Thursday, September 26, 2013

Free Serenity Prayer Printable and My Dad’s GA Story

Hi Everyone,  I will be back tomorrow with photos from out trip to France and Spain and a fun project but I have a story and a FREE Printable to share today.

To honor my father’s 39 years in the Gamblers Anonymous 12 Step Program I’ve made our printable 6" x 4" Serenity Prayer Digital Stamp a FREE Printable (see below) for personal use and for any fund raising which goes to a 12 Step Recovery Program. The Serenity Prayer is used by virtually all 12-step Programs and usually recited at the beginning or end of meetings

My dad who is 86 has been feeling poorly and recently stopped driving so I drove him and my mom to their GA meeting on Sunday night.  GA or Gamblers Anonymous is a 12 step program for people that have a gambling problem, much like AA. They have been going every week for 39 years – since I was 16!  They hold meetings each Sunday night at a church and it was his GA Birthday (you have a birthday for every year you don’t gamble). My dad was a longshoreman and had a weakness for cards and horse racing. He lost so much money it was tough when we were growing up.  My mom saw an article in an Ann Landers column 40 years ago and begged him to go to a meeting. It took about a year until he finally did and they have continued to go every week. The program transformed their lives for the better!

They recall at the beginning they often sat by themselves in their own meeting when no one else came but slowly the meetings grew.  He goes to the GA meeting and my mom goes down the hall to the Gam-Anon meeting (for family members) and they help people. There was a huge turn out of people who traveled from so many areas to come celebrate his birthday. They took turns speaking and thanking him. It was very emotional and inspiring to see so many happy people in recovery. There are members of every age and nationality and so many women my age so I asked my dad if he would mind if I posted about it.  He’s happy if it will help just one person, I just can’t post any names or photos as it’s an aanonymous program.   

If you know anyone who could use help to stopgambling here’s a link and there are chapters worldwide today. I believe many families are affected by someone with an addiction, whether it’s alcohol, drugs or food, there are several 12 step programs and they work!  Even if the person with the problem won’t go to a meeting, anyone can attend the support group for those dealing with a loved one who has an addiction.  

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You can simply print it on any cardstock and frame it, make a card or reduce the size to create a magnet, bookmarks, print it on fabric transfer paper for a T-shirt design and more. I would love to see what you create!     

 My dad is all about honesty so I have to say although he's been in the program for 39 years someone asked him to flip a coin to see who would get a job at work years ago and he felt that was gambling and began his start date all over again. So Happy 25th Dad! 

UPDATE April 30/14   Sadly my father passed away on Jan 14, 2014 with his family by his side. We had a celebration of life service for him and the huge number of Gamblers Anonymous members who got up and told emotional stories of how he was always there to listen, support and help them stay with the program over the years was so touching. I know it made my dad feel very honored to be able to mentor people in the program.  Thank you to everyone for all your kind words.  

Sandy  Redburn

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Jill Norwood said...

I am so very touched by what you have shared here Sandy! God has written a story about each of our lives and we all face trials that are full of both sorrow and joy. Thanks for sharing this beautiful prayer. I know I will use it for cards in the future. What a blessing! Hugs to you and your Dad and Mom!

Nola T. said...

These groups are so helpfull and a lifeline for the members. Many years ago a family friend began an AA group in my little home town. My mother was one of the first members. It was in the day that "ladies" did not admit things like that. At one time they had 10 members, gradually the bunch sort of fizzled out, after I think 2 years. Well, mom got back into the depression mode and fell off the wagon. She finally took her own life at age 46, as she was so ashamed. This was in 1949 ! I was 13, AA and GA work, if we had been smart enough to have meetings of one who knows. Good for your dad and mother. Family support, its what it takes.

christopher said...

God bless you and your parents.
They are an inspiration.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Stay well and happy.Rosie.x

Linda Carson said...

Congratulations big-time to your Dad on his 39th birthday! I know you and your family have much to celebrate! Thanks for the Serenity Prayer and your Father's amazing success story!

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your family's story. I can only imagine how many people's lives your mom and dad touched. My daughter is an addict, today is good but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I have recited this prayer so many times.

Vicki Chrisman said...

Although I know your Dads story... that last part was something I had never heard before.. and is about the sweetest thing ever. Oh my. What an amazing story! Yay Dadio!

Tine said...

Wishing your dad & family every good wish & congratulations on his achievement. Thank you too for sharing the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. Who knew back in the day these type of programs existed. Congrats to your Dad!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I just celebrated 5 years in G.A. free from a bet March 14th. People like your father are inspirations to me. GOD BLESS him and all of your family.