Monday, November 21, 2011

BIG Changes & Sale, CD 2 Promo Week & More!

Hi Everyone,  finally here, Blogger has been a nightmare, see note at end.

I’ve been holding off posting until I made up my mind and I  have - Crafty Secrets is going to change our Clear Stamps to Digital CD’s and ALL our stamps will go on SALE starting this Friday!  Why? my husband Scott retired last year and I need to simplify our life. “With over 200 stamp sets and over 100 printed products it’s time to clear the clutter and make room for some exciting new changes!  As the Clear Art Stamps sell out, they will be grouped into themes and sold on CD’s which will include inspiring samples, new images and printable papers.

We have a home office here in Canada but 90% of our orders are filled by our shipper  from the little warehouse we have in Blaine, WA. We’ve run out of space but I still have so many ideas and images!  I’m hoping to find a company to license some of our colored printed items such as our Creative Scraps which are such hot sellers and some of the papers from our 2 CD’s, so please spread the word!

The SALE on Clear Art Stamps starts this Friday in our Shopatron Store while supplies last. Maybe a company will want to license some Clear Art Stamp Sets, but for now the sale will run until the stock sells out.

Large Clear Art Stamps originally $24.99 on sale for $19.99
Medium sets reg $14.99 on sale for $12.99
Small Clear Art Stamp Sets reg $7.50 on sale for $5.99 starting Friday! 

We have a large amount of stock in some stamp sets, less in others. Wholesale will be half of the sale price to stores.

I will post the SALE prices on our printed items here on the Blog this Wed, Nov 23. My goal is to transform the business before Spring so we only have CD’s or licensed products and we can move to a smaller house - but I have 1000’s of some of our printed items.

WHY DO DIGI STAMPS?  Imagine if you were to open a stamped image in a digital file and make it different sizes, be able to print it with perfect clarity on any medium, plus have an array of inspiring samples to browse through with links to the designer, read tips and tutorials, etc. With new digital stamp designs we won’t be limited to size any longer, so we can have jumbo size images, include inside verses for cards and background stamps, or have an image pre-stamped in 3 different colors to choose from and even include printable color papers in themes to suit the stamps!

Okay, now onto CD 2, Creating with Vintage Illustrations! I’m super excited about this CD and with over 200 files it’s a super deal for $15.99 but if you can’t wait until this Friday and want to pre-order it NOW, we will include a free Image & Journal Notes Booklet (just state what title in the message box in our Shopatron Store or we will send a Christmas Booklet). We should have the first 100 in stock this Friday, 1000 more to follow. Ask your fave store to order it in for you.  Here is the cover!


Here is the inside cover and the CD included is attached in a clear plastic sealed sleeve inside. Try clicking it on and hopefully it gets larger. Some of the info has been updated on the inside as there are 117 jpgs, 95 png files and 14 templates.

CD 2 InsideCover

This week during our CD 2 Promo our DT ladies are posting an array of super cool samples! We only have 5 Templates on CD #1 but we have 14 on CD 2 including a folding purse Cindy designed and a high heel shoe by designer Terri Heinz!


Look at this beautiful image DT member Linda Duke colored off the B&W image from the CD and she has a video Tutorial showing how she did it on her blog! Linda made a mistake and has everyone listed today  I searched for this sheet music cover for ages and finally bought it but it was so damaged I had Cindy, our graphic designer, add a frame. I think it would be fabulous colored and printed on canvas or iron on fabric for a pillow (just remember to reverse the image so the printing isn’t backwards).

11-19 Birdie Darling 1

DT leader Vicki Chrisman is learning how to do digital layouts and I think he did an amazing job on this sweet one. Check out her story and see her cool rooster canisters she Mod Podged with images from the CD.  Plus see Vicki’s the rooster card and also DT Member Michele Kovack’s great rooster card both created from our Farm Chicks Creative Scraps

Our Sweet Girl  Vic

I adore this Thanksgiving card that DT Member Debbie Marcinkiewicz posted and it’s too bad the CD wasn’t ready in time but this image would also make a neat wall kitchen plaque. NOTE: the label across the front was added to the image. Also see Debbie’s celebrate card she created using CD # 2.

Debbie - CD2 _Thanksgiving

DT Member Julie Campbell created this wonderful layout for her family scrapbook using one of the vintage frames that will be on CD 2, Creating with Vintage Illustrations.  You can see the details and read the inspiring story here on Julie’s blog and see the other lovely layout Julie made HERE and you have to check out her post on her visit to Carmel!  I adore Carmel CA and loved all her photos and story!


Our graphic designer Cindy van Koll did an amazing job on all the files on CD 2 but I love this Family Tree she rebuilt from a tree in an antique story book and the separate PNG frames you can add to create your own family tree. She was sweet and made me this layout of our family.
I need to learn digital instead of bossing her around with “add this, make this smaller, move this”. I just ordered the new Photoshop Elements 10 from Costco on SALE for $49.99 with the rebate coupon valid until Nov 27/11. What  a deal! 

DT Member Gini Cagle created this pretty invitation using an image from CD 2 and added part of a Dolly Tea Invitation and border also included.


I will be posting sample sheets this Wed showing the files included on the CD. It’s been so long since I’ve done a post I have some catching up to do and will be posting other samples with and without using the CD this Wed and Friday.

I wanted to tell you about this weeks challenge over at Splitcoast that Joanne North is hosting to use a ‘pin’ in a project, any pin, real or stamped and  straight pin, an embellished trinket pin, a tiny diaper-style pin, even a stamped pin if you have our Sew Special or the Card Sentiments Clear Art Stamp Sets.
Look at the beautiful Christmas Card Joanne made and you can see the gallery HERE and join in and add any sample you may have created or are inspired to using any of our products.  Just be sure to add the #  CSSC198 to link to the gallery.


Lastly, if you want to make a special Thanksgiving card and you own our Seasonal Booklet it includes this image that DT Member Tammy Roberts used to HERE make this lovely card with our Thanksgiving Stamp set which is already on SALE HERE.  Also, look at this pretty birdy card Tammy created!


I will be back Wednesday with more samples will post preview sheets of CD

BIG SALE STARTS THIS FRIDAY.  CD 2 Creating With Vintage Illustrations arrives this Friday as well but if you pre-order it we will include a free Image Booklet with every CD 2 order until midnight Friday.

PLEASE TELL ME – What do you think about my decision? Difficult but it feels right to me.

PS - sorry for the delay! this took forever as I had an Internal Server Error bX-7sd12g with message: "Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Had to install Google Chrome and Blog This, which took a zillion trys and until it finally let me in and re-paste the post. 

Wishing you joy & creativity
Sandy Redburn
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Stampin2day said... so sad. I am not a fan of digital images. Yes, I've tried them but I like to stamp where I want..not a fan of fussy cutting or putting everything on a seperate sheet of paper..
I have purchased so many of your stamps and will really be sad to see you go.

Angelnorth said...

Really sorry to see the stamps will no longer be produced. I don't enjoy the process of creating with digi, probably because I'm not predominantly a stamp it-colour it- die cut it-layer it onto a card kind of stamper so I guess my Crafty Secrets use will go into decline. Hope it works well for you though and proves to be the right decision!

busymartha said...

Congratulations Sandy and Scott! I think this is brilliant! I am sure more companies will follow suit. It makes perfect sense to me, the image can be re-sized, and the image comes out clear every time. I have been buying digi stamps from Etsy, it's perfect, buy it one night, receive the file the following day. No more waiting in the mail for your image. I don't think you will be disappointed, this will enable you to live with less clutter (scale down)and hopefully have more time to enjoy Scott's retirement. I think once people try using the images, they will adapt quickly, best wishes, Marilyn McIldoon

Linda S. said...

Dear Sandy, I also am sad to learn that your clear stamps will soon no longer be in production. My dislike of digitals is tied to my computer woes. I have what appears to be a touchy system, and never know which day it will throw a hissy-fit. I do not own a laptop, so I always enjoy bringing my "real" stamps along when traveling or going to crops away from home. I do wish you much success with your business decision, and Congrats to your hubby on his recent retirement. Linda S. in NE

cal8007 said...

I am so excited to see your stamps go digital! This saves so much space and can be used over and over and made smaller or bigger. I'm looking forward to your tutorials too.

Congratulation on Scott's retirement and the new life style!


Carmen L

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Scott. I am also sad to see the stamps go. I have been a stamper for years and don't care much for digital. My mother and I just discovered you this year and have purchased several stamps sets.
Best wishes to you!

GoGoGirlz said...

Personally, I'm excited that you have decided to go digital. Many companies are also making the "big" announcement. Change is never easy...especially for some people. Maybe you could continue selling some of your more popular stamp sets...or produce some sets as a "limited edition". Education will be the key. When people learn how easy it is to achieve similar results in less time...the happier they will be to make the change over.
Wishing you GREAT SUCCESS!

Bettyann said...

congrats to Scott and his gotta do what's good for the 2 of you...not a fan of digi may learn in the future when I down scale to a smaller place...cant wait for the sale take care

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Well, I am a little sad. I just adore your stamps, and the whole process of stamping. I have my stamps stored in binders, and I love flipping through for inspiration. can't quite picture it the same with a CD...but I will give it a try. I do understand your need to downsize and have a simpler life. Still....makes me a little sad.

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks for your kind words but please don't be sad, that will make me more sad! I think we can make it really inspiring, super fun and inked stained stamps don't looks as pretty when they get older, plus large or long clear stamps can be a pain to work with. The CD's will print you an amazing image every time for years. It feels like a challenge now - I want to WOW you non believers! Plus maybe a company will license some sets.

Angela said...

Will you still carry your printed papers and vintage images (scraps) or will they all go digital as well? I understand your need to move into the digital age and downsize but I'll have to admit I'm a bit sad after just talking my local craft store into stocking and buying Crafty Secrets products this spring. I'm also a person who has a few computer printing issues as well. Good old fashioned stamping is so much fun but I actually like your papers and vintage images the most!

Marcy said...

I work on the computer all day for my job, so when I craft I like to take a break from it.

However, while I am disappointed about your stamps, I am interested in seeing where CS goes next. You have always made such high-quality, wonderful images & products, so if anybody can do digi right, it will be you all. You may indeed "make me a believer" yet! :)

Donald Smith said...

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Christmas Island said...

This this magical special gift to give anyone These turned out super cute! Love them!!

Sheila Rumney said...

I am super excited about this change! Can't wait to see more.

Congrats to Scott and you on his retirement.

Larajc said...

I am not a fan of digital images. I love your stamps and covet the ones I own. I will miss finding them in my LSS. I recognize your need to do so, and I am sure it was a difficult decision. Bless you and may this new change go really well for you!

Donna said...

Hi Sandy! I personally am excited about having the stamp images on CD....from a purely selfish viewpoint, I do not stamp and am often envious of the images on your stamp sets! Now I can enjoy using them, too, without worrying about the stamping! On a broader view, I can see what you mean about downsizing and you have to do what's best for you---if you're overwhelmed, then you can't do your best job leading Crafty Secrets so the change sounds like a positive thing. In the end, you will have disappointed fans and happy fans---you really have to just do what's best for you and your family. Best wishes as you undergo these changes!! I'll still be a customer, no matter what! :)

Lynda said...

Wishing you good luck and best wishes in your decision! It is never easy to make a change, but now that you have made the choice, enjoy the future and don't look back! I am still working, but my husband is retired and I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to join him. God bless you!

Micki said...

I'm excited and although I can understand why some will be sad to see the transition to digital stamps, for me, who is having to watch every penny am super excited. Not to mention that I'm so limited on space in my craft room. I'm sure it was a tough decision process weighing the pros and cons but your images speak for themselves whether in rubber, poly.. or digital. (Hope that made sense).
Sometimes simplifying is THE thing to do! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Oh almost forgot.... the DT projects were as always awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, I understand your need to scale back and keep up with the changing times but I too will be very sad to see the end of the real stamps. I've been collecting your stamp sets over the years and enjoy them so much.
The change would probably be a little easier for me if I owned a decent printer but even so I simply enjoy the whole inky process too much to ever replace it with my computer.
Congrats to Scott on his retirement and I wish you both the very best :)

Cynthia said...

Yes, I was also saddened by your announcement. The outstanding quality and vintage variety of the clear stamps will be missed!

Best of wishes to you and Scott as you move into a new adventure of your lives together!

I will also be interested to see what your new endeavors bring next year!

Dealbaida said...

Oh woe is me! My favourite crafting line will be no more. Boo hoo!!

It isn't easy to find your glorious goodies "over here" in the UK but I guess that will change with digi images. Will have to see if yours can change my mind; henceto I am not a fan.

On the other hand...... it will be wonderful for you and Scott to be free of the more onerous and time-consuming aspects of running a successful company and I wish you both long, happy, carefree days.

Good luck and "Thank you" for bringing such pleasure to so many for so long.


missmacymay said...

I am so glad I decided to learn to do digital scrapbooking. I am excited about the new direction Crafty Secrets is going. I wonder what your booth will look like at conventions.

Rebecca said...

I love the idea of digi stamps but when you have inkjet printer, it limits what you can do with digi ie sprays and water effects. The inkjet ink is not the same as a good ink or for embossing or other wet ink technique. I do like the resize idea and not having to clean your "stamp" and storage .............

Rene said...

I have mixed feelings. I understand why you'd want to simplify and have less inventory to manage. However, I have grown to love your stamp sets and paper products and find this ending sad.

I have many digi stamps and enjoy using them, but with an inkjet printer, I can't replicate the professional look of your cardstock stickers, scraps, and pads of paper.

I will look forward to what you come up with digitally. Perhaps I'll grow to love that too.

rls said...

well, guess I will be saving some money to spend elsewhere since I won't be purchasing "digi" stamps.. or your other products as ink for printers are just to expensive for that. To bad as I loved your stamps and have several of them.


scootingranny said...

Sad for me, too because I am also not a fan of digital images. They smear when you use some colors/inks and I like to emboss my stamped images. They stand out so much better and also helps keeping colors from bleeding over. I do SO hope that someone will license to produce and ship your stamps. I understand about your life changes and wish you nothing but the best.