Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I'm Bringing to Sell at the Portland Antique Show and Decoupage Flower Plate

Hi Everyone,

Gee, what was I thinking when I said I would be back with photos yesterday with so many things going on!?  I'm back with a bunch of photos of items we are taking to the Portland Antique Expo Show but first I want to show you the new decoupage plate I made. I used 1 of the 4 images from our Floral Art Prints but I wanted it larger, so I just changed the dpi to 200 and it made it almost twice as large.

 You can see my last Decoupage Tutorial where I did a couple of plates and wall switch frames. Look for flat plates rather than curved deep plates.
 I didn't take photos of all the paper stuff in books, postcards, prints etc - but trust me there is tons and in every price range from old rare to must go cheap! I will take a bunch of photos at the show.
 Okay, can anyone think up a cool idea for these black wooden stamp handles?  I bought a bunch and 2 years later still have them - so I'm selling them but I'm not sure what to charge??
Wood cabinet plus I have a full box of old bottles.

I bought these in Paris and found out they were used to hook your shopping bags on and you hold the round tube handle.

Here is my Mikasa dishes in the Precious Pattern.  I saw the tea cups and saucer on for $24.95 each.  This is a 6 pc set with platter, bowl, cream, sugar, salt and pepper shakers. Not sure how much to ask but can start at $495.00 and lower price on Sunday if I still have them.

I bought a huge Dolly Dingle Collection from an estate sale and have about 90 of these jumbo sized Paper Dolls. Now that we have them scanned at high resolution I can sell the originals which should go for between $8.00 to $25.00 for the really old ones.

The lady was such a fan she belonged to the Dolly Dingle Fan Club and this was included with the paper dolls. I checked prices and saw between $10 to $45 range but will sell these for $9.95 in hopes it all sells and I don't bring anything home.

Some calling cards from a salesman's book. I'ts a beautiful little book and can you imagine sitting in your parlor picking out your calling cards to give out to prospective beaus?

I would love to hear your thoughts on my printable calendar idea? I'm going to try and sell the original for $125.00 as I think I paid that much with shipping.

One of many rolls of wallpaper.  I can't sell my really fabulous wallpaper books 
from the 1800's yet as we haven't been able to get good scans of the pages.

I have a bunch of vintage fabric pieces like this old chenille

I bought these pieces from France and hope there will be people at the show that will pay $25.00 for a piece of antique fabric.

More chenille.  I'm tempted to keep but no where to use it.

 You can see more letterpress photos here and get our 2014 Free Printable Annual Calendars. I know - I got carried away collecting these cool old alphabet printing blocks.  It's hard to believe these are what they had to use to print text with!

I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff but the books are the hardest,  There are so many I just can't part with, like the poems and children's books. Some have so many pictures it would take forever to scan them all so I have a zillion little post it notes. My dream is to have a wonderful library with cozy chairs so I can drink tea and read old books like these lovely rooms!
 I hope to see some of you at the show but I know know many people live too far away so I will take a bunch of photos and do a link on my Pintrest Flea Market and Show Board  where I linked to my Paris and Boston Flea Market adventures. 



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Darlene said...

WOW! Best of luck at the show/sale! What beautiful pieces ... I can totally understand how difficult it must be to part with them! LOVE how you've turned these beautiful pieces of vintage fabric into design paper ... I see several there that have become my favorite papers!! Have fun!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Such beautiful items for sale, Sandy! I love them all. Like you, the books would be the hardest thing to part with. I hope your booth is swamped and you sell it all....even though I know it has to make you a little bit sad to part with these amazing treasures. Hugs!

Rene said...

Oh that is so neat. I so wish I could be there to browse and see all the stuff. I am wondering if those stamp handles could be used a door knobs for up-cycling a chest of drawers or the like? Or, perhaps making into a neat coat hanger or rack?

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader said...

Such lovely items. I wish I was in that area so I could attend. Love the calendar idea. I would definitely purchase it. I hope that you offer more of the Dolly Dingle's online soon. They are so cute. The beach one and the daisy one are my favorite. Too cute! Have a great time!

1CardCreator said...

Looks like you will do well with all the beautiful items you are selling. Rene had some great ideas for the postage handles too. I made a couple of cards with your Flower garden set, you can see them here. ~Diane