Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pros & Cons of Digital, 6 New Digital Stamp Set Giveaway and Cool Samples!

Hello to Our New and Old Subscribers,

I've wanted to do a post listing the Pros, the Myths and Cons of using Digital Stamps and Printables because I'm convinced the Pros out weigh the Cons and there are too many negative myths.  Digital Paper Crafting has earned a right along side traditional stamps and paper as a valuable creative art tool.  I would love to hear what you think and if you know any advantages or disadvantages I may have missed?  Leave a comment and tell me which sets you like and I will announce a Winner - Friday 1 pm PST, Aug 30/13 to receive all 6 Digital Art Stamp Sets below (or pick others).

This digital poppy embroidery tutorial by Vicki shows a creative way you can use a digital image.     

 Also, scroll down to see samples of our 6 Clear Art Stamp Sets that have sold out or are low in stock and have been turned into Digital Art Stamp Downloads with Bathing Beauties, Fairies,  Costume Cuties,   Winter Wishes,   Snow Globes and Christmas Express all available to download now!

Digital paper crafting is fantastic in that it can can be enjoyed from a very novice technical level of simply learning how to click on an image and print it to extremely sophisticated level of creating digital art  

Pros and Advantages of Digital Stamps & Printables
Versatility - You can re-size digital images to fit different size projects, or a punch, die, etc you own . You can also flip the direction, edit and change an image by erasing, copying, layering, pasting and print designs in any color.

Freedom to Choose - you can go 100% digital just using your computer and not even print anything – just email or add projects to an online album or gallery, which is a great way to email invitations or share a scrapbook album with relatives.  You can also do a mix (hybrid), which is popular and perfect for card making, paper crafts and home d├ęcor projects – as you print digital stamps and images and then add 3D layers, ink edges, add ribbon, glitter or any embellishments.  

Convenience – you can shop anytime and anywhere in the world, you don’t have to pay any shipping or wait for an order to arrive. You can download what you buy right away. Plus the files are easily portable if you want to transfer images to a CD or flash drive, or maybe print a bunch to color at your leisure anywhere you might be. 

Digital Stamps and Printables Take Less Space  - Way less space, plus you can easily organize them into themes so it's easy to find everything. 
Digital Stamps and Image Printables Save Money as they cost less than traditional stamps or printed paper and you don’t pay any shipping. You can also change the color of stamps without buying numerous pads of expensive ink (some ink pads dry out so fast). With digital papers, I love that you can crop and print just what you want and re-print a favorite image over and over. Plus – you can print on different mediums to suit your project, so print a paper design on card stock for a card then on light weight paper for a decoupage project.

Longer Shelf Life and Less Messy - as long as your digital stamp and image files are safely stored on a computer, you can use them over and over for years and they will print just as clear and crisp as day one.  You won’t have to clean dirty stamps or battle with clear stamps that have lost their cling. Plus – if you make a change you don’t like to a digital file just click your ‘Back Button’ to take a step back. 

It’s Way Easier to Print Large Size Designs and as you know if can take several stamping attempts to get a large size design to stamp evenly but you can print a huge digital design crystal clear over and over no problem.

Digital Stamps and Printables are Eco Friendly and don’t waste any packaging or the expense of shipping

Some Myths About Digital Stamps and Printables

You Need Expensive Software to Use Digital Stamps Myth - Nope, today with all of the free and low cost programs available you don’t need to shell out a pile of money.  I have a Printable List of Free Image Editing Programs with links for low cost ink and tips, plus many people simply use Microsoft Word or Paint – 2 programs often pre-installed on computers. The most popular digital program is Photoshop Elements and I saw a new #10 edition (as good as 11) for $39.95 on Ebay today with free shipping, or if you have a Mac computer Gimp is a free program or – check out this cool Pixelmator editing software Apple released for Mac computers for a intro price of $14.99.

You Need to Be a Computer Whiz to Use Digital Images Myth –  I use to feel intimidated technically until I saw how easy it was to re-size and print a image. Digital paper crafting is fantastic in that it can can be enjoyed from a very novice technical level of simply learning how to click on an image and print it to extremely sophisticated level of  creating digital art. We have a wide range of free and easy to follow Tutorials on Pintrest  and the internet is filled with information. 

Digital Stamps are Low Quality Clip Art Myth –  Like every industry there is good and bad quality but today there is a vast and varied selection of fabulous artwork styles and themes available in digital stamps and printables. Clip Art tends to be lower resolution. Digital Stamps and images should be 300 dpi or ppi (dots per inch or pixels per inch). Our Clear Art Stamps were known for their high quality detailed vintage designs and we have found as they continue to sell out the images are bigger as new Digital Art Stamp Sets – often twice the size with the same vintage detail people love.

Digital Paper Crafting Stifles Creativity Myth   Some people believe if they use digital images they can't get all inky and alter or distress their creations but you can use a printed image many ways you would a stamped image - except embossing isn't as easy. Once you learn how to layer stamps you can create a fabulous 'hand stamped look'. Digital images and paper opens up all sorts of creative options!

Cons and Disadvantages of Digital Stamps and Printables?

You Need a Computer and Printer - but prices have dropped, quality has improved and both are so multi useful most households have a computer and printer or have access.  I love my Cannon IX6520 Printer which prints up to 13" x 17", allows me to print on canvas, and various card stocks and the price fluctuates but is usually less than $135.00 

Ink Can be Expensivebut you don’t need to use expensive name brand ink.  You can order quality  ‘Compatible ink’ specifically made for your printer and saved $$. We have been using compatible ink from the Ink Farm and Ink Grabber for years to print all our samples and 1,000's have switched and saved a bundle on printing. Just be sure to use a reputable provider who sells compatible ink for your printer model. Ink Grabber has free shipping or 20% off and order until the end of the month if you use the codes below.  
*** UPDATE - I'm back to add this great news - Matt from Ink Farm just offered all Crafty Secrets Customers 15% off and Free S&H Forever! Just use code: craftyink

Ink Can Bleed if You Have a Inkjet Printer - but there are several ways to stop this. 

You can heat seal the printed image with a heat tool, hair dryer, or cover with paper and use your iron to set the ink.  Some people find letting the ink set for just a day also works or you can give it a spray with Krylon Matte Finish (I also read hairspray?) to seal and start coloring right away. Printing on quality matte card stock also helps.

You Can't 'Stamp' Using Ink or Use Embossing Powder  - True but you can change your digital stamp to 1000's of colors and use an embossing pen.  Of course there are times when actual stamps are the perfect choice.

Digital Stamps remind me of Kindle Books. I would never give up some of my books but I sure adore my Kindle and love the way it's expanded my reading options! 

I love the Inktense Water color Pencils DT Member Michele Kovack used on these 3 cards she made with our Vegetable Garden Digital Stamp Set. It would be difficult to have clear stamps this large stamp as nicely or include the amazing variety of 40 designs we included on the set for $9.95. 

Here's our Bathing Beauty Digital Art Stamp Set. The original clear set has sold out.

 DT Member Kathy Clement just starting using our CD's, Digital Stamps and Printables this year and she still loves regular stamping but say's she loves all the creative flexibility digital offers. Check out this cool folding card and altered gift box she created using Bathing Beauty and Seaside Digital Stamps and Papers with our Travel Scraps.
 Here's our Fairies Digital Stamp Set which is only $5.95

 Here's a sample inspiration page included with the Fairies Download. Our Design Team are just receiving these new digital sets so watch for cool new samples I will post on the Blog.
 I love how big and cute the images are in this digital version of Costume Cuties for $9.95! We still have a few Clear Sets left marked down to $12.50 but they won't display right now for some reason so email me if you want one at .

Here's a inspiration sample page included in the Costume Cuties Digital Download. Our Design Team are just receiving these new digital sets so watch for cool new samples I will post on the Blog.

Winter Wishes is one of my most favorite sets.  The children's and snowman's faces are so adorably sweet!

 Here's a inspiration sample page included in the Winter Wishes Digital Download. Our Design Team are just receiving these new digital sets so watch for cool new samples I will post on the Blog.

 Here is the new Snow Globes Digital Stamp Set .  The Clear Set is sold out.

Here's a inspiring Sample Idea Page included in the download. Our Design Team are just receiving these new digital sets so watch for cool new samples I will post on the Blog. 

Lastly, our Christmas Express Digital Stamp Set   for only $5.95 is filled with cool mail art style designs and the ticket strip is 7" long now! We need to do a tutorial showing how you can layer the mail art stamps and create a beautiful vintage Christmas postcard. 

I hope you found this post helpful and maybe had some questions answered about using digital stamps and printables.  I would love to hear any feedback and ideas you have! Leave any comment here to be entered to WIN all 6 Digital Stamp Sets shown and I will announce a winner this Friday, Aug 30/13

PS - Did you know all our Clear Art Stamp Sets and printed items such as Vintage Stickers,  Image Booklets, Cotton Scraps, Creative Scraps and Cuts have all been marked down further? Often when having items printed I had to get 3000 to 5000 of each design printed and have a bunch of stock and need to sell it all - so check out our great sale pricing!

Wishing you joy and creativity

Sandy Redburn Owner  
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Cammie said...

Sandy, I think you have covered this topic very well. Initially, I was intimidated by digital stamps but now realized they offer many advantages and have place along with acrylic stamps in my stamping arsenal. I am adding digital versions of many of my acrylic stamps. By the way,digital Costume Cuties is listed as out of stock at Crafty Vintage Girl.

Jennifer Scull said...

you can buy printers as low as in the $30 range that require no heat setting once the images print. I even water color mine within minutes of them coming out....

the only disadvantage I see is when I run out of ink and can't get a replacement cartridge fast enough! I love my digis soooooooo much! :)

as long as everyone remembers to back up their copies, which should be done with all files anyway, you should be good to go. :)

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Costume Cuties Clear Sets Cammie. It says we have 11 sets left but it won't change from 'out of stock' so I had to put them on hold until I can fix it and people can email me if they want one at:

Sallie424 said...

Sandy, Great post I do so love true stamping but am finding digital more enjoyable each day especially as I consider the help when my atrhritis flares. Digital helps to keep the creative spirit flowing! As I begin the scale down process digital become away to not limit abilities! It's al about not giving up the joy crafting brings!! Thank you for your objective approach.

Michelle said...

This was a terrific and very informative blog post....thank you...
I think that Winter Wishes is calling my's a wonderful collection of images...but then again...all of the featured "sets" are wonderful!
I would be thrilled to add them to my collection and use them when I create cards....papercrafting projects...or scrapbook pages!
visiting your blog today was a wonderful way to begin my day!

Jess said...

well I really like them alll but my favorite is warm winter wishes. I love all the info that you had offered the only downfall I see about digital stamps is the fact that you really can't paper piece that easy. But because I don't doing nothing isn't it doesn't really bother me and I have used your stamps before and love the fact that I can change the size:.

Jess said...

well I really like them alll but my favorite is warm winter wishes. I love all the info that you had offered the only downfall I see about digital stamps is the fact that you really can't paper piece that easy. But because I don't doing nothing isn't it doesn't really bother me and I have used your stamps before and love the fact that I can change the size:.

Jana said...

My stamp collection is over flowing so digital stamping is the way to go. I've had problems in the past with bleeding which had turned me off. I'm going to go and try some of the ideas listed. I'd really want this to work for me. All of the above sets are adorable. My favorite was a hard choice but I'll go with costume cuties. Thanks for this posting, it's urged me on.

The Vintage Dresser said...

This was very informative and helpful. I'd love to get into the digital side of scrapbooking and paper crafting and you've made it sound "do-able"! I adore your vintage, retro stamps and products!

Stephenie said...

I really like using digital stamps. I LOVE your Christmas digital stamps, though all of your digital stamp sets are wonderful!! I have been playing around with GIMP to learn how to layer digital stamps...still have problems with getting a tag look or adjusting the outline of what I have done to look like a tag or recipe card, etc. Can not find any tutorials on it, but still trying. I just like the flexibility of digital stamps and how I can mix or match different images. Thanks for the giveaway!

RanchGirl88 said...

Thanks Sandy for this informative post...I am one of those "holdouts" who just happens to love stamping with "real" stamps. I am very picky about what I purchase, so am not overwhelmed by too many. I have on occasion printed images that I would only use once or twice as well as some digi paper.

The Paper Toile said...

Great pros and cons list.

One complaint I have with digital stamps are they aren't as convenient to emboss if you are wanting to emboss an entire image; however, if you only want to emboss a small portion of a stamp, using a digital stamp and an embossing pen is easier than trying to apply embossing ink in one tiny portion of a large stamp while trying to maintain the integrity of the colored ink you are using on the remainder of the stamp. I actually use the second method more so hat tip to digital.

My second and biggest complaint is trying to cut tiny digital sentiments or images using a die that doesn't allow you to 'see' through. For example, I love my Tim Holtz 'tiny tags' die but trying to center small digital words can be difficult because I can't easily gauge where I am cutting. I would love a tiny tags and sentiments digital set so I could solve this problem!

The cleaning stamps, the ability to resize, layer, easier to store, easier to locate. So many more options with digital. I use Microsoft Publisher which came installed on my computer and it does everything and for me, was much more user friendly than some of the Adobe programs I tried. You must find a program that works for you!

Love the snow globes set. I am so excited this is in digital! Thank you for all of the beautiful images, Sandy!

Blue Kube said...

Hi Sandy, You did an awesome job of covering the advantages of digi stamps. I've been a stamper for 25 years and thought I'd never switch to digi but did so about 2 years ago. While I'll never give up my rubber, I do love digi stamps too. Both have their advantages. One thing I love about rubber is the ease of stamping envelopes quickly. I do love being able to resize and flip digi images. I'd love to have every one of the sets shown in your article! I particularly like Costume Cuties. Again, loved your article and will forward it to my digi-resistant friends! Thank you.

Marcie Rhys said...

What a wonderful job you did, exploring the ins and outs of digital stamps. I know that I have tried some techniques, using images printed on my HP inkjet, and depending on alcohol or water based media, have experienced different levels of permanence. Color printing has always been iffier than black ink alone. The biggest benefit to digital, is being able to print images to fit a composition.

I notice that you have the image dimensions on your digital stamps. Can your digital stamps tolerate a large amount of scaling? Are they in 300 dpi, and are they PNG files.

My favorite cardstock (especially for coloring) is 110 lbs. Does your printer work well with that weight?

Your stamps are some of my favorites, and I look forward to using your digital sets. (I have completely worn out your 'Home Sweet Home' clear set. I could see using this everywhere were it digital.)

Thanks again for the terrific post!

Suzie Button said...

I'm newer into digital files, but i so agree on the benefits of saving space in our craft rooms by this method. I'm also trying to switch to digital in magazines and books more often now too! It all piles up! I love the halloween digital files so much! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

cjgusloff57 said...

Sandy, thank you so much for the Pros and Cons on Digital Stamping today! I think tgere us defintely a place for rubber, clear stamps and digital. I have purchased a few of the digital from you and have used them. I do love vintage!
Thank you for all the information, tutorials etc. that you can give us. I am not having real good luck using Windows, but I plan to keep trying. Corrine Ann

Sue C said...

Great info. on digi stamping. Once I learned to "heat" my images before painting them, I was sold on digital stamps! Your new sets are great; I especially like the Christmas ones.
Sue C

Kristina M. Anderson said...

What a great blog today. Thank you! I love both digital and rubber stamps. Digital are great because you can change the color, size, and what you can print on. I have the same printer and love it. The ink is very inexpensive (especially when you buy all the colors at once). My only problem with digital stamps is that some blogs and magazines will not accept them for submissions (not if the digital image is the main image). Thank you for the great information and links!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

I love the versatility of digital stamps & have used them pretty much exclusively in the last few years.......much more so than my clear or rubber stamps. What I love most is the ability to resize them according to the project I'm working on. I love to color my digital images with my ever growing stash of Copic markers.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these amazing digis.

Huggies & Sweet Blessings ~

marlene f. said...

I love the Christmas and the Halloween stamps as well as the other ones. Thanks fo the contest.

sansuey said...

I am new to digital stamps, as in not really knowing ways to use them. This blog and the comments that followed were quite helpful!

Anonymous said...

I like your new digital stamps, Sandy! They are so beautifull!

the primitive country bug said...

I've only tried a handful of free digital images in the past few months. I am one of those that is clueless when it comes to digital crafting, layering and all that. I would however love to learn. I thought you had to have an expensive program as well but I'd sure love to learn using Paint or Microsoft Word. Do you offer any suggestions on where to go to get some pointers? Thanks for the very informative post. I would definitely give digital crafting a try.

loulou said...

Digital stamps are great. I love to print and let my electronic cutter do the fussy cutting for me. I have a small laser printer and the toner images work perfectly with copics. Though I'd have to say not getting messy would have to be a con for me - love inky fingers.

Primitive Seasons said...

I'm not really into digital stamping yet, but your informative article has given me a lot to think about. I also found the info on the printer excellent as I am in the market for a new printer. Would love to win!


Karen Wedding said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win these great digital stamps. I use either type. I do like being able to size the stamps to the size I need with digital. Plus you don't get the extra ink around the stamp on your image either. Prints cleaner, you can still emboss the stamp even if you print, you can size it, you can make multiple images without having to re-ink, etc. There are so many advantages to using digital.

sharon g said...

I haven't been able to figure out how to use them yet. I'm going to do so after my vacation, though. I'd like to try them out on fabric--I've been doing a lot of embroidery lately.

Matt said...

Hi Sandy, This is Matt, the Customer service manager and Social Media Marketing Director at inkfarm. I loved the blog, and wanted to say thank you for mentioning I also wanted to do something for your readers, so I have set up a promo code that is exclusively for Crafty Secrets readers. The promo code is "craftyink" and is good for free shipping and 15% off all non-OEM products site wide. Your readers can use this promo code as many times as they would like, and so can you.

Kate said...

I am loving all these stamp sets. Gorgeous samples to inspire.

Vicki Chrisman said...

Wow, great blog post Sandy, and Awesome of Ink Farm! I tell everyone what great luck we've had with them.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Love all the stamp sets-living at the beach-the bathing beauties has to be my favorite.
Digital stamps...allows you to easily combine multiple images and, as you mentioned, resize according to your needs. The fact that you can "layer" images without the hassle of stamping, cutting, masking and restamping---WOW! And how many times has a mask moved--and darn-the image isn't where I want it--and don't even think about it with wood-mounted stamps! Love digi-won't give up the wood mounts I love, the clear stamps I adore...or digis! After all I am a CERTIFIED STAMP-AHOLIC! Sharon

Gail said...

This was an interesting read Sandy about digital stamps - the only negative is if one did not do a back up and had a computer crash it is possible to lose all of your digitals stamps - I like using digitals and I am going to see about getting some of the water color pencils which I have not used. Thanks for the chance to win some digitals - enjoy your week! Gail Scott

Trina Jennings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trina Jennings said...

Sandy, I ordered a set of your cooking/kitchen stamps and am just thrilled with them. What I like about your site is that you offer unique stamps and your website is inspiring. I love all of your products and hope to own more!

Tam Hess said...

I'm an artist starting a new site. I wanted to add some digi stamps to my site...think they are the wave of the future. ;) BUT I have a question. If you don't mind? What do you think about digi stamps as a pdf formatted to fit specific card making projects?

Tam Hess

Raelene Grueber said...

Crafty secrets is one of my favourite designers I particularly love winters wishes, just gorgeous but they are all lovely