Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Christmas Printable, 2 New Digital Art Stamp Sets and Alice Card Book

Hi Everyone,

I decided to make the Christmas bird I showed on my last post our Free Printable Christmas Gift to thank you for your support. I posted it here earlier this morning and said I would come back with the updated image and I love the way it turned out!  We did it as a 'Print & Fold Card' but you can cut it apart.  I also added the original sentiment below in case you like it better.

Just left click on the image a couple of times to get as big as possible and then right click on the image with your mouse to save it to a pictures folder. Print it on paper or card stock and trim any excess white border off the right and bottom side after you fold card. A bit of stardust glitter on the swirls will add some festive sparkle.
  Here's a photo of the card made up. The image above looks smaller than the poem below but it's a high resolution 300 ppi/dpi jpg and ready to print on 8.5 x 11" paper, card stock, label paper, etc.

Here is the first poem we had that I didn't like as much

We did the Pen & Ink Birthday Birds Digital Stamps $4.95 separately (see below) and a super cute last minute Christmas Kewpie Set  $6.95.  Also be sure to check out the fabulous Alice in Wonderland card booklet Anne made for her daughter with our Clear Art Stamps below.

Pen & Ink Birthday Birds DAS_100 $4.95 

Pen & Ink Birthday Birds is a Digital Art Stamp Set that includes 2 beautiful pen and ink drawings of birds in a gift tag and jumbo size, a mini crown and 2 Ready to Print Cards with a warm brown, or a blue and green combination.  You can resize these high quality 300 ppi/dpi PNG files depending on your project. The large bird is 11”W x 7”H W at full size and hand drawn with stunning penmanship over 125 years old

Here's a small image of one of the 2 printable cards included with the stamps.  Please tell me what you think about pre-colored stamp images? Do you use digital stamps and if so, what image editing software do you use? In the new year we are going to focus on tips and tutorials. Here's my list of Best Free Digital Editing Software, Printing Ideas and Tips.  

Also, if you have purchased any of our Creating With Vintage CD's, each one has a Step by Step Tutorial by expert Patty Debowski from showing how to change colors, re-size, crop, layer and build a layout using Photoshop Elements.  (each CD shows wedding layout using CD #1 paper & embellishments). She even included small photo's with arrows for dummies like me.
When I came across these Kewpies from an 1916 magazine I couldn’t resist turning them into a new Digital Art Stamp Set because I love how big some of them are!  I just wish it wasn’t so close to Christmas but I didn’t want to have to save them until next year. 

Christmas Kewpies is a fun Digital Art Stamp Set for $6.95 that includes 12 separate re-sizable PNG files in a mix of illustrations and greetings sure to produce smiles. The Kewpies hanging in the stockings are 8” long, big enough for a scrapbook page or pillow. The Kewpies with the wreath are 7.5”W.  The dancing puppy is the smallest stamp and just over 1” H.  The whimsical lettering adds to the charm with the sentiments.  

Anne from the UK created this fantastic Alice birthday card booklet for her grown daughter Anis who still loves Alice in Wonderland.  Anne used our Tea With Alice Clear Art Stamp Set on sale for $15.50 and thankfully we still have about 50 sets left. This set and our Greetings From Wonderland Stamps are being turned into Digital Art Stamp Sets for $9.95 and the images will be larger and in PNG format so you can layer them
. Our matching 18" Wonderland Tea Scraps are also on sale for $2.50.

I love how Anne used the stamps from the set in the background and all her die cut layers.  She explains her techniques and shows more pages here on her Blog

I keep forgetting to say that our Christmas Mail Digital Art Stamp Set is a free gift with any order placed this month in our Crafty Vintage Girl Store. It's marked as 'Free' so just add it to your cart (one per month). Mailed orders also get a little gift included
 As a small business owner I'm usually rushing around trying to do too many things but this week has been extra hectic as we leave for a week vacation tomorrow.  We have been planning this big family vacation since last year to Mexico and I am so ready to relax!

Cindy, Mona and Jessica will be here in the office and we have friends house sitting.  
DT Leader Vicki will do a Guest Blog Post for me mid week. We get back a couple of days before Christmas and we are doing our annual Christmas day brunch and having the whole clan here for dinner but this will be the first year ever we are not doing gifts and it feels so weird! 

I've been in and out of the office all day on errands and keep hearing about the  horrible shooting at the school in Connecticut.  It's so heartbreaking. As a Canadian I can tell you everyone I met today is mourning with you. I'm sending everyone a big hug.  

Sandy Redburn

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Gail said...

Sandy - thank you for the free Christmas Card it is just lovely - what a blessing - enjoy your week - thanks for all you do for us - you are a blessing to many.

Unknown said...

Wow! Such a lovely card!
I'd really love to have something like that as present
this Christmas, with some short Christmas poems on them too. I love poetry.


Anonymous said...

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