Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Halloween Digital Preview, Giveaways and Big SALE News!

Hi Everyone,

I have some BIG SALE NEWS to share at the end of the post and a preview to our Digital Halloween files!  I'm also going to have pick 6 winners from our current Linky Party to receive our NEW Creating With Vintage Halloween CD and we will email them digital links to all the files.  There will also be a $50.00 gift certificate winner so come enter!

We are trying madly to wrap up this CD but I keep adding more designs (like Halloween Washi tape) and Cindy is finishing up the templates. There will be a haunted house shaped gift box, 2 lanterns, a candy box, games, paper dolls and so much more!  Click on each of the boxes below to see everything larger!    You can see most of the papers in this first box

I didn't really plan on doing a Halloween CD with Cindy (our graphic design) and myself being on Summer holidays a bunch - but I couldn't stand it as I have so much great stuff!  Now we are running out of time with Halloween coming so the race is on!

Besides the CD which will retail for $15.99 like our CD's 1, 2 & 3, there will be digital downloads added to our Etsy Store.  Our Shopatron Store does NOT work well for digital products.  Our files are really high resolution so you can print images BIG, so we are trying to see how else to email large files besides does anyone know of a better download site or what do you think of Dropbox for getting files?

The digital files will be divided up into groups and I would LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS - 
Do you think we should add witch hats to the kids in the photos?  See 2nd box, or add to the 2 ladies in the first box with the bingo skirt?  I thought we could have a sheet with some 'accessories' so you could add different witch hats, a broom etc and size them to fit various photo and use digitally or print and cut them out for a 3D look.

 Please leave your feedback and don't forget to enter our Sept Linky Party or go have a peek at what people have started adding.  There are only 2 entries so far!

Okay - now the NEWS!  My stamp manufacture moved the plant and we've had a horrible time getting stock delivered and sales have fallen off.  (I am SO SORRY to everyone who ordered Halloween Labels for the huge delay and you will all get a free medium stamp set and extra gifts for your patience.)  I've been talking about changing over to digital for ages and I have just decided to go for it.  We are waiting for drafts of our 2 NEW Christmas Clear Art Stamp Sets and I will place orders for them and one more order for our top selling stamp sets but I'm going to discount all our stamp sets further as well as all our printed items.  Prices will all get reduced starting tomorrow when I have Mona back in the office.

Large Stamp Sets were $24.99 will be $15.50

Medium Stamps were $14.99 will be $9.00
Small Stamp Sets were $7.50 will be $4.50
Creative Scraps originally $3.50 will be $2.50 
Cardstock Stickers originally $2.35 will be $1.50
Vintage Cuts originally $1.75 will be $1.00
Postcard Kits originally $12.75 will be $9.50 (cuz hubby Scott has to make them up)
Image & Journal Note Booklets originally $6.75 will be 4.00

 If you just ordered and we haven't shipped it yet we will contact you to see what extra FREE gifts we can add, as I can't change the Shopatron invoices. I'm going to try and change the Etsy prices today but Shopatron needs excel spread sheets and there are over 200 items, so I need to wait for Mona or Jessica.

Am I sad?  No I'm excited because I've been learning Photoshop and have been working on a bunch of new products like Digital Christmas, plus a line of T-shirts, art prints, greeting cards, mugs, iphone and ipad cases and more for a Zazzle Store I want to start (they print & ship) and we will offer many of the same images as 'DIY Designs' in our Etsy Store so you can print your own T-shirts, pillows and more, plus design kits with themes like calendars.  Plus, I have an idea for a little 'craft club' I want to start that will be so much fun!
Scott will also be happy to have me selling things that don't take up more space!

I know stampers will be sad when our Clear Art Stamp Sets run out of stock - but we will have tutorials showing all the cool things you can do with those images digitally as they can be re-sized larger and will be on CD's in themes.

Big Hugs to all you sad stampers!


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BethW said...

Digital apothecary labels for the CD maybe?The ability to change their size to fit any size bottle would be wonderful!

Brenda Evans said...

I love digitals so I can hardly wait.

Brenda Evans said...

I love digitals so I can hardly wait.

Debbie K. said...

I love stamps but digitals are so easy to work with! Can't wait to see what you have on your newest cd.
- DebbieK

Vicki Chrisman said...

It will be a fun new way for you to share your talents, and spread your wings:)

kathy s said...

I am only just starting with digi's but like the hands on of rubber and acrylic stamps- especially for teaching but we all have to go where our heart and minds lead and that also means keeping up with the times,.:( :)

Jan Hennings said...

Looks like a wonderful CD! Can't wait till it is available :)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

OK...guess I'm going to have to get with the program! I love your stamps too much not to have them, so I will just have to "go digital."

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...I just love the new Halloween CD!! I'm a baby boomer trying to learn Photoshop Elements and am struggling since I'm NOT a of course I prefer "hard copy" items, (I'm old), LOL. Anyway, I will hate to see the stamps go but I understand that the digital world is so much more convenient to those who know how to use it. I guess I just need to find an easier program to use so I can capitalize on all the CD's I've purchased from you! Thanks for listening and I LOVE Crafty Secrets!! - Debbie V.

Marlene Letendre said...

I like the idea of an accessories sheet with different hats, could be added to images. This sounds exciting.

jan metcalf said...

For me the end of the stamps is sad news, just placed an order and can't wait to have them in my hands!
Do you have a preferred system for digital designs, eg pc, mac?

Rene said...

I too am sad you are leaving physical stamps but I have to admit that this Halloween CD looks awesome. That game image is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Halloween stuff. My imagination left on a "spooky" trip. I'm full of ideas. But my hands won't work as fast as my mind.

Renee V said...

I don't mind as long as you can do lots of tutorials on how to use and get the best out of digi CD's!

Nancy said...

I think Dropbox would work just fine, Sandy. I've only recently begun to use it and it does the trick!

I'm fine with black and white line art digital images because it doesn't eat up my ink cartridge. I'm a little more hesitant with full color for that reason. But I applaud your decision because it makes terrific sense for you and there are lots of people who are VERY happy with digital products now. All will be well and I wish you every success with the new format!! I do look forward to giving the CDs a chance, too ;) .

Kandys said...

Love the digitals! Love Halloween! Those images are the best I have seen. Thanks for your work...

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Thank you, thank you to everyone for your nice compliments and encouragement! It's been scary and thrilling to make big changes like this but I'm really excited about our new Halloween files and have started on Christmas which is also amazing! The past year has been such a struggle with new owners of the stamp manufacture I use, after the owner sadly passed away and his wife sold the business. Now they moved the plant 3 weeks ago and it has been taking so long to get orders I just decided we need to make this change!

For those of you new to digital – don’t worry, we are also learning along the way and will be offering tutorials with easy tips and tricks and links to free software you can use. I don’t want the word ‘digital’ to scare you and encourage you to also think of these files as ‘printable paper and images’ and imagine the creative possibilities of printing on paper, card stock, fabric, vellum, transfer paper and more!

The digital Halloween files will be added to our Etsy Store tomorrow (as Shopatron charges way too much). Then the Halloween CD will be shipping later this week by priority mail.


Mary D. said...

As someone who is more used to digital than stamping (although I LOVE that too!), I'm excited about your new direction. I just placed a huge order and can't wait for it to come in. Will you start transferring many of your 'tried and true' stamp sets into digital??? The Halloween images look WONDERFUL!

Marlene F. said...

Sandy, I love the samples on your blog. I also love all of your stamps. thanks for the contest!

wlaart said...

I love your Halloween stamps. This is my favorite site and I am so glad you are on Pinterest!!