Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do You Like? Giveaway, Previews and Oldies but Goodies!

Hi Everyone, 

I'm finally back with some preview drafts of Stamp Sets and CD # 3 Creating with Vintage Typography, plus a $30.00 giveaway for your opinion and feedback. I mentioned it briefly in my last post and was asked to post any specifics, so I will below and add the other previous entries to this draw and announce a winner this Friday, Jan 19/12. 

We will continue to create some NEW CLEAR ART STAMP SETS while we create our Digital Art Stamp line and find a company to licence our products. What do you think of this preview of our Sing for Joy Clear Art Stamp Set?   It includes 20 separate stamps with 2 branches of birds, extra flower blossom & leaf.  This is still a draft so time to make changes if you see anything. Click on to see larger

I also have a large collection of owls in a mix of adorable to artistic - am I too late? Have we missed the owl train or are they still popular?   Do you like owls and if so what style?

I've been collecting old patriotic images for awhile and when I bought the cute Uncle Sam Soup Kid below he inspired this fun patriotic set but now that it's done I think my favorite is the lady we added who can hold the flag or sparkler. This set, SL47 American Beauty will include 20 separate stamps.

 See how much better the same set looks above than the first draft below?  We tossed out Uncle Sam and the screaming chicken and the vintage lettering added above makes it way cooler. I just wish I could find Vintage Canadiana so we could do a set for Canada.
 I have a thing for little dressed animals but please tell me if you like these types of images?  I have every animal possible from frogs, elephants, dogs to mice.

Do you like really detailed designs best or simpler styles like Mr & Mrs Kitty below?

Or do you like simpler styles like Mr & Mrs Kitty below?  I have a bunch of cute animals in this style below - except I always get Cindy to fix the weird eyes and we change as many things as possible to make everything better, unique and ours.

Here are some images that were slated to go on a Forest Fairy set but I just got 2 adorable houses in a shoe and a teapot shape, plus an old antique book with pixies & elf's, so these will now be split into 2 sets.

 How about a Garden Fresh stamp set with vegetables, garden tools, and old shed or garden gate?   Also, how about a canning a preserving set with jam labels and fruit? What artwork do you like better, detailed etchings, or line art like these whimsical fruits with faces - or both?

What is you favorite theme and what would you like to see us create - Clear Stamps, Digital Stamps & projects on CD's,  printed Color Scraps ??

Here are a bunch of pages that will be on CD # 3, Creating With Vintage Typography. We still have a bunch more work to finish on this CD as there will be fonts you can install, weekly & monthly calendars, greeting card verses & graphics, forms & ephemera, alphabet flash cards, sheet music, theater and much more.

Here's some Barber Shop papers that are going on a Men's Theme CD. I love the way these papers turned out and now we just need t5o add a set of moustaches!

I decorated these bottles with our French Label Stickers years ago and recently found a CD with 100's of photos of older samples and a bunch of really great ones. I've added over 600 samples to our Shopatron Store and have more to add using Stickers and Vintage Cuts and old Alpha Booklets (see below)

Plus there were samples featured in our Get Creative and Get Round Booklet I will be adding.  This album below was from the dollar store and Vicki added alpha letters and the date no.s  from our Boys Alphabet Booklet on SALE now for $1.95

 Lastly, I want to share a link to DT Member Julie, Campbell and her inspiring life quest to learn more about her heritage and family.  Here stories are always so inspiring and you can read them HEREhttp://avintagechic.blogspot.com/2012/01/just-little-time.html 

 PS - CD 3 and New Clear Art Stamp Sets are not available yet but I will post updates

 Big Hugs Sandy
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Mickey's Craft World said...



Tarnished Rose said...

I'm going to go through this one by one.

I think the birds are cute. The owls, I'm not sure of. Didn't know they had been "big". Love the final draft of American Beauty. Definitely beats the original draft hands down. For the cats & stuff in general, I prefer the simpler styles like Mr. & Mrs. Kitty. The ornate ones don't allow for ease of coloring and the really simple styles are too cutesy (UGH). Like the faires, the mushroom house is adorable. As for the veggies, well, not really big on them. They don't fit into the crafting I do, but hey, that's me.

Okay, now on to the digital designs. I LOVE everything you've come up with. My problem is that I don't know how to use digital stamps. I work in smaller scale, along the lines of ATCs & Tag Art, and smaller down to inchies.....can you see where trying to print a stamp instead of stamping a stamp would cause problems? If digital, I would have to print it out, cut it out, them apply it to my card/tag/etc, possibly losing edge detail. With a real stamp, I just stamp the image right on what I'm working on and it's done, no loss of detail. No additional tedious cutting required.

I have to say I love your acrylic stamps. I have a couple of sets and they are faves.

Well, that's all the feedback I can give tonight.


Becky Green said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Those are GREAT IDEAS!!!!!! ALL of them! My FIRST choice would be VINTAGE/RETRO VALENTINES! But,I LOVE all the images you're putting out there! I like the detailed & the more simple! I will think on this some & come back.... :)

Kathie said...

I love the little birds draft the Joy of singing....and the one with the dog and cat reading in the library. That is if I could only have 2!! The rest are equally as fabulous. Thanks for sharing, Kathie

Janice said...

I really like the bird stamps... could you do a nest with robin eggs in it? The owls... I'm not "in" to them, but my niece still is. I prefer detailed stamps. As for new things to offer, I'd love to see vintage little girl paper dolls! I loved playing with paper dolls as a girl (50 years ago!) and miss them. I'd love to be able to make some paper dolls with my grand-daughter!
And, yes, Vintage Valentines! Please do those! I'd love them!

cyndie2010 said...

OMG, I just love the Sing for Joy stamp set, Awesome work. I just love anything with nature. The Mr & Mrs Kitty are just adorable. I like all of the samples. And OMG I can't wait for CD #3 I just love the 1st & 2nd one and I'm sure I won't be disappointed with #3. I love the attention to detail in all your work. Thanks so much.

Dawn said...

I love it all, and use all forms, clear stamps and digi's, I especially love the barbershop line, I haven't seen anything else like it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love these samples...the details on the birds are gorgeous! And no, its absolutely not too late for Owls! Owl bet you they'll be a sell owt!
Trees, branches & leaves are always a welcome with any bird stamps! The only thing I steer from is the too cutesy kind of stamps...vintage style is all the rage! The kitty in the first sample has beautiful flourishes he's sitting on! Don't change! Love the samples so far-keep em' coming!
~Roxanne ;-)

Jeannie said...

Love the birds stamp and Mr & Mrs Kitty. Actually, truth be told ... lovin' all your stuff!
Received my first order today from you - awesome - and I can't wait to play with everything.

Karen Denson said...

The 1st stamp set with the birds, the only thing I could see that I might change would be to make the Joy a bit smaller. American Beauty is great. I miss Uncle Sam, though, but not the chicken. I like the vintage feel of the dressed animals, however I am not a cat person, but I think other animals would look great dressed. I do not like the simpler pictures as much as the detailed images. The Garden fresh stamp set, I like the line art. I could see making little vegetable tags for my garden.
I love the CD images, and really love the paper with the shaving items. Very vintage... Love it.

Angela Fehr said...

I love everything you just showed except the American one. Love the bird set the mostest!

RanchGirl said...

I love most of the stamp samples, not big on the Forest Fairy or the last Mr & Mrs Cat, also on the Garden Fresh, I would get more use with tools, vintage garden shed & gate etc. I really like the wheel barrow.
As far as digital goes, I love the papers & images but would have a problem with the stamps - I spend the summer at a cabin without internet, and always take my stamp sets with me, (have almost all of your medium & large sets), and would also love to see a Vintage Valentine set. I really prefer having the actual stamps, and appreciate your efforts in making that happen!

Anonymous said...

The only things I am impressed by are the papers, especially the barbershop ones and the owl but would have to see more. I would like to see some steampunk styles.
Sue Feher

Annette said...

How bout a "happy bird-day" stamp for the bird set?

Crafty Julia said...

1. I really like the Sing For Joy clear art stamp set- the birdbath is just like the one we had at our home in Bozeman, MT! The birds are finely detailed, and would be great to stamp with.
2. I like the owls, don’t think you have missed the train.
3. Detailed owls- but realistic, not so whimsical. Like the owl you have as a sample- great detail work in the face and feathers!
4. Animals but not with clothes- just animals.
5. Simpler style animals are the best Like the draft sample with the dog and cat reading at the table.
6. Like your “Home Sweet Home” draft sample- but remove the lines in the eyes, won’t work well for coloring or embossing. Otherwise I like the image.
7. Like the garden idea- with the gardening shed, maybe a curved doorway trellis with roses or flowering shrubs, gardening gloves, maybe a rake and trowel along with the veggies.
8. Rather than a canning or preserving set, how about vintage style fruit crate labels or fruit advertisements (think orange groves and maidens)
9. For the Patriotic set – SL47 American Beauty- I like the lady, too- my favorite is the curved lettering 4th of July in the middle of the stamp set.
10. I vote for the detailed etchings on the vegetables rather than the animated line art as it’s much more versatile for stamping, and works well with vintage cards. I like the wheelbarrow and the carrots, super images.
11. I really like the roses paper- beautiful blooms! I also could find many uses for the paper with 16 squares of forms – great for my cards.

Crafty Julia said...

1. I really like the Sing For Joy clear art stamp set- the birdbath is just like the one we had at our home in Bozeman, MT! The birds are finely detailed, and would be great to stamp with.
2. I like the owls, don’t think you have missed the train.
3. Detailed owls- but realistic, not so whimsical. Like the owl you have as a sample- great detail work in the face and feathers!
4. Animals but not with clothes- just animals.
5. Simpler style animals are the best Like the draft sample with the dog and cat reading at the table.
6. Like your “Home Sweet Home” draft sample- but remove the lines in the eyes, won’t work well for coloring or embossing. Otherwise I like the image.
7. Like the garden idea- with the gardening shed, maybe a curved doorway trellis with roses or flowering shrubs, gardening gloves, maybe a rake and trowel along with the veggies.
8. Rather than a canning or preserving set, how about vintage style fruit crate labels or fruit advertisements (think orange groves and maidens)
9. For the Patriotic set – SL47 American Beauty- I like the lady, too- my favorite is the curved lettering 4th of July in the middle of the stamp set.
10. I vote for the detailed etchings on the vegetables rather than the animated line art as it’s much more versatile for stamping, and works well with vintage cards. I like the wheelbarrow and the carrots, super images.
11. I really like the roses paper- beautiful blooms! I also could find many uses for the paper with 16 squares of forms – great for my cards.

Dawnll said...

Let me add my two cents! lol
1.Love the birds and always find uses for them.
2.I am not very fond of the owls, but must admit I like the one you have-it is realistic looking
3.Love anything patriotic-love the girl that can hold separate items
4.I like the dressed kitten-but don't always like them if they are carton looking
5.Love the 1st Mr and Mrs Kitty- especially since I own black cats. Not so much with the 2nd set
6.i love anything fairy- they are fascinating and dream like to me
7.I like the garden fresh and the canning preserves a lot-would be fun for older recipe cards- i like both faces and not
8.I love the idea of projects on CD's
9.Love all the cd's with many images-there beautiful
10.I am excited about Cd # 3 those images are wonderful

Thanks for letting me share my opinion and hope it helps.

Elizabeth said...

1. As I think back through all my CS stamps (and I have most of them) I would say your style is my style. the format I craft in is important to me. I only use stamps as I love different techniques that aren't always possible with digis. I love using different elements from all the stamp sets, like using unusual things for the insects in "It's a Bug's Life" or the mice, to hold. This is hard to rig in a digi. I also like to emboss or stamp an image in momento ink so I can use Copics.

2. The bird stamp set is wonderful and I would be first in line to buy it. I'm basing this next comment only on the fact I've not seen any owl cards lately so I'm thinking it's a trend which has passed. I think it would sell if it was accompanied by humorous sayings. I think a parrot with funny sayings and perchable with different places you could place him might be a hit. Kind of like the telus parrot.

3. I love the American Beauty set. Surely there must be some great Canadiana images. Are there no cute beavers, loons, funny mosquito scenes, RCMP (we always get our man), red rose tea ("only in Canada you say"), Hudson's Bay trading centres, or canoes, maple syrup images, igloos, etc.

4. I prefer a more realistic but cute image, for example: I love the cat sitting at the grand piano in Cat Party. The image is very complicated and exacting but cute at the same time, or the mice in the party set. Animals in party hats are cute. I love the cat and dog in the library scene way better than the cute but simple line drawing of Mr and Mrs Cat. The cat in the flourished frame is very cute, a cat on a swing or walking with a stroller with kitties in it but a well developed line drawing rather than a simple outline.

5. A garden set with just elements that we could use to create a garden might be a neat idea. Have a lawn stamp (tufts of grass we could cover a lawn area with, a shed, different flower borders, some trees, pots, wrought iron chairs, bird bath, you get the picture. Have them all to scale so we could use what we wanted in our garden.

6. The papers are all gorgeous.

7. I have 2 other suggestions for stamp sets. I often make cards with stamps from your farm set and bug's life and wish I had large frames that could be used on the entire 1/4 fold, 1/2 fold, or a square card. I usually muddle something together by repeatedly stamping leaves around the edge but large trees that could be used as side borders with some branches that could be used to frame a scene would be great.

my other suggestion for a stamp set would be a music set. That are amazing etchings on old classical
music; lyres, harps, gregorian chant, music quotes (many by Shakespeare), images from the art deco era (think gershwin sheet music covers).

I hope I haven't rambled on too much!!! Once I got going I found it difficult to stop.

Cheers, Elizabeth

Karenladd said...

I love everything that you do, but am sad to see you phasing out the clear stamps because I don't do digi scrapping or crafting since my printer isn't very good, sigh... My favorite images are the detailed ones, and i LOVE animals with clothes on! The bird set is awesome, especially the realistic bird head image!

Sharon said...

I really, really like the bird stamp sheet. This one is a keeper!

I think you have a great 'draft' selection of designs to appeal to a wide group of stampers with different tastes and wouldn't change a thing.

I don't have one particular stamping style. Some days I like to create "clean & simple", other times I like to do shabby chic, or follow a sketch on a challenge blog. I'm definitely not into cutesy, and prefer the vintage style of stamps.

I'm not into digital papers as yet but do like your masculine designs.

I own many of your clear stamp sets, and they are well loved! LOL


Sharon said...

I forgot to add in my previous post...
PLEASE, PLEASE do not phase out the clear stamps.
Digis cannot be used for technique stamping!!!

Beth said...


I really like the bird samples and the Americana. I like the more complex animal pictures and don't like the simpler styles much. I LOVE fairies and anything related. I'm a big fan of actual stamps, although I do see how the digital stuff might be interesting. I'd like to see more fairy tail themes such as sleeping beauty or maybe knights and princesses.

Christine said...

I love the new bird set. That will definitely be added to my stash!

I never did get on the owl train so I'm not a person to trust with this question.

Love the patriotic set but don't usually buy holiday stamps except Christmas.

I like some of the animal and garden images that look like old embroidery. I love your old garden set and would like to see something along that line.

Plus, I'm always up for more vintagey fairies. They are my favorite!!!

Can't wait for the next CD!!!

Elizabeth said...

After reading the other comments I would like to add, I also love fairies like the other bloggers.

Sheri said...

Wow, where to start--
-Love the birds, especially the upper right ones, though rarely use them.
-I like to look at the patriotic stamps but I don't make those cards. I like the images you chose. very versatile if I were to change. :)
-I was just on Pinterest looking for owl stuff, lots of companies have them. I'm drawn to cutesy ones.
-Like the dressed animals, not sure on the ones shown.
-I don't really do anything with fairies.
-I love the vintage serious veggies, but definitely a use for the cutesy ones too.
-Excited for CD #3, tho I don't even have #2. I wouldn't use all the big images, too busy for me. Would love to see more small images, I use a lot of the repeating pattern ones from #1 a lot. The polka dots, stripes. Love I can keep printing.
-I'd love more antique kitchen
-Like the idea of a CD for men.

We all have our opinions. Hope mine helps.

Embley Veronica said...

My favorite themes (as I've probably mentioned before to an annoying degree :)) are animal ones, especially cats, dogs, and rodents, but wildlife is pretty great, too! It would be great to have an extensive set of raven images since they're very interesting birds who have been portrayed in so many different ways in literature and art.

I love the elaborate animals in period clothing, but it would also be great to have one cd of the simpler ones for embroidering.

Any chance there will be downloadable digital stamps, too? I love the instant gratification of digital stamps that are sold individually or in very small sets.

I'm excited about the preview images for the Creating w/ Digital Fonts 3 cd, especially the stationery-like pages, and the pages that can be cut out into squares for mini projects.

Another thing I'd love to find is an entre cd of images and papers especially for creating ATC's. If you still plan to do clear stamps, it would be really neat to have a whole set of images and patterns for stamping on ribbon, twill, and the like.

Thanks for being open to so many cool ideas!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what is coming up next!

Embley Veronica said...

Oh! And I forgot to mention, I'd love to see some animals such as chickens (especially some of the more unusual types), rabbits, sheep, baby cows, and songbirds.

I would also love to see lots of appliance stamps! Both retro ones (antique toasters, for example--like the kind that open on the sides) and contemporary ones. Cute ones with faces, as well as ones that are very elaborate. I love everyday objects done like that. Office supplies, kitchen items (blenders, toaster ovens, dishwashers, etc.), and household machines (tv's, vacuums, etc.)

Greyhounds would be a fantastic set, as well as staffordshire and bull terriers, rat terriers and other old-fashioned dog breeds would be cool.

I'm personally not into Americana at all, but that's just me. Bored with owls, but I know others like them a lot. I don't like most images of kids either.

Okay, I'll stop now.

yvette said...

I love the barber shop and typography, and the french labels, but then everything is so beautiful.

rush said...

love the birds. never was an owl fan. never have used patriotic stamps. animals in clothing? not sure. mr. and mrs. kitty - one is a dog. the other mr. and mrs. kitty - i avoid coloring images. forest fairy - i don't care for it. i don't like fruit and vegetables with faces; however, i do like botanical images. love the background papers, especially the flowers. barber shop- not so much. love the french label stickers. all in all, i can see anyone using all of these images. you have quite an audience.

JaniceAileen said...

Oh, that birdie set is divine! LOVE the bird on the spindly branch! I would totally buy an Owl set from you! Love them still. Not a big fan of the dressed up animals you showed but LOVED the fairy ones and the all CD typography images. YES, for the veggies! The americana set is great although I don't think I would personally use it.
Overall, I love your acrylic sets so I do hope you find someone to create them for us! :)

busymartha said...

The birds are adorable, I don't see anyone that tires of these. I love your owl sample, I am not usually a big fan of these, but that one is a keeper. Everyone I know is into owls! I personally don't like cat stamps, but they are sweet. Not into the vegies and fruit. I love digital stamps, but prefer my words to be clear stamps, that way you can see where you are placing them on a project. I would like to see a clear sheet of everyday salutations such as Get Well Soon, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, etc. in small but ornate typography. I have dozens of your stamp sets so you are doing something right! Hope you are coming to Victoria for the craft show this spring. And PS, Brown's Social Club is my favourite place to wine and dine, thanks to Scot's recommendation! Take care, Marilyn

busymartha said...

I forgot to comment on the papers, they are stunning, I especially like the school related themes! I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments regarding your post.

Anonymous said...

Please do not phase out your clear stamps. I have purchased many of your sets in the past. My printer will not handle cardstock, nor does it's ink work with copics.

I like both your detailed and simple style. I just love the clothed dog and cat in the library! I know several of my friends who love your vintage style of clear stamps.

BethW said...

I love the birds and personally I can never have enough owls.And for me-it's the detailed dressed animals.The Wind n the Willows was my first favorite book and they are reminiscent of the illustrations in the book.So not a fairy person but I know lots of people are and yours are adorable.I love the idea of canning labels-fits right in my style.
Of late I have really wanted papers and stamps with the tall sailing ships-if you could put some of those images on the CD I'd be thrilled.

Celeste Goff said...

I love the bird stamp set. Gorgeous.I am not fond of the owl. His eyes were a little too human-like, which gave him a creepy air. Love the American Beauty stamp set...you hit the nail on the head with that one!

Barbara's Appalachian Treasures said...

So many new ideas and stamps. I am so glad to see the 4th of July stamp I am always looking for a July 4th stamp and I love this one, the remake is great. I am a knitter so the cats knitting is exciting, I wandered if you have plans to do more knitting themed stamps, sheep knitting would be wonderful. I am alwys looking for knitting or sheep themed stamps. I love the owls since I am fascintated with owls, and the animals with lots of details are adorable. I would like to see more male themed stamps with golf or fly fishing themes or basketball, since I have that in my family for male interests or baseball nostalgia. I like male themed sports using nostalgia for golf and fishing and sports. I hope that makes sense, probably too many suggestions. I love crafty secrets stamps and your vintage look with attention to details. Thanks for asking and keep up the good work, can't wait for some of these new stamp sets.

Heather M said...

The veggies are fantastic - the whimsical are my favorite, but those carrots are equally cool. Would love to see vintage valentines, vintage lingerie with snappy sentiments,more 50's retro household/women - you guys are great! I discovered one of your postcard kits and have been hooked ever since!

Pat Moore said...

I'm primarily a scene stamper. I like images that can be used for scenes. Realistic is better - nothing too cute. The bird sheet is quite nice although I don't care for the single head. The fairy sheet is good. A moderate amount of detail in a design is great to color, but not extreme detail and not too simple. Vintage people in an activity are always wonderful. I like the patriotic, but I prefer Uncle Sam to the chicken. I don't care for the fruit with the faces, but the wheelbarrow is excellent. The Vintage papers are wonderful. I have no preference about digi's or stamps etc. Everyone has their own personal preferences. This is just my opinion. cto

Maryellen Webber said...

I really liked the Sing for Joy set, but didn't care for the bird's head image. I love the draft
sample of the owl, that is really cute. The final draft of American Beauty is great, love those images. I like the dressed up cat image, because I just love cats! I didn't care for the dog and cat reading together. The whimsical fruit images are cute also. The new pages from CD#3 are wonderful, just the type of papers I would use from my vintage family photos. Hope my feedback is helpful to you. I enjoy your blog and the creative projects your designer share with us!

Brenda Evans said...

I love the bird set - it's great. And I LOVE the owl - I like that it's bigger or at least looks bigger and all alone to fit into any scene. American Beauty is my fav - I love all the images in that one. Glad you changed from the draft. I like the cat in the chair - not crazy about the cartoonish ones but that's just my taste - not everyone's. Forest Fairy set is wonderful - I would like some separate pixis not inside a circle. Ones that you can stamp onto or digi onto mostly anything such as a tree stump etc. Everything is so beautiful. I can't wait for the digis - I'm so excited about that.

Brenda Evans said...

Eeeks, I forgot to comment on the veggies. I love love love the root veggies with the old wheelbarrow but not the cutesy ones. I also adore the new CD images - those are great . Nice to see some male things. Have I said at least 100 times before how much I can't wait for the digis?

Care Kester said...

I'm sure it keeps you busy just trying to please everyone! And after reading the posts, the birds are the winner of the group! And like so many others, I adore the dog and cat reading. I would love to see a set with Mr Full Moon someday. You do awesome work! Thanks for your enthusiasm.....Moonglo Hugs, Care

Anonymous said...

I loved the birds and would not change anything. Owls are always "in" with me and the one shown was too cute not to own. The American Beauty stamps will be great for the summer time. I love the digital designs, but would not really use them as I do not do digital. As a paper line, they would be awesome.

Candy Spiegel said...

I love the birds -- when can I buy them?

While I think the owl is adorable, owls aren't my thing, so I personally, wouldn't buy a set of them.

I also love the Americana set. It's beautiful, diverse and has so many options.

I like the first cat, but the cutesy ones are too cutesy.

Although I normally wouldn't go for simple like the fruit, they are great and I can see myself buying them. But, the fruit are nice, too.

Tarnished Rose mentioned coloring. I agree. If you can simplify some of the lines while keeping the traditional "Heartwarming" style, that would be great.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Wow! There is so much to chat about.
I like everything about the Sing for Joy set except the large bird head. And I think owls are still popular esp. whimsical ones. Love the American Beauty collection. As for animals, I really like the example of the dog and cat reading. I work with books so this would be a favorite. And would love the old antique book with pixies too. I like gardening but not fruits/veggies with faces. Love the CDs and the new one to come looks fabulous. And I like the papers for the Men's Theme CD!

I use the CD's mainly for the digi papers. I am still learning how to layer my projects on a computer so clear stamps are still my favorite way to create.

Quilts by Grammy said...

I love the birds, the owl, the fairy houses you mentioned plus the one shown.
Also love the paper images!
Love vintage valentines but don't care for cat images, I'm a dog lover!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Chrissy said...

Lots of great ideas here. I love vintage kitty images, and prefer them more simple, less Victorian. Vegetables with faces are always a hit with me. Not sure how long the owl trend will last, but I still like them. Am glad to see mushrooms have made a comeback too!

LRig said...

I love, love the patriotic stamps. I would also love to see vintage military if you are taking suggestions. Especially if it is military children.
I also love the typography digitals. Makes me very tempted to try going the digital route.

Unknown said...

OH my goodness!! I luv the new CD! Lol! You are asking for favorites?! I am a die hard CS fanatic! I absolutely luv the idea of putting your designs on a cd but what about your past designs? I really like the way you started putting gorgeous collages on the backs of the cut out sheets. I luv anything to do with kitchens, vegetable gardens, and I like the idea of themed sets. Oh! And I just luv the children sets that you did. Thanks so much for asking. If you stay on the track you have always been on there will be no worries. Just don't try to fix or make better something that is already working.
Best of wishes!
Julie L. "The Scraps of My Life by Julie"

Personally Created (Michele) said...

I can't wait for the Typography cd! I'm a font addict! American Beauty is great. I don't like to do a lot of coloring (believe it or not, I do not own any copics! Gasp!) so I really like the more detailed stamps, but I still find ways to use the line drawings, too. I never got into owls (even in the 70's or 80's) but I know some folks still use them a lot. I'm very eager to see the men's cd. I haven't done a whole lot with the digis yet, but I'm learning....
Thanks for all the great ideas!

rose said...

owl wonderful everything is, just adore the birds and oh no it is not to late for owls at all
love everything you do

Evette K. said...

Received my CD's that I won, ty so much. They are terrific. I thought I had also won a gift certicate with that as well? Am I wrong? If so I am so sorry. Just thought I would check. Thanks again. ekciampo@yahoo.com

Evette K. said...

Your new stamps are GREAT GREAT GREAT, change nothing. I like that cute little owls face alot. Simple is my middle name and I believe you have achieved that. Can not wait till they come out. ekc

Anonymous said...

I have collected birds and owls way before they were popular, so always a favorite for me. I do prefer the more detailed images,although more details means more coloring. There is a place for the simple ones, so it is nice to have them sprinkled in your collections. I love your typography and like the way you added some fresh takes on the patriotic sheet.


Amanda M said...

I love the Americana stamps. I can't wait to get my hands on them, but I do have to say I sure do wish Uncle Sam made the cut. I love that image being an Army Veteran. Maybe he could be a small single stamp....please!!!! He would make the perfect fourth of July cards.

Linda Carson said...

My favorites are the Sing for Joy birdies and 4th of July!! I'll always be a clear stamp person but digital works also. I really love the men's papers! Excellent!

Annan said...

Love the little birds set except for the large bird head. Not sure what I would use that for.. I like the more ornate animal pictures only because they ooze sophistication. The veggies are cute but I am not quite sure what to use them for. Maybe if they had suitable phrases to go with them that would help me visualize it better. You have done a wonderful job on everything and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

Rhonda Z said...

I like all of the sets and I wouldn't change anything. I'm not a fan of the animals in clothes, but that is just a personal preference. I am not "into" the owls but a lot of people are and don't think you are too late. I love your acrylic stamps but I will probably not use the digital versions. I also love the scraps. I love Crafty Secrets!

missmacymay said...

I think your niche is homespun cute, not simple. I agree some intricate images are hard to color but if the image is darn cute who cares. Branch out because I think the trend is to do computer manipulation of images, it is a whole new candy store for us, just takes a little work and know how to get fantastic results.

Loretta B said...

I love all the cats and I like both styles. But my favorites would have to be the Forest Fairies. I'm so glad you're coming out with new products!

Indy's Designs said...

First, I love clear stamps. The birds are really amazing. I like the second draft of the American Beauty. Your improvements were great. I like animals with clothes on. I'm not really big on lots of details. I prefer a bit simpler designs. I'm not a big fairy fan, so I'm not sure about the Forest Fairy set. I prefer a more whimsical look for my fruit. Love your stamps and am excited you will still be producing more clear ones!

Thanh Vo said...

Hi Sandy, the bird set is gorgeous! I am still a fan of owls; vintage, cutesy, any way! lol So you haven't missed the boat on that one.

I will always prefer the clear stamps over the digital because I like getting my hands into things so that's where I stand with that. I can definitely see the appeal to both types of media though.

I'm a little confused about the business and the direction you want to take... maybe I'll email you instead! Yes and we can chat. lol

Kelly Reuter said...

The Sing for Joy set is wonderful...you can never have too many birds! I'm very excited about a Forest Fairy set and love the intricate design of the two fairies. I really like sillouette stamps, and also prefer the detailed vintage designs over the simpler ones. Thanks for the beautiful email newsletters!
Kelly Reuter

Stampin2day said...

I'm so so happy to hear that you are going to continue to produce clear stamps..at least for awhile! I hope in time you'll decide that you will always produce them.
I'm a huge fan of your clear stamps!!! I own most of your sets! I wrote you on the day you announced your going CD to tell you how sad I was to hear it as..I'm not a digi stamp or cd..fan..
Nope..I want ink! Sometimes I do not use the whole stamp, sometimes I ink it up and just place a part. I like putting a stamp where I want on paper, on scrapbook pages, layering stamps, all in all I like the art of actual Stamping :o)..
And did I mention that I'm a huge fan of your clear stamps?? So please, listen to your customers and give us what we crave :o).
That being said..here are the answers to your questions.
Love Love Love the birds!!! Not to hot on the owls...or the American Beauty.
Love the forest fairy. I have one of your fairy sets and it is one of my fav!
Garden Fresh - detailed etchings please :o)
My favorite set of all time, your hardware set! Yep it is my most used of all and several people have asked what stamp I used when I've posted atc's and tags on the forumn...Would love to see more along the lines of hardware. Awesome set!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh, Sandy! So much to love here! I adore the new bird stamps...can't get enough of them both in stamps and in cardstock images...they never go out of style. I would love to see more owls...I adore them! And the Forest Fairy set is darling...I'd love to see more silhouette stamps/digital images...so popular and really classic! Can't wait for the vintage typography CD..would you put some of the vintage alpha sets into it? I have all of them, and just love them. You are amazing!!!!!

scrappyfrannine said...

Goodness, how can i choose which one i like..when...i like them all. I do so love clear stamps with vintage children images, i guess that would be my favorite. However, I love everything you have shown in the draft mode. I can hardly wait till they are available. Thank you.

Rene said...

First, I want to say THANK YOU for asking for our thoughts. I deeply appreciate it.

The birds are adorable and I love the set. I would not change a thing! I have always liked owls and would love a Crafty Secrets owl set because it would be different than the other ones out there.

I am thrilled that you are still designing new sets. I LOVE the "dressed" animals you pictured (the cat, and the dog and cat in library). Honestly, I'm not crazy about the cutesy stuff like Mr. and Mrs. Kitty. IMO those look better on dish towels than paper projects.

I like the idea of fruit with sayings. These could be paired with your kitchen-themed items. I'm not crazy about fairies, but I know lots of people are.

Some other ideas:
*I like the idea of retro Valentines as suggested by Becky Green above.
* More general sentiments are always needed and appreciated. You could do an entire set with just thank you/gratitude sentiments.
* A music or musical set with instruments, notes, etc. There's little available in the stamp world for that.

HeatherD said...

I like the detailed dog and cat in the library. Speaking of which, a library theme would be good. I still like owls, and love the owl you had pictured. Also naturalistic is good. Gardening theme would be great as well as canning labels, etc. Loved everthing, really.

SHartl said...

Oh, I am so glad you're going to keep making regular stamps for awhile because I don't do any digi stamping or scrapping. I love to get my hands into INK!!!
As for my favorite stamp images, I like a combination of detailed etchings and fairly simple images. Not coloring book simple, but something that I can color and shade. I love quirky and cute animals doing "people" things, and all manner of vintage! I also love it when you pair images with sentiments!

Christina Carnoy said...

I really love the look of the things that will be on that vintage CD.

debbiek said...

I LOVE the bird stamps and like the more detailed vintage items. Mr. & Mrs. Kitty are adorable!
- Debbie Kaste
d kaste at wi dot rr dot com

Kathy W said...

Love the animals in the library. I like the detailed images; I don't color them and stamp them as part of layers. I like the clear art stamps.

Marlene (cards4u) said...

It's great to get a sneak peak at what's to come! Love the new CD!!! The bird set is cute - how about some little water splashes to go with the bird bath? I enjoy the owls perhaps that is because it the mascot for our youngest's school : ) Definitely could see possibilities for teacher's gifts etc. Which leads to me to think how about a set dealing with a school theme? I'm definitely a fan of the detailed images and the etchings. The dressed animals are fun but not sure if I would buy I guess it would depend on what they depict, size etc. Thanks for letting us share our thoughts! Hope you have a great day!

-Susan- said...

First let me say how much I love your clear stamp sets. I grew up on my mother's books - art work from the 1930's so when I discovered your stamps, they took me back to my child hood. I adore the bird set! Hope things fall into place that you can find another company to purchase your clear stamps. Nothing like them on the market!

-Susan- said...

First let me say how much I love your clear stamp sets. I grew up on my mother's books - art work from the 1930's so when I discovered your stamps, they took me back to my child hood. I adore the bird set! Hope things fall into place that you can find another company to purchase your clear stamps. Nothing like them on the market!

Pat K said...

Your samples are great,such a variety of choices.Keep it going!

Bonnie said...

I love anything that has to do with birds and I love your sweet bird designs. The new bird and owl stamps are awesome!
Choosing among clear stamps, digital stamps and scraps is a difficult decision. I love them all, but use the stamps less than the digital and scraps.

Pambi7 said...

There are too many things to pick only a few. Truth be told there is not much you produce that I do not love. However, the dressed cat is adorable! The project I am working on, helps me decide if I want simple or detailed. It is good to have a choice.

Thank you for asking for our feedback and the giveaway. You ar always so generous.

Anonymous said...

I love the birds not sure about the owls. Love everything else accept the kittens. Love the typography alot and I'm sure I will buy the cd. I love the paper and the mix of everything but I still like clear stamps too :-)

GAZ said...

Your samples are wonderful. I like the variety you have and would love to use some of them. Thanks for sharing. GlendaJ

ibazell@shaw.ca said...

Love the birds, love the kitty in the chair...love the owl!

Kat said...

I love the birds and I really like the owl. Will he be sold alone? I like barn owls and this one look like it is a barn owl. So many are the owls with horns.

Carol T said...

I don't really care for any of the new stamp designs. I like the old stamp designs better. I agree with another comment when it comes to digital stamps; I don't care to print them out, color them and cut them to fit my card. I would rather hold the stamps I paid for in my hands to be able to use them when I want. How can you hang onto digital stamps if your computer is full or bombs! No thanks.

Nancy S said...

Love the new Bird and Owl images. Have many of your sets,please keep making them!

batgirl said...

Everything works better with a bird on it! Great images love all. And would use everything! Happy New Year!

Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic said...

I like the Sing for Joy and American Beauty sets the best. I tend to like the more realistic and detailed stamps the best. I don't really like the cute styles as well.

I like technology and use computers a lot, but haven't used many digital stamps in my cards. I am contemplating buying one of your CDs to see if I would use it. I do like the samples you showed from CD 3. I also would like to learn to use photoshop elements more effectively and explore the best papers to use to print images.

Sonya Badgley said...

The birds are my favorite! But I really like them all. I'm not into owls but your sample is very cute. The first kitten with all the details I think would be too much for a stamp but it sure is a cute image. I really like the ones reading. Very adorable. I can't wait for CD #3 to come out. I own 1and 2 and use them a lot. The guy ones are great.
I would also love to see more vintage children. Thank you for all your hard work.
I visit Julie Campbell's blog often and her creations are amazing along with her family history. Wonderful.


Cheryl said...

Oh my - I don't know what to pick! I love all of them!

Marcy said...

Birds are Beautiful...in any form!!

I have my living room decorated with birds/birdcages/bird pictures, etc.
A saying on one of the throw pillows on my sofa says, " A bird does not sing because he has an answer, but because he has a SONG"

I love anything Vintage and own several of your stamp sets...your ideas inspire me...thank you !!

Cindy Miller (Moonstamper FSJ) said...

I am so glad to hear that you will still have clear stamps!!!! You are one of my favorites to purchase from. I love the owl and wish you would have more friends to go with him. I love the carrots and cart, the shading makes it so easy to shade.
Thanks for all you do!

Cindy Silberblatt said...

I especially like the two patriotic stamp sets.

Sophie LaFontaine said...

Hi Sandy!
About Sing For Joy, how about including the phrase “it’s your Bird-day”?
I like owls; only if you do make an owl set, I’d love to have at least a graduation cap in there somewhere.
About SL47 American Beauty, I don’t like the flags – could you somehow separate the star parts from the stripes, so when stamping, we can stamp the star part in blue, and the stripes in red? Or just make it an outline form, so we can colour in the blue and red ourselves. Otherwise if we just stamp it as is, the blue part AND the red stripes would just come out black. Same with the lady’s cloak and hat’s band – I would be puzzling about how to stamp this image while making sure the cloak and hat’s band could be coloured blue (instead of black).
I love the dressed animals, and I love the reading animals. The simpler styles are just okay.
For the mushroom house I’d prefer for the bottom part be clear, so that we can colour it more easily.
I guess I like both detailed etchings and also whimsical artwork, but I don’t care for the faces on the fruit (makes me feel like a cannibal).
My absolute favourite theme is clear stamps, by a long shot. I don’t like sitting at the computer to create (I don’t have any digis or project CDs), and it hurts me to cut into beautiful patterned paper. By contrast, I absolutely adore clear stamps. I will say that your CD papers are absolutely gorgeous!
I SO hope you will be able to find a company to license your designs and continue to manufacture clear stamps!!!

Sophie LaFontaine said...

Lest I sounded too negative in my previous comment (not liking this and not liking that), let me clarify that Crafty Secrets is one of my all-time favourite companies, and that I LOVE anything that I did not mention in my first comment. I love the rest of the American Beauty set, the birds, the owl, the dog and cat reading, and the Victorian cat.

Cammie said...

1. I like the birds images except for the single head.
2. I'm not into owls, but I do know it's a theme many people still love.
3. I love the final draft of Anerican Beauty.
4. While I like both the detailed animal images and the the simple line drawings (which remind me of some of my vintage dishtowels),I think most would prefer more detailed images for coloring. I love the both of the detailed images you've shown. Also I would like to see the animal stamps to be larger like the fairies in Born to Fly.
5.Speaking of Fairies, I cannot resist Crafty Secrets fairy images.
Including some silhouettes would be great, since silhouettes seem to be a hot trend now.
6. The line fruit drawings make me smile,again reminding of sweet vintage dishtowels.
7. I would love to see vintage Valentine's stamps.
8. I enjoy printing the digital papers. One goal for this year is to learn to use more of the digital images for crafting, but I prefer clear stamps to digital stamps, so I am glad to hear the production will continue.

Finally, Sandy, thank you so much for the comment you left on my Halloween banner on SCS. I would be honored to have it included in your online gallery. You made my week quite special.

Gwenn said...

I LOVE:the birds on the top branch singing. Owls are definitely still cool. Good decision on the revised American Beauty set. I LOVE the dressed kitty and most likely frogs as well, so dressed animals are a "go". PLEASE make the detailed design of the dog and the cat in the library available. I'm not so big on the cutesy Mr. and Mrs. Kitty. I also LOVE the pixies and elves idea. I like the silhouettes. I LOVE your Clear Stamps and Color Scraps. My favorite are the retro 30's style, the bugs, cats, and Kewpies. I'm more of a stamper. As for the digital projects on CD, I'm a newbie. Happy to hear that you're reviewing printers. My concern, particularly with background papers, is the cost of ink. Any good deals out there? Also liked the suggestion from Sue on Steampunk. Very big with my kids at the library.

Barbara's Appalachian Treasures said...

I have added some more suggestions since we are sharing ideas. I love the sing for joy stamp as well. The birds sitting on the branch singing is oh so cute. I also hope you will consider the knitting themed stamps, knitting sheep or sheep goats bunnies wool with your attention to detail would be cute. The 4th of July beauty stamp is great, and I will definitely get this one have been looking for that special July 4th stamp and this is it. The fairy stamp if spot on love the little house. I love all the crafty secrets stamps more garden stamps would be appreciated. I am not to sure about the one listed I don't use too many garden veggie ideas but would use garden furniture with gates and benches flower bundles or herb bundles. Anyway keep those stamps coming I use yours almost exclusively. I also like vintage bicycles leaning on fences or at the beach, 1930-1950. So thank you for all of your hard work. Barbara.

Marianne said...

Love the Sing for Joy set, but it would be nice to have a stamp that is just a branch with a few leaves on it. The two birds above the bird bath could be stamped onto the branch, or you could use a branch stamp to add to the branches already on other stamps. I have looked at this set many many times and am looking forward to the final draft !!


Melanie Ann MacKenzie said...

I think that pretty much ALL your stamp sets are wonderful. I just wish I could get them all! Alas, I have to pick and choose my absolute favourites. The new designs remind me of old needlework towels for the kitchen. Too cute. Cheers, Melanie MacKenzie

scrappydo1959 said...

Luv luv your new items....crazy about the birds especially the ones on the branch....can't wait to order the cd, I love vintage. Keep up the great work in providing quality and affordable items...I use them in every scrapbook/tag I make.


Lily Gonzalez

Susan said...

Your clear stamps are so wonderful... I wish I had the money to buy them all. Although I love digital stamps, I love to have a stamp in my hand and physically stamp with ink.

jennifer said...

great samples, wouldn't change a thing!

Nancy said...

I would have to say the bird stamps would be my choice out of your samples. I am more into your vintage children and fonts. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

Jean said...

cute, cute stuff and I want it all.

Becky Jo said...

Love the patriotic stamps and all the papers! Thanks for a chance to win! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

the CD us wonderful! I love stamps for Christmas sentiments and fairies and tiny creatures that I can add to something without it being the center of attention - like a little surprise and you have so many cute little images with your stamps! Mary Werner

Unknown said...

Hi There,

Your stamps are wonderful. I love the birds anything birds cats I can pass on. Fruit also pass. I would love digi stamps especially vintage victorian children. Inspiring quotes, snips from poems would be nice to see!
Definitely keep the owls and make more owls!

rebecca said...

Just wonderful examples, stamps and ideas. I love the Americana stamps. Red, white and blue are my colors-my bathroom is in these colors with accents of any kind of star Ican find! Thanks for all the great ideas.

Nancy said...

I love the little bird under the word Joy on the Sing for Joy set. I just love vintage. I like the more detailed designs like Mr. & Mrs. Kitty. I would like to see more items with dogs, cats, and babies. Your designs are great.

Paula Clare said...

OH HOW I LOVE Crafty Secrets! Your stamps and papers are always SO unique! I just LOVE the stamps that look like vintage embroidery patterns...the two kittens, the fresh fruit...I have visions of stamping on tea towels and using fabric paint to enhance! WOOT! I LOVE the vintage birdies and owls are always en vogue...I am partial to vintage children (Maybe vintage nursery rhymes or children's book looking designs?) (the Dolly Dingle stamps are SO adorable!) I love vintage puppies and kittens too...the cat and dog in the library are TOO CUTE!

I LOVE how your stamps, images and papers give a "high end" look to a dollar store album! Truly CS looks like the very expensive scrapbooking stamps and papers...but your prices are always so reasonable...I love that too!

Primitive Seasons said...

I LOVE the new sets and please don't go out of business. I am a big fan of your stamp sets. They are unique in the field of stamping! Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

LOVE you new samples -- especially the American Beauty stamps and the CD images. So glad you are sticking with the clear stamps, too! I would love to see some antique car (especially Model Ts) stamps.
Jan B.

Grace said...

Oh goodness I am thrilled with all your sneak peeks!! I love birds so my favorite is Sing for Joy! Love the two stamps with several birds lined up the most!!! You new cd will be awesome too but I love stamping on papers so stamps always win my heart!!!

Taryn Cornelius said...

I love the Americana stamp set, would definately purchase that. I would also love to see the canning labels. I have never been a fan of owls but I know that some people love them, elephants are always popular, I love the birds and I enjoy the simpler styles like Mr. & Mrs. Kitty. I havent purchased the digital things yet, have to get into that. I love your company, keep up the great work!

Jackie said...

I want all you have in your store, I love it all. Jackie

GeminiGirl said...

Love the Sing for Joy and the owl, I don't know if owls are still popular but I love it! Also love the Forest Fairy and Garden Fresh sets. Since I can fruits and veggies in the summer, I would LOVE to see a canning and preserving set. Great idea! Also love any vintage looking holiday (all holidays) sets. Thanks!


Heidi said...

There isn't anything that I don't like! It's all great. Digi is awesome, but I still like to get out the stamps and ink pads and get my fingers dirty...sometimes, ya just gotta!

Carolyn said...

I love all the dog and cat samples. Love animals in clothes. The simple line drawings look like vintage embroidery, I agree about the eyes, some can look crazy! I like it though.


rls said...

thanks goodness I wasn't the only one who didn't want you to stop with the clear stamps. So glad your continuing with your products. I love the Sing for Joy. keep up the good work.


Bev said...

You always post the most amazing product and samples! Thanks for the giveaway! You rock!

Patty M. said...

My favorite is the owls, and birds, but all are wonderful!

Emsworth Girl said...

i really like the joyful birds awesome. Perhaps include a few owls in this set. Garden fresh veg are great. The detail animals are complex nice to be able to break up to use in different cards.
The vintage papers are great agree get some moustaches seem to be "in".
Perhaps get some medallions or old ribbon stamps seem to IN vogue right now.

Cheryl said...

I love the first 2 detailed kittys, but not so much the bottom simple one. The fairy set is very nice also. Thanks for the give-away!

Sasha said...

I love anything and everything vintage and own many of your products which I tend to keep, (and stroke), as they are too beautiful to use on cards to give away.
So Please keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing more CD's... I love those!!

Beth Novak said...

great samples would change a one, love the bird set of stamps.

Nettie said...

I think all of your samples are just the very best! My preferances are for the more "vintage" looking ones. In particular, I love the birdie sets and birdhouses are darling. The dressed up cats are also super cute also.
I am a teacher, so vintage children are always the "apple of my eye".
Nettie nettiecrain@live.com

Susan Parnell said...

Wow! First I must take this opportunity to say, THANK YOU! Thank you for listening to your customers & thank you for the samples, I love everything you come out with, & thank you for sharing & spreading creativity! I can't wait to see what other printers you post about.

SuZeQ said...

Love Love Love it all. Thanks again for more wonderful products!

Jackie said...

All my favorite elements include vintage items. Keep them coming! The bird stamps are terrific. I also especially like the Mr and Mrs Kitty with all those books. My creative wheels are spinning. You never cease to inspire and I enjoy all the temptations you put before me. Thank you for being here and don't stop having the clear stamps.

Anonymous said...

As a cardmaker, I love all sorts of nature images, especially birds. The new bird set looks great. The owl is cute too, and no you're not too late.

Joan Oquist

Anonymous said...

So glad you are keeping the clear art stamps, not all of us are into digital stamping, I for one have so many stamps I want to use them. They make it so much more personal!
Love all your stamps!!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate all the wonderful artwork. My favs are the birds(would like to see more Robins), the detailed vegetables/wheelbarrow - agree with Crafty Julia's #7 with regard to adding more garden elements, and the Barber Shop line.


Marci M said...

I love the birds, they're very cute. The owl is fantastic and no your not too late, owls are still in and this one is great. I also love the fairy ones.

scrappydarling said...

I absolutely LOVE the birds and that little round"ish" owl is adorable!! I really enjoy your images. Keep up the great work!

thestampangel said...

I love your new designs! Especially the birds. Also thanks for the info on the 12x12 printer. It can be sao confusing trying to pick one that does everything you want it to. I have never used the digital stamps as my printer doesn't do well with the heaver cardstock that I like to use for stamping and coloring. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!


www.creativepointe.blogspot.com said...

I love all your sets but especially the birds and the American Beauty set. So glad you are continuing some of the clear stamps...yours are one of my favorite brands as the quality is superior!

Sharon said...

What wonderful drafts you have left. would love to win. So enjoy looking at your sites

Desert Rose Stamper said...

First thank you for opportunity to comment on your products. I do love all your clear stamps -- am slowly getting more to my collection. As to the ones you are proposing I would consider purchasing most of those clear stamps with the exception of the veggies with the faces. I love the carrots -- more veggies along those lines would be great. The Mr. & Mrs. Cat is not one of my favorite -- I prefer more natural looks with a little bit of whimsy. Digital I used but mostly smaller items, the papers I haven't used. I mainly do tags and cards so the papers may not be for me. Thanks again for this opportunity.

Barb said...

I love everything about Crafty Secrets. I could have 200 emails in my box and I will open yours first. I'm a stay at home mom so
my collection of your products is
pretty low but I'm trying to purchase more all the time. I'm only dreaming when I think I could win but I'll give it another try.
What talent the good Lord has blessed you all with. Barb

Julie Strohman said...

Beautiful items and such great work always!!!

JulieMc said...

I love everything you have, but if I had a wish granted.... I'd adore the clothed animals. I enjoy making gifts for my fellow antique loving friends with images similar to those we see on our antique/junque escapades. Thanks for all you do!

Barbara said...

Wow, what a treasure trove of great images. My favourite would have to be the birds and I do love the single head. The expression on his head is priceless and I have no other stamp even remotely resembling this. Close second to the bird set would be both the owls and the cats. If push came to shove I prefer the more detailed images. I don't think I'd go for the super cutesy stuff although it's hard for CS to go wrong! Stamps would be my preferences followed by printed images. Hope the feedback helps and good luck in your digital venture.

Rebecca Sue said...

I LOVE the kitty and fairy stamps!

Stephanie George said...

I love them all!!! I love the detailed ones with the sweet vintage children's illustrations. The carrots-oh yeah!!! I love them all and I love getting your emails daily-always inspiring. I commit to support y'all!!!! You've got the whole package!

Dottie said...

Though all the stamps sheets are really nice, my eye is attracted to the kitty cat one and the two cats at the table. I love the barber sheets as they are a good base for male cards. I also with Tarnished Rose don't know how to use digital stamps. The process seems confusing to me; I guess I just want to pick up a stamp, stamp it and i'm done. Too much fuss on some things makes me give up, walk away from working, chuck the idea and move on. Any help or link to a tutorial would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

Sara Contevita said...

I still love all things owl! They are still big with many people that I know! Thanks for adding new and old ones to the selection! Wheee!

Deb Neerman said...

WoW, these samples are fabulous! I love 'em all but "American Beauty" is my favorite. And I really need a patriotic set so I'll definitely be buying this one!

Glad you're continuing to sell your clear stamps ... they're really wonderul!

JoAnne Micon said...

they are all awesome..my favorite are the kitty stamps......I would love to win one..should I be so lucky

Anonymous said...

I really like most all of your products. Living on a fixed income does seem to control my spending, but I do buy product when I can. I have a few of your clear stamps and some chipboard frames, etc. Keep up the good work!

joy said...

Oh, my I love the detailing in the owl and can't wait to see it in a stamp! The Mr & Mrs. Kitty reading is my favorite!

nan cee said...

Out of the samples you let us see, I love the pears (happy fruit), the dressed kitty sitting on the ledge, the single owl, and of course the birds. They are all very nice but these are the ones I am likely to buy. And yes, keep the stamps coming. Sometimes I want a stamp in a color other than black. I stamp a lot in brown or green and haven't been able to figure out how to change the digi stamps from black. Thank you for showing us the sneak peaks!

Kim P said...

I think the bird set is nice and really like the americana. It is hard to find good patriotic stamps.
I like the more realistic animals and vegetables. The simplistic ones remind me of dishtowels I have embroidered through the years. I haven't worked with digital much yet, guess I'm old fashioned ( or too lazy to learn!) Thanks for letting us see these and share coments about them.

Sue Weiss said...

I am new to stamping but love your vintage sheets.
Your samples are great. I especially love those carrots, the simple line drawing ones, and the wheelbarrow.
I would like to see stamp frames that look like ornate seed packets and a variety of individual garden veggies. I'm thinking for stamping out row markers in the garden.
The men's barbershop papers are wonderful; a nice set of vintage stamps to go with them would be great....a barber's chair, barbershop pole, etc.
When I was thinking of what to write the vision of a feather duster popped into my head. A nice handle and detailed feathers.
I am a retired postal worker and would also enjoy some vintage postage stamps and mailmen.
Another occupation I don't see much of is old fashioned telephone operators and switchboards. I have one image from one of your printed papers but would like a stamp too.
You have many fantastic ideas and the vintage detail is fabulous. Please keep making the clear stamp sets and thank you for asking for our input.

Deanna Dark said...

I love your clear stamps...so detailed. My favorite is definately the variety of birds.

I would also like to see more vintage children and also some vintage floral images...bouquets I can color with my Copics with heirloom varieties of flowers...no one does vintage like Crafty Secrets!

RanchGirl said...

Lol, just re-read my previous comment - to clarify, I spend my summers in a cabin with no computer/printer making digi-creating impossible, also if I just used the digi stamps at home my printer ink is not compatible with copics:) I greatly appreciate the efforts you are making to keep the clear stamp line going!! I have enjoyed reading the other comments, many great ideas and love the crate label, music and vintage appliance suggestions!

Robin said...

Your stamps are always delightful - bringing out everyone's creativity. I love a little birdie told me. Owls are still popular well at least with me. I don't like the owl stamps that are too cartoon looking which yours is not. Probably because to me owls represent wisdom. Don't change anything about the new CD it looks amazing everything about it.
ps I hope you continue with faeries as yours are the very best!

Brenda Coquitlam said...

I love the dog and cat in the library! It would be nice if there was another stamp included in a small set that said, in a vintage font "From The Library of ----" I would definitely make book tags for my classics, and make some for friends.

I am so happy that you've decided to continue with the Clear Art Stamps... they are awesome and I am one who might dabble in digi's but I will always go back to stamps!

Can't wait to see what's next for Crafty Secrets!

scootingranny said...

I really like your stamps and everthing you produce. The patriotic is definitely a must have for me. I love the vintage look and types of stamps but the other crafters sometimes like the bolder images like the Mr. and Mrs. Kitty because they are easier to use with copics and other markers. There is always a use for fruit and vegetable images especially if someone does food gifts during the year.

I have some digital stamp CDs and they're ok but I don't have a great printer so sometimes the black outlines bleed when I color them. Also, I like to stamp in versamark or an ink pad and then use embossing powder. It makes the images stand out and also helps me stay in the lines when coloring. So digital is not my fav. Guess a better printer would help but that's just not a priority for me right now.

sharon r said...

I love the birds. Looking forward to them being available, I think the owl is cute but I do not have any idea of how large it is. How you keep it small. I would prefer the simple stamps of the animals. I think that if you want to color in the designs then simplicity makes it easier. Love the wheelbarrow in the veggie set...how about some baskets?
I am ready to use the French Label stickers! Thanks for continuing to offer us new and exciting choices.

Jess said...

I love love love the fruit and veggies. but then i love all the samples.

Anonymous said...

Crafty Secrets is by far my go to source for images!
I'm one who dearly loves all your oldie sheets. The fairies is so wonderful. If you were to add a sheet of words I'd be on it in a heartbeat. I love you guys!
Thanks for your beautiful offerings,

VAWM said...

Sandy, I just love the garden stamps. Will they be digital too? I am excited about these new lines.

cjgusloff57 said...

I am so glad to hear that you are going to continue with the stamps!
I prefer stamps myself. I would like to try one of the CD's, but don't know if they are compatable with my computer. Also I have an inkjet printer and sometimes that smears if you want to color them with Copics or Bic's.
l. Sing for Joy is great! I love bird stamps.
2. That being said above, I don't care for Owls. For me their time has passed!
3. American Beauty is very nice and I think probably everyone should have a Patriotic stamp set. I dont though.
4. Animals...don't care for dressed animals prefer natural looking ones. I like the dog and cat reading in the library. Also like the cute Mr. and Mrs. Kitty.
5. Fairies...are a no for me, but know other people like creating with them. I really would have no reason to use that set.
6. Garden Fresh...I prefer the natural looking fruit and think labels from old fruit crates etc. would be nice. I also like even more a gardening type of set with the wheel barrow and the things a person would use to really garden with. Gate, shed, tools etc.
7. I do think the CD's are great and I have done a little with digital stamps but prefer regular stamp sets at this time.
8. The papers are wonderful and especiall the "man" papers. Making cards for men is harder for me so any help I can get along the way with "men" papers and stamps is great!
8. I do like all kinds of labels. Printed color scraps.
Basically, I love your Vintage products and think you do a wonderful job with them. I would love to see more vintage children stamps too. Don't know if any of this helps, but thanks for the chance to express my feelings.
Corrine Ann

Louise Dahlgren said...

I just received this and I am sure that this will be late. I am always amazed with the design team and thanks for the giveaways.

Carol said...

The samples are fabulous.

Really like the Sing for Joy Birds. Don't really care for the single head.
LOVE... the owl! Owls are back Huge. Look in any store. Will be looking for your owl collection.
The dressed up cat is perfect. Like the Victorian feel.
Mr. and Mrs. Kitty, well anything with cats and dogs is a plus! I prefer the library.
Fruit and veggies I wouldn't personally use.

Erin Glee said...

So very glad you are doing clear stamps for at least a lttle longer...I'm not a Digi-Girl!
I ,too, love little animals in clothes...both detail and along the lines of Beatrix Potter!

pooky225 said...

Love all the ideas but my fav is the birds,and the Mr and Mrs Kitty.More birds would be great!!!

Marlene said...

Absolutely love this new line. Crafty Secrets is my favourite. Sandy, you and the all the crafters have great ideas! Thanks.

Barkerbears said...

I think they are wonderful ,i love working with your stamps and paper.
Thankyou so much for the oportunity to win some of your wonderful line.warmest reguards wendy wintersgill

Linda Russell said...

I really like the birds but no the owl. I also like the kittens.

Kathy Ethington said...

I enjoyed reading all the comments, and I can say I love all the vintage style, including the 4th of July...
I'm not really into fairies or cute fruits and vegies. Never liked owls, but love other birds...I love just about any silhouette. Especially vintage children..I am a big fan of yours and have many stamps. Love the paper also.

Jenny A said...

I felt like I had stumbled into a candy store when I found Heartwarming Vintage! Like a child wide eyed at all the wonderful stamps....I WANT THEM ALL!!! I can't wait until the Forest Fairy set comes out. I love anything Fairy and I've found my very best Fairy stamps here. And the prices really can't be beat!

Oh please, oh please .... hurry the Fairy set. I can hardly wait!

Jenny Apple

gail said...

first of all, i would hate to see the clear stamps go by the wayside. i'm not digital.
my second comment is on the mr. and mrs. kitty stamps. i really like this style. i have embroidered a similar stamp on fabric for my grand-daughters' birthday cards. reminds me of embroidered dish towels.... does ANY one remember those ???

wendy said...

Samples are all great! Love the vintage fairies. Love anything fairy. Would like to see more flowers, nature and vintage children.Thanks!!!

mary said...

Love all your vintage stamps, especially the detailed ones. Would love more of vintage children and word sentiments....scripture too. Love & appreciate all that you've done. Does not go unnoticed. Bless you~

Papillionstamper said...

I love the birds. I think the vintage designs are the best. I'm not so sure about the owls or the cats.

What I like about the clear stamps is that I can stamp on anything, not just paper.

Handgathered said...

Love the roses and birds. Nice.

Cynthia said...

Love the fairy one and the great
America themed sets. Owls have seen their day I think.
The hanging fruit does not work.
I would love to use digital designs but have no clue. Can the be sized to fit regular card sizes without using special programs.
Who can afford a 12" printer for the cute paper. Is any of it card size for backgrounds?

Judy G said...

My favorites are the branches full of birdies!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your stamp sets and am excited about all the new ones!
I like the singing birds and the texts on the Sing for Joy set. Very happy to see the American Beauty set - great for cards and scrap pages!
I love that adorable Mr & Mrs Kitty, in the simple line drawing style...love that style!
Hurray for the Forest Fairy sets!! They are SO versatile and fun!

The Garden Fresh set, which is my favorite theme, will go wonderfully with your other food sets - I have them all! I like the simpler style for these, too. I use them on everything from birthday and recipe cards to ATC's and embellies.

Anonymous said...

I like everything vintage so two thumbs up from me! Better With Age

CutoutsByConnie said...

Absolutely love everything about your company: reading the blogs, all of the creative ideas and products.
1) I think your new clear stamps are right up there with what we know and love about your designs. Was not crazy about the screaming chicken but I did like the Uncle Sam. Also was not a big fan of the veggies with faces. Liked the birds and the animals in the library.
2) Vintage Valentines would be a great addition. And how about something Celtic? Janice's idea about paper dolls is great as were LizLincoln''s suggestions for Canada. She also read my mind on the music set and a border that would work for garden stamps.
3) Myself, I prefer the look of the detailed stamps - like the cat & dog at the table. I've always liked little and detailed.
4) I for one would love for you to keep creating actual stamps. You are the best line of stamps out there. I use them on so many different kinds of things I make, I'm not so sure about the digital images working for me.
5) I also really like the Vintage Postcards that I have purchased in the past (and hope they will continue to be available?). Would be very excited to see some new ones - like maybe something patriotic. I would especially be interested in being able to buy the blank wooden sheets on which to use your other stamps, stickers and scraps - especially if no new postcards are in the works.
6) The papers on the CD look fabulous. Can't wait to be able to get that one.
Thanks again for all your hard work. Your products make me happy. Connie

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Thank you ladies for all of your fantastic feedback! I really appreciate the time you have taken and your support! I love some of the ideas but you have to keep in mind we are limited by the sheet size, so Sophie's idea to have the stars & stripes separate is wonderful but we would need to lose or shrink something. It's also going to be hard to please everyone but it's funny that the paper dolls came up as I bought over 90 large size Dolly Dingle paper dolls last week and about 30 old Campbell Soup kids so I have them in every theme you can imagine. I've also recently gotten an amazing collection of old etchings and now have so many beautiful florals, houses, children, animals and yes - musical instruments, so I've started working on sets for Children, Garden, Music, Toys and Trees!

ingram_pk@yahoo.com said...

I think all of it is great... yet I'm partial to nostalgia and I love the bunnies,birds and animal motifs. Just wonderful stuff to create with and sit and dream about. Cute, cute, cute! P.I.

Anonymous said...

All your vintage stamps are great but I really love the fashionable ladies, cars & old ads.

kymi-vi said...

i have to say I still like the vintage best- the more victorian and detail is the best. I would love to see some more canadian versions.
the baby owl is awsome. a cabbage rose set of stamps would be awsome. please do not phase out the clear stamps. It would so limit our options and creativity with embossing , sparkling etc.
I am not a fan of the digital ones. your papers are bueatiful especially the bingo ones with the roses. some more magic would be welcome and you can never go wrong with your birds,,,
thanks brightest blessings.