Friday, October 24, 2014

New Retro Kitchen and Kitchen Memories Digital Kits and Stamps!

Hi Everyone!

I've been in hiding all week sick with a cold and trying to wrap up our New Kitchen Digital Kits and Stamp Sets. I am so excited to show you as they are overflowing with fabulous stuff! I still have to tag all the files properly and get them uploaded to the store so they won't go live until Monday but I will come back and add the links. We also have a lucky winner for our Oct Linky Party and it was #2 Heather - but everyone else who played will receive a Free Retro or Kitchen Memories Kit!

What I'm most excited about is how big the images can be digitally and you can re-size them. We never could have made clear stamps this size that would stamp well or printed our images as large but these can be made tiny or jumbo to suit your project! There is a Retro Kitchen and a Kitchen Memories Kits that include printable papers, recipe cards, tabs, labels, covers and PNG images, which means they have been cut out, plus matching Stamp Sets. This lady is a PNG image in the Retro Kit.

Sorry for the delay posting these - I got totally caught up as I'm doing way more of the Photoshop Design and Cindy van Koll has been helping and is the 'master' but she works from home now and everyone has had the flu bug! These are papers and some of the extras included

 Look at this awesome pot holder stitched card by DT Member Diane Hoover she created using papers and images from our Kitchen Cuts which are included in the Kit. The apron is actually made from a stamp in our Kitchen Classics Digital Kit.

Here's a close up showing more details

Here are the some of the PNG files included but there are some others besides these

                                         Here's a cute yellow fridge included.

Then there is a matching Retro Kitchen Digital Stamp Set packed with all sorts of great B/W kitchey graphics to match the color paper and images in the Kit.This set will have about 45 or more stamps. The sizes are a bit misleading as a small design can look large and a full page may look small so click on the page below to see the different sizes at 300 dpi.

Here's the Kitchen Memories Digital Kit with all the papers, recipe cards, divider tabs, and image sheets included. I adore the graphics in this kit

You can see the amazing detail on the 4 Doily designs included. They really look like 3D die cut linen when I digitally tested them over the red texture 'paper' included. There is a heart and 3 assorted round scallop style designs all between 4 to 6" at 300 dpi. You can change the dpi and enlarge the images and they will still print nice or shrink them small for tags and little embellishments. You can also print them on different colors and surfaces like  canvas to tissue paper. I will do some new Tutorials showing ideas using these sets.

 These 3 Menu cards will also be included and the colors on them are beautiful

I didn't have time to make a larger page of this Digital Kitchen Memories Stamp Set but it is one of my favorites with all the cool old graphics and lettering from the late 1800's to early 1900's.  We actually changed a some of the packaging to make it more 'ours' and have better names. I will update it with larger images and the sizes when I have time. This set focuses more on food and the Retro Kitchen Stamp Set has more utensils. I hope you can see the fun Vegetable Cookbook when you click it on. I changed it to be by Mrs. B Tasty, published by the Eat Your Veggies Co. 

I will come back and add all the links to the store  and send a link to the kits to all the ladies who joined our October Linky Party.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you have a fantadtic weekend!
Sandy Redburn
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KT Fit Kitty said...

Congrats to the lucky winner! The new kitchen sets look AWESOME! Wow, there is so much included with each set. Well done, Sandy! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Dawnll said...

This looks like a fabulous kit, can't wait till it goes live. Hope your feeling better soon

Cynthia said...

Congrats to Heather!
Both kitchen sets are adorable, Sandy. Looking forward to seeing what is created with all of the fun images!

Cammie said...

Congratulations to Heather!
The new kitchen sets are wonderful! Sandy, I hope you feel better soon.

suzyb said...

Love the kitchen sets! I think my fav would have to be Retro Kitchen. I am so into the ol' stuff! Crafty Secrets really does have GRRRREAT things and you are based in Surrey, just across the pond from me in Victoria!
Thanks for the chance to win!~
oh and love your sales too :)

Unknown said...

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JoAnne Stevens said...

I just love the colorful Retro Kitchen designs, you're right, they are really cheerful. By the way, thanks for the tip and code for Ink Farm, I get all my ink from them now!

Sophie Grace said...

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