Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Clear Art Stamp Stock Update

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of what is sold out and also what is now low stock (less than 20) but some sadly are down to 8 or less.  The Shopatron Store has no inventory controls (how silly) and we have to remove items when  sold out (wish it could say Discontinued). If we only have a few sets they will be listed in our Etsy Store as it keeps track of inventory.
There is still large amounts of printed products and they are all on sale as well in our Shopatron and Etsy Store!

Sold Out Large Clear Art Stamp Sets
SL08 Vintage Christmas
SL 14 Flourishes
SL22 Thanksgiving
SL27 Party Cats

Low on Stock (less than 20) in Large Sets
SL04 Kitchen Classics
SL21 Garden Girls
SL26 Mermaids
SL30 Car Classics
SL43 Antique Trims
SL53 Mustache Men

Sold Out Medium Clear Art Stamp Sets
SM04 Rosy Wishes
SM11 Party Queen
SM17 Seaside
SM32 Poppy
SM40 Grand Greetings
SM44 Fairy Wishes

Low on Stock (less than 20) in Medium Sets
SM01 Bird Notes
SM45 Cutie Cats
SM46 Jolly Halloween

Sold Out Small Clear Art Stamp Sets
SS10 Serenity Prayer
SS14 Twinkle Stars
SS15 Material Girl
SS25 Keys To Life

Low on Stock (less than 20) in Small Sets
SS02 Journaling
SS05 Little Chef
SS11 Message in a Bottle
SS18 Christmas Mail
SS22 Queen Bee
SS24 See You Soon

 Here are 2 stamp sets we finished back in August but my stamp company moved their plant and service went downhill and these were never made. I've found a new stamp manufacture who is making drafts of these 2 sets.  Do you like them?

Coming Mid October Christmas Express is a 4 x 6" medium set with 14 separate stamps. Look at the cute tickets and mail art stamps. I love the way this set came together with so many fun designs!

Coming Mid October
Snow Globes is a 6 x 8" large set with 20 separate stamps you can mix and match the greetings with.  There is a ornament top so you can create hanging Christmas decorations and 2 ornamental bases to make snow globes.  You could stamp the bases in gold or emboss them and cut them out to fit on the snow globes  The word Christmas comes out of the center globe so you can add any image (hey, a photo would be cute). This set will be fun to use with faux snow, glitter, embossing, etc.

It breaks my heart to see some of our stamp sets sell out. 

The Good News:  Scott picked up our Halloween CD's today and they turned out amazing and look so good!

We are going to create some really fun theme kits with the extra stock

 The first digital sets to be released soon : Thanksgiving, Vintage Christmas,  Mustache Men and Material Girl.  There is also a gorgeous Sewing-Button Set with beautiful button cards in the works and a bunch more!

I also bought a new website template today with software that will automatically  send links for any digital downloads that will be stored on their secure server! Now my webmaster just needs to build it


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Vicki Chrisman said...

THe new sets look fantastic! I know it's hard to see some of those... faves sell out :( But excited about the idea of kits... I think that would be great.

Brenda Evans said...

Those Christmas sets are WOW! I love the snow globe ones - they would make great tags also. I can't wait for digi thanksgiving ... I'm so happy that you found a program that will let us download after purchase. Hope web person can get it up soon. Happy weekend!

Sarah said...

Both sets of Christmas stamps look amazing!
Can't wait to get my hands on that Halloween CD.

Cammie said...

Love the new Christmas sets! I just ordered several stamp sets. Sorry I missed out on Party Cats; hopefully, those images will be available digitally in the future. Sandy,thanks for sending the downloads of the new Halloween CD. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the papers!!!! I've been busy printing some of my faves for some projects. I posted a card at SCS using some of the papers along with the witch's hat from Halloween Fun and the pumpking from Halloween postcards.Have a great weekend!

ValerieC said...

Beautiful! I can't wait for the Christmas ones I absolutely LOVE them. My Crafty Secrets Christmas sets are my FAVORITE stamp sets of all time and I have a LOT of stamps!!!! Thank you for doing them!!!

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader said...

Love the new Christmas sets. They are so cute. It is so sad that the sets are selling out. I just love your stamps. I am really not into digital stamps. I am trying to experiment with them (I have two of your CD's), but so far it is not the same. Plus some magazines will not accept digital stamps as "stamps" for their challenges. Thank you for the Christmas stamp sneak peaks! Have a great weekend.

Sharon said...

I really like the snow globe set. Lots of possibilities with this one!
aka Celticrafter

Kathy said...

Oh, I LOVE the new Christmas stamp sets!! I have several of your sets and am sorry to see them being phased out as I cannot afford the printer ink it would take for digi crafting. I will, however, continue to enjoy using the wonderful stamp sets that I do have!!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I'm so sad to see the end of some of my favorite "old" sets...but I do understand. The new Christmas sets are just wonderful. I shall have to order them when they become available. Be sure to send me a reminder! I love the silhouettes in these sets, and the fonts you chose are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

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