Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Vintage Printable Box, Label Tutorial, Links and Booklet Clearance!

Hi Everyone,

I have our 2012 Mother's Day Vintage Printable for you and it's a 'Mom's Sweet Confections Box'. I also have a fun tutorial showing how you can use the same image from the box to print labels for glass bottles and other keepsakes.  Plus, all our old Alphabet Booklets have been marked down you can scroll down to see clearance pricing and links.
Here is our Printable Mother's Day Box Template and you just need to left click it until it gets as big as possible and right click the image to save it to a picture folder on your computer. You can print it on card stock or paper.
I took photos yesterday and planned to have this post up early but the photos turned out sooo BAD.  Took more again today inside & outside to no avail, so Cindy cut out my boxes so you can see a bit better how pretty the Stardust Gelly pen looks that I used to outline the roses and the decorative designs. I also used a Gold metallic Pen to outline the label but it isn't showing up well either. Maybe it's time for a new camera.

 You can stamp tissue to line your box and add chocolates, a piece of jewelry or a gift certificate. See this fab tutorial for stamping on tissue that Vicki did using our Dahlia stamp set! If you create anything - we would love to see photos!  Ok, this photo is bad but can you see how I took the same image off the box and printed it on Clear Label Paper.   They sell printable label paper at office supply stores and  you can buy it at amazon Look how cool this label photo project turned out by  Kate from Censationalgirl

 I cropped the label part from our box using a free program called Paint (which is installed on many computers). You can also download a fancier version of:  or  for Mac computers get Gimp to do image editing.  Using Paint you can crop and paste just the images you want to use onto a separate document and not waste any label paper.

I wasn't thrilled with the way the glossy label paper looked on the bottle above as it's so transparent so tried adding some water with blue food coloring.  Note - Lesson learned: Inkjet Label Paper will smear if it gets wet.  Laser Label Paper is waterproof.  Next, I tried the one sheet I had of Matt Label Paper and I like it better as the matte label sheets have a hint of opacity and the ink seemed to adhere better as you can see on the bottle below. 

Here are some labels I printed on a Clear Glossy inkjet sheet using a page of pretty labels that will be on CD # 3.

Okay, now I have a couple of links to some past vintage printables you may have missed from other years.  Here is a link to this nice poem that Marlene Bender used to make this pretty sample below.

I also love this old forget-me-not postcard with this poem. Here is the link to get it larger

 This an old sample Vicki created a few years back with a photo of her sweet mom using letters and a label from our Divine Alphabet Booklet and all the Alphabet Booklets have been marked down to $1.50 each but if you call and order them in bulk you can mix titles and we can fit 63 in a Priority Flat Rate Box for $58.00 and we will pay the S&H!  Here is a link to the titles left: Altered, Angelic, Boys, Girls and Divine.

Each of the Alphabet Booklets have 9 letters and a word at the top of each page, numbers and 4 pages of images or poems.  The Boys and Girls would be fun for birthday party crafts.

 Look at this beautiful card DT Member Michele Kovack created using our Love You Mother Stamp Set. on sale for $12.99.  You can see more photos and get all the details here on Michele's Blog.

I will be back next week with a bunch of fabulous Mother's theme projects and layouts like this pretty one that Sheila Rumney created using papers and elements from our CD # 1, Creating with Vintage Papers

Plus, I will show you a project I'm working on to make a dress form using sewing papers that will be on CD # 3, Creating with Vintage Typography.  We are just finishing up the samples for the CD and it will be sent off to have a bunch made.

Also, look at the beautiful Martha Stewart patio set Scott bought me as an early mother's day gift!  The chairs swivel and glide and I swear they are the most cozy patio chairs I've ever sat in!  The only problem is they are so big I'm not sure if we will have space for the firepit I wanted.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sandy Redburn
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Vicki Chrisman said...

Very cool decal stuff! cant wait to give it a try. Everything is gorgeous! Excited about the CD!

Susan said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful printables!
Your patio set is lovely. I've always wanted a swivel or rocking chair out on the patio. Ahhh ... relaxation!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

So many fun ideas here....Enjoy sitting out on your purty new deck furniture!

Deb said...
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Deb said...

Wonderful Mother's Day projects, thank you so much! Love your new deck furniture too!

Jan Hennings said...

some beautiful samples and love the decals :) If it turns out that your patio furniture is too large....give me a holler and I should be able to pick it up :) LOL!

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Wow I love all the great ideas and the dress form is just beautiful

Embley Veronica said...

Love the new alphabet books! That's my favorite format for buying alphas. :) They're less of a mess than sheets and you cut them out as you use them so you don't end up with a ton of loose pieces.

Matt said...

Wow I love all the great ideas and the dress form is just beautiful

Paul Technology Review said...

Using clear inkjet labels
will make your prints clearly visible and attractive on the other hand if you don't use good printers it may seems like something like fake prints