Monday, May 14, 2012

Cute Vintage Button Card Idea, Creative Journals & Linky Winner

Hi Everyone,

I'm late but I have some fun ideas to share today and a winner for our 2nd Linky Party.  Congratulations to #3 Cynthia Olheiser who entered her dress form card (below) posted on Spiltcoast and was the winner!  You can see all of the entries here if you scroll to the bottom. I wish we had more entries but a Big Thanks to all the ladies who entered - I'm going to send you each a little gift and to everyone who entered last month.

 Here is Cynthia's card that picked and she gets a $50.00 CS Gift Certificate. Look at the cute lace skirt she added to the dress form from our Sew Special stamp set.  

I spotted the cute Button Card Idea Melissa Bove entered using our Material Girl Stamp set, (which I know many readers have as it's our top selling small set).  I posted it on Pintrest under Cool Ideas Using our Stamps and it's had over 60 repins, so other people love the idea including DT Member Marilyn McIldoon who created this cute pink version below.  The link to Melissa's card is

I know Papertrey has a super cute Button Card stamp set, but I've had a button stamp set on my 'To Make Stamp Sets' ever since we did our Material Girl Set and you all  fell in love with the little thread card (see thread card below Marilyn stamped and wrapped floss around).  We just need to do our Button stamp set different from Papertrey. I will show a draft soon! UPDATE: NanaBeth asked for sayings - I would love to hear any, please leave a comment with ideas!

We've also been working on other new stamp sets in Fairy and Pixie stamps, Dressed Animals, Garden and Tea Party!  Actually there are more sets in the works but we also have T-shirt Designs to finish and a couple of other fun surprises. Hey - we are just a small 2.5 person office!

Have you noticed how popular Art Journals have become?  I mean the artsy-creative styles that allow you the freedom to explore, play, paint, stamp, stitch, cut, paste doodle and journal your thoughts, hopes and dreams.  You can make them out of any medium and add lists, photos, fave images, ephemera, etc., and the best part is you can just add pages and updates whenever the urge hits you and you don't have to be locked into any specific style and there are NO RULES!  Just add anything that makes you HAPPY!  

Ask yourself questions, interview other people to document their ideas and answers.  You can follow any path and theme. You can keep your journal secret or share it. I keep hearing words like Addictive, Fun, Liberating and Freedom so I'm going to start one but in the meantime check out DT Member Julie Campbells Journal she just started!

DT Member Marilyn has been working on a Sewing Journal you can see if you scroll through her April & May blog posts.  She has been sewing up everything from cards and paper to a rag quilt she made in March, and a journal is a great place to keep track of creative projects and ideas.

Did you see DT Member Pam Hooten's Art Journal?  Scroll through her Crafty Secrets April & May Posts and see the colors and cool stamping she is doing!

DT Leader Vicki Chrisman met with her 'Ladies Art Group' last week and I envy their fun once a month lunch they do, taking turns and eating and playing together - making a 'mess at someone else's house'.  Vicki shrunk down this digital layout she made with our New CD # 3 (at printers and ready Mar 25/12) and added it to an altered canvas

I'm learning to use Photoshop Elements properly (I usually cheat and use my free  Cindy (our graphic designer) told me what buttons to click and taught me about layers when I wanted to make this sample using a bunch of the texty designs I had Vicki Chrisman design for CD #3.  I'm thrilled with the way it turned out and even more excited to see what other people will create with all these fun re-sizable PNG files.  I pasted 2 antique painting together to make the cool background which is on CD 3 and Vicki handmade each design and Cindy turned them all into proper files on the CD - yippee!

When I make my journal I want to add this photo of George, our daughter & her boyfriend's Pug we recently doggie-sat for 2 weeks as they were off working on the New Batchelor Canada TV Show - I will share more details as soon as Katie can spill the beans!  We miss our dog Otis (who our youngest daughter dog-knapped) but we fell for George who was a speeding bullet and a snuggle puss who entertained us non-stop!

 Lastly, I have a couple of great cards to share like this one by Sophie La Fontaine who used our Birds of Happiness Stamp setAlso see the other fabulous cards in Sophie's Gallery!   Hey, did you see the Baby Onesie I stamped with this cute set?

I also saw it 's Lori Craig's Birthday this week (big time helper at Splitcoast) and Lori is such a sweetie, so say Happy Birthday if you know her! This is one of my fave cards she has ever made with our Clear Art Stamp sets. She used the Home Sweet Home set and her colors make me HAPPY! It's so bright and fun but still has the art deco style.

I will be back later this week with something new to share

Wishing you joy and creativity
Sandy Redburn

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NanaBeth said...

Just wanted you to know I have been searching for weeks for the right button card stamp.Now I'm glad I waited.Do you know yet what size you're thinking of making?And I would dearly love one that was blank with an assortment of sayings you could stamp on it.Sorry I got carried away-but this is number one on my stamp want list!

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Okay, please tell me what sayings you would like to see on a Button theme stamp set? I want to include some great vintage buttons in different sizes and styles, some fancy vintage lettering, a funky shaped blank button card and fun sayings. Please post here what you would like to see most and thank you for your valued feedback!

Also, what about a Stitching set as I have some amazing hand stitching with different style stitches but also 3D leaves, petals, crazy quilt stuff - does this sound good?

Cynthia said...

What a great way to start out a Tuesday!! Yippee! Thanks so much, Sandy. I can't wait to go shopping! Please let me know if you need my email address.

Great samples as well. I agree with NanaBeth on the button card. Sounds like a really fun set to go with "Material Girl".

sharon g said...

Sewing and craft themed projects are some of my favorites! These are amazing. How funny that you are doing button cards. I just made one with 6 different button stamps as the focus of the card. What a co-ink-ee-dink!

Karen Letchworth said...

I've noticed that a lot of my vintage button cards were 19 cents, so that would be really cute. I also like "Crafty Secrets Button Co." I could think of lots of cute ideas - that's fun.
I was curious why the was 1-12 when there were 16 entries. Just wondering. Guess I'm a little bit green with envy.
Congrats, Cynthia.
I will look at more of my vintage button cards and throw out more ideas.
Karen L

Melissa Bove (SCS ~ Melissa1872) said...

I would love to see a stamped image of a top of a spool. And have different sayings and sentiments that you can stamp and personalize onto the spool top. Ex. Happy Birthday, Congratulations, "Sew Lovely".

Thanks for the shout out Sandy! I can't believe how many re-pins my card got. Wow!

hugs to everyone....

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Hi Ladies, thanks for the heads up Karen - I just saw 12 entries when I did the pick, so I just went and did it again and it picked #6, Jo a lady from the UK it looks like. I will do a post tomorrow and I will email everyone who entered when I get home but I need to drive down to our little warehouse in USA and the borders have been nuts lately!

Thanks so much for posting the suggestions here. I love the idea 'Crafty Secrets Button Co.' a cute price sign, adding expressions to a spool and maybe on some of the buttons!

I truly appreciate your support and feedback!!!

NanaBeth said...

My brain went into a creative frenzy-so I sent you an e-mail on the store contact form.