspiring. I really want to just say all of them, but since that wasn't the deal. So I buckled down and to the plunge and here are my picks...
Feeling Yucky
Serenity Prayer
Sweet Stuff
Thanks so much for a chance.

Dawnree said...

I think they are all BEAUTIFUL but if i have to make a choice.

small - bouquets of Joy
medium - Happy Easter
Large - Sweet stuff - love love this one.

CreativeMish said...

Its so hard to decide! They're all fabulous! If I have to decide then Large - Fairyland Med- Happy East and Small - Bouquet of Joy

freida said...

This is a very hard thing to do since each set is so adorable and could be used for so many occasions. My absolute favorites are:
Happy Easter
Feeling Yucky
Thanks for a chance to win a new set!

Anonymous said...

Brenda said: Thank you so much for the challenge to win a set of your stamps...they're all so wonderful..but I would have to say the Serenity Prayer would be the choice for our church ladies we make cards and send to our soldiers and then the Sweet Stuff and Feeling Yucky would have to be the next ones for me for I make all my cards I send out and for the church as well...i have been given a gift and i use it in my scrapbooking and most of my thing are donated to thank you so much for the chance to win a stamp set...that is so grateful of you...Thank you again,

PattyG said...

It was difficult to decide however; I chose SS08 Bouquets of Joy for the small set, SM25 Feeling Yucky for the medium set, and SL18 Home Sweet Home for the large set. I felt I would use these particular sets over and over therefore, I had spent my money wisely. Thanks, PattyG

Anonymous said...

I love them all! But if I must choose...
Small - Bouquets of Joy
Medium - Happy Easter
Large - Fairyland

Eveline said...

OK, after much deliberation I chose the "home sweet home" stamp set as the large one, the feeling yucky stamps set as the medium one and Bouquets of joy as the small set.
Thanks for the chance of winning some great stamps.Eveline.

Aisha Powell said...

Wow...really the Fairyland set. But the sweet stuff is also adorable. Then the Bouquets of joy is beautiful. So much wonderful

Pattyjo said...

Those new sets are just adorable! I still am in love with some oldies to, so it is a mixed selection.
Lrg. Sweet kids
Med. Altered Art
Sm. Feeling Yucky
Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Love all the new stamps! Narrowing it down, I would have to say my favorites are:
Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Easter
Large: Sweet Stuff
Sweet Stuff is my top favorite!
Thanks for all the inspiration!

Andrea M

Michelle said...

what!! i can only pick a few to name a my favs?? thats a difficult task..

hmm..happy easter..feeling yucky and fairyland...'these are ALL beauftul and wonderful!' Thanks for the opporutnity to win some of these fantastic stamps!

Miss Shawn said...

I love Little Dancer. I can think of so many cute layouts I could do. Thank you for the contest.

Anonymous said...

I like Bouquet, Feeling Yucky and Sweet Things but it's very hard to choose. They are all great.

Anonymous said...

All the sets are lovely, but I was immediately partial to the Small Serenity Prayer set. All things spiritual find comfort and warmth in my heart in memory of our sweet daughter, Samantha (June 4, 1993 - December 3, 2006) who had a rare disorder, tetrasomy 18p syndrome, and is now our angel ^j^.
The second set that I find very whimsical and sweet is the large Fairyland set... reminds me of angels with wings! : )
And, the medium Feeling Yucky, is just too cute. I am sure it is one that would bring many a smile to someone in need of cheer.

Lisa said...

So many cute choices.! I love the vintage look. It's always in style.
Small: Chandelier Fun
Medium: Happy Easter
Large: Fairyland

Thanks for the possibility to win! This is the first time I've been aware of your stamps, so I definitely will be back again.

nkjohnston said...

Home Sweet Home, certainly.
I've always been attracted to this sort of home image and have hunted them down for years in prints, etc.
Awesome new stamps! Fairyland, etc. Can't wait to get my hands on several sets.

Nancy in cooooollllllld Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Bouquets of Joy, Happy Easter, and Sweet Stuff are favs, but so many great ones to chose from!

Anonymous said...

I like all of the new sets but my favorites would have to be:
Small - Chandelier Fun
Medium - Happy Easter
Large - Fairyland
Thanks for the chance to win! I enjoy using your products.
C. Burke

Anonymous said...

I love the Serenity Prayer, and the Snow Bunnies are just so hilarious to me. Feelng yucky is a good "get well" stamp.

stampsinblue said...

I love the new large set Sweet Stuff, the medium set Feeling Lucky, and the small set Bouquets of Joy. All the new sets are so great and look very versatile!

Kathy said...

They are all too cute but I will have to go with Felling Yucky, Sweet Stuff and Little Dancer. How cute are these!! That is my b-day maybe I will be lucky!!
Thanks for the chance to win some stamps ~ they are so cute :)Kathy

Jules said...

So cute! My favs are: Chandelier Fun, Feeling Yucky and Sweet Stuff!

Vicki said...

Oh, another great give away. All of these stamps sets are so cute. The chandelier even has light bulbs! However, I have to choose A Bouquet of Joy as the small set I like best. I am already thinking of all of the things you can do with that bouquet. For medium, I would say Lucky. Love the the potential here, especially the globe. Lastly, for large, I love the Home Sweet Home!

Anonymous said...

They are all cute!But if we have to choose one from each I guess I would say:
small:Serenity Prayer
Medium: Easter (love the little bunnies!)
Large: Fairy Land
Thanks for the opportunity!
Mary Friederichsen

Steph Ackerman said...

My goodness, I love them all.
I think my faves are Bouquet of Joy, Feeling Yucky (love the duck) and Home Sweet Home.
Thanks for the chance to win some of your gorgeous stamps.

Laurie said...

Ok, it was hard to narrow it down but this is what I decided...Bouquets of Joy for the small, Seaside for medium, and Sweet Things for large - but Feeling Yucky is in close second. Thanks!

Holly's Hobbies said...

Love the new stamps!
large -sweet stuff
medium - Easter blessing
small - Serenity prayer
Oh, how I wish I could win!

Susan B said...

I just found this site. Cool stamps! It was hard to choose favorites, they're all so nice/interesting. Favorites - Large: Card Sentiments (although Home Sweet Home was a close second), Medium: Hardware, Small: Mini Memories

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! So hard to pick - I love all of your sets. I already have Home Sweet Home & it is just great. I love Sweet Stuff, Feeling Lucky (very different & fun), & the very sweet Bouquets of Joy. Thanks for a chance to win, but if I don't I'll be ordering!

Anonymous said...

Lucky post number 69!! Whhaaaa Whhoooo!! LOL!

My FAVE FAVE FAVE new set is your small Chandelier Fun!! I was so happy to see it!!

I also like the medium set Easter Joy and the large Home Sweet Home set.

Thanks for the op to win your YUMMY blog candy!!

Char in So Cal

Anonymous said...

Troy Louise posted the same time I did and beat me to the finish... I am lucky post #70 not lucky post #69!!! lol

Good luck everyone!

Char in So Cal

Anita said...

My three favorite sets are Fairy Land, Feeling Yucky, and Bouquets of Joy.

brenlou said...

Thank you, my favorites are
sm-Bouquets of joy
med-Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

I like Bouquets of Joy, Happy Easter and Sweet Stuff. I have just found you and I like vintage so will be checking back often. Thank you! Corrine Ann

Karenladd said...

Oh no, this is impossible to choose just one favorite from each size! They are are so adorable! I laughed at that Get Well card with the nurse, the HUGE hypodermic and the poor crying duck!
So saying, I would pick Bouquets of Joy, Sweet Stuff, and Feeling Yucky!

Anonymous said...

Adorable sets! my favorite large, medium, and small sets are:
A wonderful release month and have a great time at CHA
Ad K.

SHartl said...

All the stamp sets are so wonderful that it's hard to choose my favorites! I am crazy about all things vintage but I guess I'll pick:
Small: Bouquets of Joy (this would be fun to color!)
Medium: Easter
Large: Home Sweet Home
THanks for the chance to win!

Susan Wardzala said...

Well, as most people here, I am having trouble deciding - of the new stamps I like Bouquets of Joy (so happy and springy), Feeling Lucky (how could you resist the Swammy?) and Home Sweet Home (My fingers just twitch with all the coloring ideas I have for it). For the older sets, my all-time favorites are: Wine Lovers, Bird Mail and Mini Memories (or are they Bird Lovers, French mail . . .)

Anonymous said...

so many new sets!! this is wonderful! they are all great and have so much detail, but since you asked for our favorites, my favorites are (L)Fairyland, (M)Happy Easter & (S)Serenity Prayer.

Karen Azeka said...

What a great give-away! I love all the stamp sets of course but my favorites are:
Chandelier for the small set
Feeling Yucky for the medium set
Sweet Things for the large set

The card samples are wonderful and the Get Well card is hilarious!

Viki Banaszak said...

As always your stamps are so wonderful. I would have to choose for my favorites: LG-SL21 Sweet stuff, M-SM25 Feeling Yucky, S-SS08 Bouquets of joy. Now I'm off to make a bunch of good luck charms. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love Chandelier Fun, Happy Easter, and Sweet Stuff. I recently saw a stationary catalog with an image of a stand mixer on it and thought how fun it would be to have a stamp with that image. Voila - you have created one! Too cute.

JeanneLee said...

Oh wow...what a great way to try out you sweet stamps.
My faves:
Small- SS 08 Bouquets of Joy
Medium-SM 25 Feeling Yucky
Large- SL 18 Home Sweet Home

Anonymous said...

Lots of cute new sets. My favorites are Home Sweet Home, Feeling Yucky, and Little Dancer.

Dolores Yaich

Anonymous said...

All have stamps that I love so it is hard to choose just one in each size. But, I think I like the small set - Chandalier one which sort of made me giggle. I bet we could have lots of fun with that! The medium set - well the Easter ones are sooo cute but the Feeling Yucky won out! For the large set - Sweet Stuff looks like lots of fun to use. As always, I always find something in each set to love. I have one set and I have used only one stamp out of it and it has been used several times. Can'r wait to see more samples! Thanks so much for sharing and getting our hopes up of winning some new fun stuff!!!

Chris R. from Iowa

Cher said...

Hi..I am having a hard tim selecting my FAV!But I am excited to have the chance to win! They are ALL GREAT! goes:
small= Boquet of Joy
med =Feeling Lucky
large= Home Sweet Home

I would love to add these to my stamp collection. Thanks for the chance! Cherrr

paradise45 said...

I had a hard time picking, but these stood out for me the most:
Small = Bouquets of Joy
Medium = Happy Easter
Large = Fairyland
Thanks for the chance to win!!!

StampNK said...

I would be thrilled to win any of these stamp sets but my favorites are: Chandelier, Feeling Yucky, and Home Sweet Home.
Thanks for the chance to get one of the new sets!

Lyn S said...

The new stamp sets are all lovely, it was so hard to choose favourites, but here goes...
Small set - Bouquets of Joy.
Medium set - Happy Easter.
Large set - Fairyland.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Jodi said...

I love them all. Favorites are;

Small-Chandelier Fun
Med- Feeling Lucky
Large-Sweet Stuff
Can't wait to own them all. Jodi

Brenda said...

Wow! So many great sets to choose from!! Let's choice for Large would have to be: "Home Sweet Home". Medium: "Happy Easter". And for Small: "Bouquets of Joy". Thanks so much for such a generous give-away!

Anonymous said...

This was a tough one!
Small: Serenity Prayer
Medium: Happy Easter
Large: Home Sweet Home

Cassi said...

My favorites from your new release:
Small Set: Chandelier Fun
Medium Set: Feeling Yucky
Large Set: Sweet Stuff -- the stamp "Flour Child" made me giggle :)

Book Bling said...

I love them all but my favorites would have to be:
Serenity Prayer
Happy Easter
Sweet Stuff
Thanks for the chance to win.

Cindy Q. said...

OHM....I just can't decide. I love the shabby chic feel of all these stamps. I guess my fav would be the serenity prayer....with ALL the rest of them coming in with a close 2nd place!!!! :) Keep up the good work! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Chandelier Fun, Happy Easter and Sweet Stuff are my favorite. They are all beautiful sets! Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Cute stamps!! I think my favorites are:

Large: Serenity Prayer
Med: Happy Easter
Small: Bouguets of Joy

Unknown said...

I do believe YUCKY wins hands down
I have loved that duck since i seen him either in a booklet or stickers that I bought from yall along time ago.
The bouquet of joy is a close runner up..for it to be a small set its gotta lot of impact!!!
Sweet things not only stands up by itself but it goes with the vintage stamps I have from yall!
Thank you a bunch for the chance to win!!
Pam Malatek

Anonymous said...

I love all the new stamps, but if forced to choose I will go with Bouquets of Joy for small, Feeling Lucky for medium and my favorite of all Sweet Stuff for large.

Anonymous said...

I love the serenity prayer!! They are all so neat it is really hard to choose.

Anonymous said...

As far as the new sets go...I like the LARGE "Sweet Stuff" set (probably because I like sweets!), the MEDIUM "Happy Easter" (though I wish the focus were more Christian & less spring...what the holiday is truly about--the death & resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ), and the SMALL "Serenity Prayer" (love the font & extra accents!). In the regular line, I like the LARGE "Artsy Alphabet", the MEDIUM "Hardware", and the SMALL "Mini Memories" -- all for their uniqueness and vast versatility! ;-)
Sharon Blackwell, suburban Chicago, IL

Anonymous said...

This was a tough decision! I chose 3 I don't have yet: Small ~ Bouquet of Joy; Medium ~ Happy Easter; and Large ~ Fairyland . I have a feeling Sweet Stuff will be at my house one day too ;) ! Thanks for offering the chance to win!!

Trudette said...

I love your stamps and have several sets. You can do so many create things with them. For small I like the Chandelier Fun set, for large I love the Fairyland set, for medium I like the Feeling Lucky because I'm feeling lucky. This is the first time I have entered a giveaway.

Ken & Sherri Dundon said...

This is sheer torture, honestly! I chose with great difficulty Bouquets of Joy because of the pansies. I just invision them in shades of purples! Fairyland because I can just see shimmer all over! The hardest was the Mediums. Feeling Lucky is just so incredibly unique, but I love Happy Easter equally because of the old-time bunnies. I guess that Happy Easter has my vote, but really, you have out done yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy, they are ALL wonderful! It's hard to choose but these I think are my favorites -
Small - Bouquets of Joy,
Medium - Feeling Yucky
Large - Sweet Stuff
Thanks for the chance to win.
Debbie Kaste

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Feeling Yucky, Little Dancer, and Fairyland! And I mean LOVE!!!!

Pricousins at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMmmmmmm! I can only choose 3, so, Serenity Prayer, Feeling Lucky, and Fairyland are my choices. Appreciate the opportunity to try for the stamp sets...

Anonymous said...

I love all the sets, but my favorites are:
Large set: Home sweet Home
Medium set: Happy Easter
Small set: Serenity prayer

I can't wait for the serenity prayer to released so I can order!

TA Carbone said...

I have to say Happy Easter because all the items remind me of my childhood and the things they had at that time. Am I giving my age away, lol


Anonymous said...

I was not sure if you meant to select small, med. and large favorites from the new stamps or the entire line. Of the new releases, my favorites are:
Small - Chandelier Fun
Medium - Feeling Lucky
Large - Fairyland
Over your entire line my favorites are:
Small - Believe (I ADORE this angel)
Medium - Support the Girls (AWESOME)
Large - Tea & Coffee
Thanks for the opportunity to win - you have great stamp designers!

Justme said...

Large SWEET STUFF followed by EASTER
MY goodness these are so cute! I love the cupie doll look and vintage looking stamps. I was not going to get anymore stamps but now I have to! GOOD WORK BEAUTIFUL and different! Donna

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What great new sets! I think my favs are Sweet Stuff, Happy Easter, and Bouquets of Joy! Thanks for the chance to play!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a tough one...I like Sweet Stuff, Feeling Lucky, and Chandelier Fun (I think)!

Lauri said...

Oh what a tough choice!!! I think Fairyland is my favorite large set...Happy Easter my favorite medium set....Bouquets of Joy my favorite small set!! Oh my wish list just gets longer and longer!

Miriam said...

I love all of the new sets, but if I have to narrow it down, my favorite small set would be Little Dancer, my favorite medium set would be Happy Easter, and my favorite large set would be Sweet Stuff. Thank you for continuing to create such wonderful stamps!!! They have been my favorites ever since I first heard of Crafty Secrets!

Anonymous said...

I get to pick only one????
Small set: trhe chandelier is really cute! The medium set is a tie: I like the Feeling Lucky set as well as the Easter set. If I only had to pick one, I would pick the Easter set...I think I would use it more than the Lucky set. And finally, the large set I like is the Sweet Stuff is so vintage-y and cute at the same time! Great new releases!!!!

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

It's hard to choose a favorite - they are all AWESOME! But...for the post sake, here's my choices:

Large: Fairyland
Medium: Happy Easter (I LOVE Rabbits!)
Small: Bouquets of Joy

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...
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SmilynStef said...

Small - Chandelier Fun
Medium - Feeling Lucky
Large - Home Sweet Home

Thanks for the peek at the new stamps & chance to win.

Anonymous said...

This is the hardest job I have done all day! All of the sets are wonderful, but I think my favorites are:
Small: Little Dancer
Medium: Happy Easter
Large: Sweet Stuff or Home Sweet Home (I just can't decide between those two . . . )
Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Dawn said...

I Love them all... I really do!i just got my first set of stamps and every darn time I use it to make cards... People RAVE about the card! They are wonderful! My fave large set is Sweet stuff, Medium set is Feeling Yucky and Small is Chandelier! Thanks for the chance to win!

Linda Carson said...

Large: Home Sweet Home
Medium: Happy Easter
Small: Bouquets of Joy

Love em all! Thanks for a chance to win one!

Anonymous said...

You have some really nice sets. My favorite large set is Vintage Christmas, medium set is Fairies, and small set is Story of Me. Thanks for the chance to win them.


Anonymous said...

My favorites of the NEW sets are: Small set: Chandelier Fun (fun, versatile set)
Medium set: Feeling Lucky (great vintage images)
Large set: Sweet stuff (great vintage images and LOVE Lisa Zappa's samples)
Thanks for the chance to win Sandy!
Cynthia (SCS Stampinak)

Anonymous said...

OK- I feel an adrenaline rush of excitement looking at these new stamp sets and I am dying to buy them all but after careful consideration and a few deep breaths I have decided on The large set Sweet Stuff, the medium set Feeling Lucky, and the small set Little Dancer. Please just don't tell the other stamps... I don't want them to know I have any favorites!

Candy said...

Oh my! How can we possibly choose? Since I have discovered your stamp sets I can't get enough of them and LOVE them all.
This is an impossible task but I really want to win!!
So I am picking: large Home Sweet Home ; medium
Happy Easter and small: Bouquet of Joy
Thank you so much for making such lovely and reminiscent stamps for us all.

Carol said...

Chandelier, Wish, Fairyland, those would be my faves! Plz enter me, I'd love to win and stamp the night away!

Pax et bonum,

thelen.carol at

Anonymous said...

Lucky , Lucky... I would love to be the Lucky one...
Lg set would be
Fairyland- love the mushroom and birds
Med. Easter
Sm. Serenity Prayer

Thank you for the chance to win!

Jessica said...

i like many of the new sets, but i guess my favorites would be Chandelier Fun, Lucky Wishes and Fairyland. i can see so many possibilities with these stamps, and i love all the details! Thanks for the chance to win!

Heather "Hev" said...

Oh gosh arent they all fab!!!
Have to win lotto and buy them all huh!!

Through careful consideration and the odd changing of the mind I have finally decided these are my picks

Small: Little Dancer (reminds me of my niece!)

Medium: Feeling Yukky

Large : Fairyland

Thankyou for sharing all of your wonderful new releases and best of luck with them :)

Have a nice day - Heather

Anonymous said...

Wow, pick one huh?? I love the Home Sweet Home...and I love Sweet Stuff...I can't pick one!! But, wait, there's more...Feeling Yucky...that little Duck pitiful!! As usual..they're all great...I'll pick Sweet Stuff...but, I just bought two of them right now!! LOL

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

This is like being asked to choose one's favorite child: IMPOSSIBLE.
However, if I must choose:

Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Feeling Yucky
Large: Home Sweet Home

They are all gorgeous, and I want them ALL! Thanks for your generosity! Kathy/NC

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

This is like being asked to choose one's favorite child: IMPOSSIBLE!
However if I must choose:

Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Feeling Yucky
Large: Home Sweet Home

They are all gorgeous and I want them ALL! Thanks for your generosity!

carabecca said...

My new favorites are Bouquet of Joy, Feeling Yucky, and Sweet Stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... they are all soo lovely and make it hard to choose from, but I did it!
small: Boquets of Joy
med: Lucky Wishes
large: Sweet Stuff
What a wonderful giveaway! Good luck to the winner

Anonymous said...

What an adorable bunch of new stamps! It's hard to pick, but I really like:
Sm: Bouquets of Joy
Med: Feeling Yucky
Lg: Sweet Stuff
I feel that those would be useful for so many different occasions. Great job designing - Love 'em!

Linda said...

I love them all!
Here are my favorites:
Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Happy Easter
Large: Home Sweet Home

Linda said...

Ok, so I didn't mean to put Home Sweet Home I meant to put Sweet Stuff, that is my absolute favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Your giveaway is great! Thanks!! My Favorites:
Small: Bouquests of joy
Med: Feeling Yucky
Large: Failyland

Cindy Dorr

Julie W said...

Oh my.....the agony of having to pick just 3 favorites! They all rock. If I had a gun to my head, I guess I would have to say my favorite sm. set would be Chandelier Fun, the med. set would be Lucky Wishes, and for the lg. set it would be Home Sweet Home. Boy, that was painful.....winning would help relieve the agony though. LOL Thanks for the opportunity to try and win some of these wonderful sets.

Mary Anne in NJ said...

Favorite sets (it was tough!):
Small: Little Dancer
Medium: Feeling Yucky!
Large: Sweet Stuff..

They're all great!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo many new and wonderful sets. You guys are amazing! The design team gals have outdone themselves once again with so many inspiring samples. Now how to pick just 3..hmm!

Bouquet of Joy
Happy Easter
Home Sweet Home

Thanks Sandy for your generosity!

Rachael said...

It so hard to pick favorites with your stamps! I LOVE them all! Here's my favorites of the moment that I don't yet have:
Birthday Kids
Bouquets of Joy

Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity! My selections would be, small to large: Bouquets of Joy, Lucky
Wishes, and Home Sweet Home. TFS.

Linsey R said...

OMgosh, they are all most fabulous, just as always with Crafty Secrets! I'm going to have to go with: Small-Little Dancer, Medium-Lucky Wishes, Large-Home Sweet Home. I will have to get all 3 of these, win or not! They are truly awesome! Thanks for the generous giveaway opportunity! hugs~

Anonymous said...

Love them all... but.... i will pick these...
Medium-Lucky Wishes
Small-Bouquets of joy
I love all the sets that I already have....they are the best!
Thanks for the chance to win
Marie H.

acons said...

Only ONE of each size? Hmm... well, my favorite large size is Home Sweet Home but I already bought that...and I'm torn between Happy Easter and Lucky Wishes... one's so fun and the other so cute. Gotta think...okay, here goes:

Small- Bouquets of Joy (love those pansies!)
Medium - Lucky Wishes (the bingo card won me over)
Large - Fairyland (fairies, birds, and cute critters ...what's not to love?)

April C.

Novell said...

My favorite new sets are Sweet Stuff, Little Dancer, and Happy Easter but I like the small Bouquet set, too.

Anonymous said...

I like the following best but I would be happy with any of them.
Large: Sweet Stuff
Medium: Feeling Yucky
Small: Little Dancer


Anonymous said...

I like the following best but I would be happy with any of them.
Large: Sweet Stuff
Medium: Feeling Yucky
Small: Little Dancer


Anonymous said...

Ok, ok already! My inner artsy side is yelling at me. How to choose? Close my eyes and all I see are lovely stamp sets! Small, that would have to be Bouquets of Joy. Medium, I love Feeling Yucky. Large has gotta be Sweet Stuff (who doesn't love to eat goodies). Thanks to SCS for leading me here. I will be looking at all of the stamps now! Thank you for this lovely opportunity.

rcooley said...

I really like all the sets but if I could only choose one of each, these are the ones I would choose-Large, fairyland, Medium, Happy Easter and Small, Little Dancer.
I think that each of those have something that my granddaughter and I would love to use on our projects. She has just begun taking dance classes and is always coming up with new ideas. We only get to stamp together a couple of times a year, she really likes adding what she calls dodads (anything sparkly) to our projects.

Cheryl Hirzel said...

What great new additions! My favorite picks are:

Small set - Serenity Prayer
Medium set - Feeling Yucky
Large set - Sweet Stuff

THanks so much for the chance to make them mine!

Anonymous said...

Tough choices. My favorates are: small - Chandelier, medium - Happy Easter, and large (love them all) Home Sweet Home.
Cia Tate

Stef H said...

Boy, this just keeps getting better & better. And you want us to pick 3? Not an easy task, but I'll do my best! I really really like Serenity Prayer, Feeling Yucky and Sweet Stuff! And it was not an easy task. The more I looked at ALL your stamps, the harder it got. I had to quit before I put myself in the poor house! But fear not, I'll be back for more!

Anonymous said...

I really love all the new sets, it is tough to pick my favorites, but here they are:
large:Sweet Stuff
medium:Easter Joy
small:Chandelier Fun

Anonymous said...

Large Set: I LOVE the new Easter set!
I prefer line art images for Eeaster cards and this one is perfect!
Medium Set: Feeling Yucky. What a great way to cheer up a friend!
Small Set: Bouquets of Joy. This sweetie will bring joy to whomever receives a card with her on it.

Lisa T said...

My favorites: Large Set - Fairyland, Medium Set - Happy Easter and Small set - Bouquets of Joy. (I already own your cute Kewpie set because they are the mascot of the school where I work.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stamps. My favoites are small Boquets of joy
medium felling yucky
large fairyland


Mary Sue said...

All of the sets are great. Making a choice is very difficult. Small would be Serenity Prayer, medium is Feeling Lucky and Large would be Sweet Stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I have to agree with some other's hard to choose because all the new sets are very appealing!! Here are my choices at this moment...Fairyland for the large set, Bouquets of Joy for the small set, and Feeling Lucky for the medium set.

Thanks for sharing and for bringing us a truly unique and inspiring line of products. Crafty Secrets is my favorite!!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorites are:
Serenity Prayer
Feeling Yucky
Sweet Stuff

Melanie said...

I love them all but if I have to pick favorites I really like Bouquets of Joy, Happy Easter, and Fairyland.

Kathleen said...

All the sets are beautiful, but I think the Bouquets of Joy stands out the most for me. I have some cards I've started with beautiful floral backgrounds and have been looking for just the right stamp/saying for the front!

JessicaK said...

So many beautiful sets, how to choose! I'll say my faves are
Large: Home Sweet Home
Medium: Book Lovers
Small: Bouquet of Joy

Thanks for the chance, Jessica

BethW said...

Have to start with Serenity Prayer-great personal meaning (17 years and counting). Feeling Yucky is just too cute and I'll finish off with Fairyland-endless possibilities with this one.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING you girls got it going on -- DEFINITELY hitting your average Retro CHIC Scrapbook in a Vintage style comparable to None -- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LADIES

Unknown said...

I love the Bouquwt of Joy and the Fairyland set, the sweet things is so cute too, you rock with these designs! I cant wait for the chandelier!

Anonymous said...

Okay, after much going back and forth, changing my mind upteen jillion times, here are my choices: small - chandelier fun
med. - easter set
large - sweet stuff
All of the sets are really great; it was a hard choice. Linda Gray

Anonymous said...

i have to say the same they are all great but fairyland and make a wish are my two favorites

maystamper said...

I love Fairy land, bouquets of joy and the Feeling Yukky! All such cute sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

what wonderful sets, it's difficult to choose! but if forced to say,

small chandelier fun
medium Easter set
large sweet stuff!

I don't even know how many I own, but each one brings me such JOY! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, tough decision, but I'd have to say:
Small: Bouquets of Joy
Medium: Feeling Yucky
Large: Home Sweet Home/Sweet Stuff
(Ok, ok, I just couldn't choose only 1! LOL)


/sewprimitive said...

I am so torn between "Home Sweet Home" and "Fairyland"! Actually they're all really fun. Thanks for a chance to win one!

Anonymous said...

Bouquets of Joy
Happy Easter

love all of them though!! :)

Anonymous said...

My FAVES: Bouquets of Joy, Easter, and Fairyland! I can see myself having so much fun coloring these sets(!)....and making darling cards with them.
Micki Cline

KindredEsprit said...

I'm not good at just picking *1* favourite, but here's my go...
Small - Bouquets of Joy!
Medium - the Easter set!!!
Large - tie! Fairyland (sooooo reminds me of my childhood and my Oma) and Sweet Stuff....cuz I *love* to bake!

Unknown said...

What a tough decision. I would chose Feeling Yucky as my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

Lisa said...

Chandelier Fun, Happy Easter and Sweet Stuff! My favs! Great releases! thanks, lisa keeffe

Gale said...

Bouquet of Joy
Happy Easter
Home Sweet Home (LOvE this one)

wendela said...

I love the all!! Wow, Amazing!! But My favorites are; fairyland, chandelier fun, and bouquets of joy.


Créations Michelle said...

Gosh! These are too beautiful to choose just one of each size but here it goes
Small : bouquets of joy
Medium : Happy Easter
Large : Faryland.
I did not know about these stamps, thanks for the chance to make us discover them!

fran h said...

All the sets are wonderful and would be a great fun addition to any project.
The large one I like is the Sweet stuff
The medium is Happy Easter
The small is Bouquets of Joy

Thanks for posting this wonderful giveaway!

Fran H

Anonymous said...

small Serenity Prayer-- I have loved this prayer and tried to lived by it since I discovered it in the 60's.

medium Feeling Yucky-- The little duck is the CUTEST!

large Fairyland - I live in a land of dreams :)

floridagirl said...

Wow - this had some difficult choices. Large set - Fairyland (love it) Medium Set - EASTER TOTALLY LOVE IT - ans Small set - Bouquet of Love.

What a great stamp collection!!

Donna Espiritu said...

Wow, only 3?? These are all beautiful!!! Hard to choose only three... anyway, what I love are Fairyland, Feeling Yucky and Little Dancer sets...

thanks for this sweet giveaway!

Anonymous said...

It's not an easy task to pick one from each size, but here are my choices: Serenity Prayer, Feeling Yucky, and Home Sweet Home! Can't wait to be able to purchase the new sets! Thanks for the preview. Laura j.

jeanie de la rama said...

my favorites:

1.) bouquets of joy
2.) lucky wishes
3.) fairyland

thanks for a chance to play. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy....this was fun!
med- Lucky wishes
Large- Fairyland


Tracey said...

So many great sets here. I think I am going to go with Little Dancer, Feeling Yucky & Sweet Stuff!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, All are so gorgeous! My faves are:
Lg: Home sweet Home
Med: Serenity Prayer
sml: Little dancer

Thanks a bunch! :o)-Ali

Anonymous said...

Wow... this was difficult. Thanks for the opportunity. I like them all and will be grateful to win any but since we have to choose one of each... these are the ones: Little Dancer (small), Happy Easter (medium) and Fairyland (large). Regards. Edelmira (

lori said...

wow!! so many to choose from... okay i LOVE chandelier fun {small}, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE & LOVE lucky wishes {medium}, and i LOVE home sweet home {large}. these stamp sets are amazing... thanks for sharing with some LUCKY WISHER!!!!!!

weze said...

Lots to look at but my choices would be Fairyland for Lge, Bouquets of Joy for small (luv this one) and Easter stamps for small

scrapfancy said...

Wow yes a hard decision to make, but I love the Easter set. So cute and realistic. Thanks for some new sets and all wonderful.

Maria said...

Hard to choose!
Small - Serenity Prayer
Medium- Feeling Yucky
Larage- Home Sweet Home

The medium Easter stamps were also a fav.
Enjoy Life!

Cathy said...

I love Chandelier Fun, Lucky Wishes (love the bingo card) and Home Sweet Home - I'm a sucker for key anythings :)

Thanks for the chance to win.


PattiM said...

How can anyone pick just one of each set? I want them all....I finally decided on these.

Happy Easter
Home Sweet Home


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!

scrapmouse said...

My favorites were
small-Bouquets of Joy
medium-Happy Easter
Large- Fairyland
It was hard to choose just 3 but I managed to do it. Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous stamp sets!!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

WOW, what cute sets of stamps!

I love little dancer, just cause I have a little dancer and those stamps are so sweet!

I also love the Fairyland, so very sweet and would be good for a lot of different types of pages.

Home Sweet Home is awesome as well! These are a really cute!

I love these stamps as they are so different than what is out there!

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