Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween, Autumn and Floral Samples, plus My Spain Photos

Hi Everyone,  

I have some great Halloween and Autumn samples to share today, plus photos below from our trip to Spain and link for the Markets and Shops in Provence France.  DT Leader Vicki Chrisman had a Halloween Crafty Party with her art group and created these cute treat cups for everyone using our Halloween CD and her AccuCut Bow Die. It's fun to have special treats for special people.

First I have to apologize if any of you received a late order from us recently. We had 2 glitches with problems at the Post Office but 'lost' orders have turned up and all is good now!

We recently released our Costume Cuties as a Digital Stamp Download set for $9.95 and I love how much larger the designs are!

Here are some great samples for ideas

Halloween Labels is also a Digital Stamp Set now and it's perfect for printing on orange, yellow and green paper to create quick fun signs and labels for spooky bottles and festive party drinks.  See the sample photos below.

Here's some fabulous samples

Here's a pretty card by DT Member Michele Kovack using our Flower Garden Stamp Set

Look at this pretty Grateful and Blessed card DT Member by Kathy Clement created with a matching envelope using papers from our Halloween CD and images from our Autumn Cuts on sale for 75 cents!

We also have a Thanksgiving Digital Download for $10.99 which includes stunning papers, images, templates and a large Digital Stamp Set.  Here are 2 cards Vicki Chrisman created using the Thanksgiving Collection Printable Papers and images from the download Kit.

Here are the rest of the photos from our trip to Spain and you can see my Barcelona photos if you missed them. Tomorrow I will do the final trip post with Provence France and the markets. Below is the view off our balcony in a house we rented in a little medieval seaside town called Tossa de Mar.

Renting a house can be less money than staying in hotels and a great way to travel with friends. I posted some Budget Travel Tips if you missed them.

The quaint town of Tossa de Mar wraps around the beaches and the medieval castle which you can see off to the right side below. We had great weather but the townspeople were getting ready to close down a bunch of stores and restaurants in October. So it must cool off and be less busy.

Here's a view looking from the other way towards the castle.  There are a couple of entrances and a great private beach on the other side

Inside the castle walls there are old cobblestone streets with buildings that have been turned into restaurants and shops. I fell in love it was so enchanting. Look at the vines covering the entire patio in the photo below.  Let's go for lunch!

A street inside the castle walls and you can see the ocean view at the end.

This is the small beach on the other side of the castle which has an entrance in the town. It was less touristy with beautiful water and a little beach bar.

I loved the tile work on this bakery in town

I had to take a photo of this crazy bar we found called Bar Don Juan in the center of town. Yes - those are hams hanging from the ceiling and the little white funnels are to catch any fat that may drip. They are passionate about their ham - Jamon made from Black Iberian pigs and similar to Italian prosciutto is yummy with bread, cold beer.  Super friendly staff!

One of my other favorite places was  Girona Spain which is only 45 minute drive.

There were some beautiful buildings

This gorgeous art nouveau store sold gelato and candy

We ate Spanish appetizers known as pintxos (sounds like pinchos). Yummy but I think they may be the reason people in Spain are heavier than France? 

We found it amazing that you can take your jug down to the corner deli and get a refill of wine for as low as 1'65 to 3'30 Euros for a litre of the good stuff! Now I don't know if many deli's sell wine this way but what a deal.

Lastly , it's time to think about costumes so I couldn't resist showing you this hilarious Chia Peet Halloween Costume by Staci from the Flirty Guide, plus you can see a bunch of other super cute costumes her dog Kitai models including The Dog Whisperer costume worn on  the Today Show.  

Do you dress your pets during Halloween season? I admit - we've been guilty but it never stays on long. Otis would kill us if we made him be a Chia Pet.

Wishing you joy and creativity

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Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh... so glad you shared some more photos from your vacation. I've been waiting :) Looked AMAZING!

Noreen said...

What a lovely trip you had! What are pintxos? I've had lots of different kinds of Mexican food, but that is new to me.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Great photos, Sandy! You make me want to go to Spain. I had no idea how gorgeous it is. Thanks for sharing!