Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Big News Sale, Free New Years Printable and Linky Winner

 UPDATE: Our Crafty Vintage Girl Store is only selling Digital items at this time and currently talking to a couple of possible buyers and will announce the new owner as soon as possible!

 Hi Everyone,  it's me, owner Sandy, and I have some BIG News and a 2016 Free New Years Printable Gift as well as past Christmas Printables you can grab now if you missed them in the past. The Big News is sadly after January 2/16 our online Store will only sell digital items as all remaining stock will be sent to a buyer(s). I will post details ASAP but if you wish to stock up we have 25% off every item at checkout and FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00!

 Now that I've moved it's become too difficult to warehouse stock in the USA when I live in Canada. Plus I will be losing my amazing USA shipper Lyssa who has been an invaluable help!  Lyssa was so  swamped at her new job orders got behind and we apologize - but she's caught up and can fill any new orders placed up till Jan 2/16.

The Digital Store will likely move to Etsy, so I'm very sad to say our fantastic and talented Design Team will be closing down as well.  DT Leader Kathy Clement has worked so hard at running the Blog and she and the DT ladies have created 1,000's of beautiful and inspiring samples over the years!  Kathy recently created this cool layered card using our Vintage Christmas CD . 

 Here's a new sample by DT Member Michele Kovack who has been on the Design Team for so many years she has posted over 370 beautiful Crafty Secrets projects!  Michele used an image from our Retro Christmas Digital Cuts on this sweet ornament. 

Many ladies on the Design Team will also be starting on new and exciting adventures and I'm so immensely grateful to all of them (present and past DT members) and wish each of them the very best!  You can also see photos and links to all their inspiring samples just by scrolling through this Blog over the past years but huge thanks to the current and talented members Sheila Rumney, Diane Hover, Ginny Nemchack , and Shantaie Fowler!

Congratulations to our December Linky Winner Heather who posted a couple of samples including this adorable Christmas treat bag using an image from our Retro Christmas Cuts. Big thanks to all the participants for joining in!

 Here's a NEW 2016 New Years Printable Gift for you. I didn't add the year so it can be used again and even cropped to create a card or tag for any occasion! Just left click to get it as large as possible and right click on it to save. All our Free Printable are for personal use only please.

I'm also posting past Free Christmas Printables below to make it easy to get these if you missed them in the past. I posted this cute postcard in 2014 after repairing it and adding new words. The postcards are great to send by email.

This Christmas postcard was our free gift in 2013

I've always had a soft spot for this adorable Santa card we did as a free gift in 2011

Here's a 3D sample I made and added some snow and glitter.

This fun Christmas Rebus Game has been a hit over the years. Just print copies off and try and guess all the names of the Christmas carols on your own or divided into groups.
Here's the answers for the game above. 

We sold our big house after 21 years, moved my mum into a wonderful apartment by the beach and we bought a townhouse that we love so much I don't even miss the big house a bit.

I will be back with all the details once I know who is buying all the stock for sure. Please contact me at if you are interested in buying cases of any printed stock or remaining Clear Stamp Sets.

Thank you to both old and new readers for your support I want to wish you all love, peace and a joyful Christmas and the most wonderful year ahead in 2016!


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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

What a lovely post, Sandy! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to create with your beautiful, inspiring images! I will always love Crafty Secrets! Wishing you best of luck, time to relax and enjoy your sweet family and JOY in the journey! With Love, Kathy Clement

KT Fit Kitty said...

So sorry to read this sad news, Sandy. I've always been a fan of Crafty Secrets and will continue to enjoy your products. Congrats to the lucky winner! Wishing you Happy Holidays and all the best in the new year!

Anonymous said...

I hope you leave this blog up so we can refer to it for creative ideas using your products! They are the best!

Judy said...

I am so sorry to hear that you will be closing. I have enjoyed seeing all the great designs that your design team made, especially Kathy Clement. Your vintage cds are wonderful. Best of luck in your new ventures.

Cynthia said...

I have been a fan of Crafty Secrets for many years. Sandy - I've enjoyed all of your inspiration, fabulous products and wonderful customer service. As our lives move along so do our professional goals. Best wishes to you in the new endeavor!

Angeline Acord said...

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