Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brimfield Antique Show, plus New Samples & Links

Hello from vacationland!

It's the last day of our crazy holiday using the Jet Blue passes we bought to fly anywhere for $495.00. The passes last a month but we only had 16 days, so we've been flying all over. We've been to Boston, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Scottsdale AZ. We fly back to Seattle tomorrow but I have my laptop and wanted to post the photos I promised of the giant antique show we went to in Brimfield, MA outside of Boston. Scroll down to see lots of photos!

First, I have a few wonderful samples, links and challenges to share. Look at this adorable card DT member Pam Hooten created using the kids from our
Thanksgiving Clear Art Stamps Set! You can see more photos and the details HERE on Pam's blog.

Marcy (kiddielitter) is hosting a fun Fall challenge over at Spiltcoast using any of our products and I adore this cute card she created stamping a fairy from our Fairyland stamp set onto the mushroom and how she added the leaf and Hello stamp (from Sweet Kids) using a wonderful fall color palette. You can get info on the challenge HERE and see the gallery HERE with more great samples!

I missed last weeks 'Baking' challenge that Julie hosted but I have to show you 2 cute cards and encourage you to go check out all the fabulous samples so many people created HERE in the gallery! Here is Julie's card using the baking girl from our Homemade Booklet and the little cookie cutter stamps from the Sweet Stuff stamp set. This card is a hoot and the creator Maryann (Amaranthine) made me laugh out loud when I saw how she used chalk to add the extra black smoke coming outside of the picture. She added a gift certificate with a note stating it was safer than her baking. What a cute idea! See more cards HERE!

The Brimfield Antique Show was spectacular and I didn't want to leave! It covered 21 farmers fields with over 6000 sellers! We only had 1 day but the weather was perfect. I think we probably saw about half and we walked from 9 am to 6. These altered dolls were one of my favs!

Here are more. The artist wasn't there but I have her card buried in my luggage and plan to buy one of her dolls. Each one was totally unique and special.

Loved these bird houses created from License plates
These statues weren't old but I loved the selection of reproductions this company had!

Many of the pieces in this photo below were reproductions but really beautiful! I loved that the entire show was a mix old genuine antiques , a variety of reproductions and a great array of one of a kind art! I believe to keep this show strong they need to keep the largest part of the show in original antiques but it was also great to see items to suit every budget.
These old church windows were beautiful with the sun shinning through them!

There was a fantastic mix of everything in every style you can imagine. People were searching for old comics, war memorabilia, china patterns, toys and obscure things. I even saw collectors wearing T-shirts stating what they wanted to buy.

These were a bunch of weird glove mold forms in every size. Eclectic and interesting. I wanted one but didn't have any room left.

I've also wanted one of these dress forms for ages and I would have bought one if I could have fit it in my suitcase
I loved this guys idea to turn old wooden skids and pallets into coffee tables.

I have a thing for vintage glassware and fell in love with sooo many pieces that our carry on suitcases have been filled to the brim since this event 2 weeks ago! Yep, we've been lugging them to every airport on the trip!

This display made me think of Lisa Zappa (one of our beloved past DT members - who I hope is coming back one day) and her cool red kitchen!

Drat, I just came back to edit some text and I deleted 2 photos by accident! Sorry, I can't add them back.
I was disappointed that I didn't find hardly any old antique paper, books or images at the show. Maybe I never made it to the right field? When we were leaving we came across these giant cow mascots and I loved them. This was such a fantastic, memorable - I want to go back event!
We've fallen in love with Boston and I will post some more photos next time to show you why it was one of our very favorite places on the entire trip .

In closing, if anyone is interested in the Jet Blue passes they may bring them back next Sept. To fly as much as you want for the month for $595. is a great deal and it sold out quickly. We found out that Sept is a slow month for travel so we found some great hotel deals as well.
I will post more photos after after we get home.
Wishing you joy & creativity!
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Hearts Turned said...

Oh, wow! You had fun! I had my face an inch from the screen to see all the detail in the photos from Brimfield! Those dolls are amazing! Boston has always been my favorite town--I was born there, and have been back a few times as an adult to just absorb it all! Glad you're having such a great time!

Marcy said...

Sandy, thank you so much for posting the photos from Brimfield! Some day I'll make it there myself, but in the meantime I'll live vicariously through you. :) Hope you have a good trip home!

Jan Hennings said...

Great photos of Brimfield and the antique market...WOW..over 6000 dealers, it must have been amazing :)

Jessica said...

Sandy, did you make it to Charleston SC? We live in North Charleston. I'd like to hear what you thought of our town. Also, my boyfriend is from Boston! He loves it too! Thanks for sharing.

Selena said...

Head up on the dress forms you left behind... I found mine at a store called Ross. Not sure if you have one in your area. they sell big label clothing at a marked down price. There is a section for home decor. sheck them out. I will try to send you a pic of mine. You will love what I did with it.

Roberta said...

Oh my the Brimfield Antique Show...wish we had something like that around here...I would love more glove forms..especially real antique ones. Too funny...I just posted about mine yesterday, check it out if you want. Fondly, Roberta

Marlene (cards4u) said...

How fun to see all the pictures of Brimfield!Glad you have been able to get away : ) TFS

Jess said...

OH thank you for all the FUn My favorit Birds (I do have more than one) I really ove Robins, blue birds as well as Owls Yes what can I say I reallly love the snowy owls as well as the Elf owls.
Thanks Jessica

Teri said...

I just love all the work that your design team does!! So inspiring! It's certainly not an easy choice but I think I like the little birds (Kewpie) on Linda Duke's cone the best. That cone is gorgeous!!

Teri Patty

Anonymous said...

I love birds! We feed a wide variety. I have two favorites--the goldfinch (I love their little call) and the cardinal. They sit and "decorate" the bush behind my bay window!!
Love your blog and store!

Kim P. said...

My favorite bird is the Hummingbird. We have a feeder for them right outside our kitchen window so we can watch them while we eat! They are so colorful. I never get tired of watching them!

SeaMyst said...

Oh I love Cardinal's the best. Their beautiful red color, especially against the snow in the winter.


Oh I just love all these birdie projects !! My favorite bird? My little goldfinches who stay with me all winter and are well fed. Thanks so much for a chance to win this fabulous giveaway.

Anonymous said...

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< Loved it!

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